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So you want to be a Mortal+ ?

Psychic phenomena have fascinated mankind since the dawn of time. Our folklore, our literature, and our popular culture are all steeped in the belief -- or perhaps the hope -- that "something is out there." Well, in the World of Darkness, the Psychic hotline you just called or the Tarot card reader you just consulted might very well be legitimate! There are two general choices for the kind of Numina for which you can apply. The first choice is one of the various powers which can be grouped under the term "Psychic Phenomena." The second choice can include "Paths," and is the kind of linear magic commonly known as "Hedge Magic."

Approval Staff
Augury handles all approvals.
Mortal Guidelines
All Numina Apps should be sent to, with an appropriate subject header, i.e. Numina App: <Phenomenon>. It should contain a background and proposed stats in accordance with base character generation outlined in the book (see below).

For both types of Numina, the application must be a really strong, solid background that describes your character's history, personality, reasons for coming to Albuquerque, and goals for the future. In addition, the background must include a detailed accounting of how your character might have developed these powers, how they have used their abilities in the past, and how they have functioned within the framework of the World of Darkness. The app should also contain a character sheet proposal detailing the desired stats.

Hedge Magic -- The sourcebook we use exclusively is Sorcerer (Revised Edition). Please use only the character guidelines described within Sorcerer in making your character.

Group apps are most welcome! Sorcerers often seek out others who practice magic in the same way they do, as they can combine power and learn from each other, plus... there's safety in numbers!

Psychic Phenomena
This is the list of the available phenomena: Animal Psychics, Biocontrol, Channeling, Cyberkinesis/Cyberpathy, Psychic Hypnosis, Ectoplasmic Generation, Mind Shields, Psychic Healing, Psychic Invisibility, Psychic Vampirism, Psychokinesis (also known as Telekinesis), Pyrokinesis, and Telepathy. If your desired type of psychic power is absent from this list, talk to Augury prior to sending in your application.
Hedge Magic
Applicants must have a firm understanding of the differences between linear and dynamic magic. While we are not accepting characters that to belong to a particular sorcerous group, they must be fully cognizant of their powers and have a well-documented "style" of using said powers. This style should generally be one of those described within the Sorcerer sourcebook (i.e. Mythic, Technocratic, Psychic); however, well-designed original "styles" will be considered. We are not accepting the paths of Divination or Weather Control.