From Masq
Name: Abyss

Nationality: English
Occupation: Sphere head of the Vampire Sphere
Demeanor: Infinite
Apparent Age: Immortal

Nickname: None

The darkness is always there..
  • Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Nathan pages: seriously you are the fastest thinker/typer combination I have ever seen
You paged Nathan with 'haha :D'
You paged Nathan with 'It's coming in handy at work.'
You paged Nathan with 'i'm writing reports.'
Nathan pages: I mean, I thought /I/ typed fast XD
Long distance to Nathan: Abyss grins.
You paged Nathan with 'Yeah'
You paged Nathan with 'People at work are used to ut now but the first few times they saw me typing I got stared at.'
Nathan pages: you like... beam words directly onto the screen from your brain.
Long distance to Nathan: Abyss sometimes sits and lets people dictate to her.
You paged Nathan with 'LOL'
From afar, Nathan used to be a secretary! Who took dictation! I type stupid fast. But not like you! ;)
You paged Nathan with 'Not quite. I just live on the internet and grew up on online RPing.'
Long distance to Nathan: Abyss has never done any training or anything.
Nathan pages: well, so did I XD
You paged Nathan with 'Well, I think the creative writing helps... once I get on a thought train, I'm like blahblahblahblah'
Nathan pages: Yeah, that I don't have. Maybe it's not the typing but the braining.
You paged Nathan with 'Naw.'
You paged Nathan with 'I think I tend to line up words in my head and then batter them out.'
You paged Nathan with 'I typo a lot too though.'
From afar, Nathan pictures a word-conveyor.
Long distance to Nathan: Abyss is a robot. you caught me!
Nathan pages: I /knew/ it.

Beware! Or the Grue will get you!
The Woman within the Shadows
I've been playing here for a little while now and loving every moment of it. When the call for Vampire staff went out, I decided to answer! I've been playing Vampire for a few years, mostly LARP but some tabletop. I've MUSH'd for a little while but I'm not an expert by any means. I've done tabletop and online GMing in other systems. I love telling stories and helping to advance plots, both large and small. I recently took over as the head of the vampire sphere.

As a person, I'm happy to talk to anyone. So please feel free to say hello, ask me questions and offer me suggestions. I'm very difficult to offend so if you're not happy with something, let me know. I'm not perfect by any means so if you think I've made a mistake, please don't worry about saying so.

I'm a real noob when it comes to code questions so I'll be unlikely to help much when it comes to them but feel free to ask! And if there's something urgent for another sphere and I'm the only staffer around, I'll help if I can!

I'm on a wonky timezone so I'll mostly be seen during the daytime for Americans times. .

  • Chop Suey System of a Down
  • Addicted Kelly Clarkson - Really good for describing a blood bond!
Nosferatu. What do you need to know? PC turned NPC.

Expectations of My Minions:

What I can do: Tell stories! That means both sphere plots and personal plots. I'll do my best to run anything that vampire characters need, whether it be from their backgrounds or as a result of their in-game actions. I'm always happy to discuss story ideas and to see if I can work in your plots.

What I expect: I'm not here as your personal doormat! If I'm busy, I'm busy. I won't always be able to work out your plot in a matter of days and it might not be possible at all. I'm also on GMT, which is generally between 5 and 8 hours ahead of anyone in the USA, so if you're only on late, you won't see me! Please bear in mind that even though it's early for you, it might be late for me.