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+help is available on the following functions. Please note that some functions may only be accessible to MUSH staff.



This function returns a comma-separated list in prose form. For example,

> say andlist(apple pear tomato)

You say "apple, pear, and tomato"

> say andlist(Bill Ben)

You say "Bill and Ben"


This function has no argument, and returns a comma. This is rarely useful, but occasionally comes in handy for dealing with switch evaluations.


This function returns 1 if the indicated player is MUSH staff, and 0 otherwise. For example,

> say isstaff(#1)

You say "1"

> say isstaff(*Joe Player)

You say "0"


mutter(<text string>)

This function returns a text string with random words dropped out. To preserve a substring, enclose it in angular braces <>. For example,

> say mutter(The cat sat on the mat.)

You say "... sat... the..."

> say mutter(<The cat> sat on the mat.)

You say "The cat ... on..."


This function returns a comma-separated list in prose form. For example,

> say orlist(apple pear tomato)

You say "apple, pear, or tomato"

> say orlist(Bill Ben)

You say "Bill or Ben"



statmatch() returns the attribute name where a stat may be located.

statn() returns the name of a stat from a substring, picking the first available stat that matches the substring - multiple matches are not returned.

[p]stat() returns the value of a player's [permanent] stat.

For example,

> say statn(dri)

You say "Drive"

> say statmatch(Drive)

You say "Skills"

> say stat(#13,Drive)

You say "4"

> ex #13/SKILLS

SKILLS: Drive=4:5 Melee=2:2 <etc>

> say pstat(#13,Drive)

You say "5"

SEE ALSO: +help stats



These functions have no argument, and return respectively the number of VR seconds since Jan 1st 1970, the VR time (ie, the IC time), and the phase of the VR moon.


precip() prate() sky() wind() temp() ground() tempf() daytime() season() wind_dir() wind_speed() weather()

The functions, all without an argument, return various aspects of the current weather conditions, and can be used in descs. For example,

> @desc here=The wind, from the [wind_dir()], ruffles the trees outside the room.

SEE ALSO: +help weather