From Masq
Name: Trace

Nationality: English
Occupation: Something to do with computers?
Demeanor: Guardian
Apparent Age: 25

Nickname: Jasmine (Damian), LadyDove (Petra), Seele (Deacon)

"You'll know her if you meet her," Joel explains about Trace. "Chick looks like a dude. Or, dude looks like a chick... nasty ass knitted hat, knows everything that's worth knowing or can find out. You might like her, you have a shared affinity for breaking and entering."

"Course I do." Damian says, leaning over so that he can lovingly bonk his head against Trace's, "You're a fine lady and you've managed to make some fine friends, found someone you can love deeply and who loves you in return. I'm so proud of you, Trace. You were such a lost, wounded soul when I found you, brittle and broken in many ways, and here you've managed to make yourself a home out of the wreckage of what was, patch yourself together with a resolve to heal, and what's that accomplished? You found Deacon, whose old soul aches from the frost of ages, and set yourself to remind him what warmth is. I love that you've grown to a point where you can love, and teach someone else to love too."

"You've got a new boyfriend who's a foreign national... and quiet and cool in a mysterious sort of way. You've changed locations suddenly, don't associate with your friend anymore, have started hanging out with a new group of people and have a high level of computer intrusion skills.. according to the NSA database file on persons of interest you qualify for a red flag!"

"Yeah, cuz heaven forbid you eat it yourself," Petra murmurs, shaking her head. "Look, whatever you did, you didn't deserve it. I'm not ever gonna believe you're a bad person. Just not gonna happen. I don't care about whatever you or Deacon did to those dudes at the warehouse. I don't care whatever you did before that. I got PeopleDar, and it says you're good."

"Trace and Deacon .. magnificent as friends, deadly as foes. I wouldn't want to be on their wrong side. Even worse would be on their wrong side and not knowing it."

"I believe this is what makes Tracey so very curious. She never wants to stop at just half the truth... always wanting to know more."

"And y-you shall s-stand in the D-darkness as the p-predators come and m-maul, and t-take what they c-can from you, b-because they c-could not reach what you guard. And s-still you would s-stand between them. As I s-said, you two are w-wonders."

"I know that... we're helping others walk the path to the place that we won't be able to go. And if I had to do it again, I would. Over and over and over... just to see that look that Shawn had in his eyes when he realised that he was free. To see other people smile like Soba does now that she's not paying every penny to a fucker like Sharp. Go through every thug and loan shark in the Zone until I can't move because I'm covered in so much blood..."

Lucid spreads out his print out, its an old email from Trace telling Lucid to come to ABQ he says fericely "O-one plot! t-t-they have to be b-b-burried touching! n-n-nothing in l-l-life could ever k-k-keep them appart d-d-death w-w-wont do it now.."

RP Hooks
  • Do you hang out on the streets? Trace does, sometimes.
  • Do you have a computer? Trace does! Ask her if it needs fixing or looking at. She's also rumoured to do other, less legal things involving computers...
  • Do you need information on somebody?
  • Talk if you see me!
  • Apparently died in a drugs-related shoot-out with a cop and a hotel fire ... or did she?
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

At around five feet tall or so, Trace is neither imposing nor especially noticeable, with a build that leaves her gender up for debate on the first few viewings. Thin lips, muddy brown eyes with permanent 'I'm not sleeping' shadows, a long nose and slightly sunken cheeks all add up to a face that even a mother probably wouldn't call attractive. Her hair is shoulder-length, mid-way between brown and black and it hangs in limp strands. She's probably somewhere between 17 and 25 in age, caught in that 'young person' stage that depends on the light and the situation. Her skin is pale, her limbs long and awkward and her posture hunched. She has long, dextrous fingers, typically stained with grime.

Her voice is husky - in a 'my throat does this' way rather than an attractive sort of way. Her accent pegs her as being a native of Liverpool, England, for anybody who can recognise such.

  • Again Today Brandi Carlile
    Who's gonna break my fall when the spinning starts? The colors bleed together and fade, was it ever there at all? Or have I lost my way? The path of least resistance is catching up with me again today.
  • What You Don't Know (Dollhouse Theme)Jonatha Brooks
    I'm already going, I'm already gone. There's a stranger in my place.
  • Deathmatch Mama Electric Funstuff
    But there's one final foe in this bout. And she's got a perfect body... count.
  • Bones Little Big Town
    You can't hide from your demons, feel them all lurking around. You're runnin' scared cause you know they're out there, they're waiting for the sun to go down.
  • Stand My Ground Within Temptation
    Stand my ground, I won't give in. No more denying, I've got to face it, won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside. If I don't make it, someone else will. Stand my ground
  • Speechless Lady Gaga
    And I know that it's complicated, but I'm a loser in love so baby, raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts of all my wrecked up friends.
  • Because of You Alternate link Kelly Clarkson
    I will not make the same mistakes that you did, I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery. I will not break the way you did, you fell so hard. I've learned the hard way, to never let it get that far.
  • Sober Pink
    Ah, the night is calling, and it whispers to me softly 'come and play', and I am falling and if I let myself go I'm the only one to blame
  • Creep Radiohead
    I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here.
  • Midnight at the Lost and Found Meatloaf
    Midnight at the lost and found, lost souls in the hunting ground. A remedy for all your ills, at the lost and found. Midnight at the lost and found, midnight, Have a double, it's gettin' late, you'll get home, just rely on fate.
  • Illusion VNV Nation
    I don't want you to hate for all the hurt that you feel, this world is just illusion trying to change you. (Thanks Joel!)
  • Rule the World Take That
    If walls break down, I will comfort you. If angels cry, oh I'll be there for you. You've saved my soul, don't leave me now.
Allies and Contacts
My one and only! Wherever you go... I will follow. The boss. I really like you. I just wish I could trust you. A poet. How could you say that? I guess you really don't understand. Death songs! I guess you're not so bad. Just don't sing to me.
Taxi? It's the things that connect us that are important. But now you're becoming a friend.. Light. I guess I can save you, too. I still think I owe you, though. Neighbour. I'll bring you food. Keep driving the getaway car. Friend of a friend. I'm really glad that Joel spoke for you. You were better than I was expecting.
Firecracker. So, is it what you thought? Learning goes two-ways!. Journalist. Be careful... Curiosity killed the cat, you know. Nice car. Did you ever think we'd come to this? Friendship is a funny thing. More to know. I've not worked you out yet... I'll be trying to remedy this.
Quiet I wish I could help more. You can have my strength. Journalist. You're starting to hit back... I guess you do have a spine! Interwebs. My best friend... That I finally got to meet! Da man. Welcome back. Did you miss us?.
Tough You don't need to be subtle with me... Just ask what you want to! Green Thumb. I don't do well with crazy people. But I suppose I can make the effort for you! Hubby. Liane has made it clear how she feels... It's good enough for me. Another kitty. Welcome to our world. Is it what you expected?
Fiesty. I'm glad you agree with me... Now, let's see what trouble we can get into! Newbie. Life sucks! But hey, at least we're in good company. Light, huh? I appreciate the talking. Good things come when you don't make assumptions, right? More dreadlocks Sorry about German. It won't happen again. Just put in a good word for me, okay?
Dude! You almost had him. I told you creepy is good. Next time, you can save my ass. Rogue. I appreciate the help. But I think you deserved the soaking. Yep, I'm still alive. You have a pig and you're interesting. Plus, we share friends. I think this can work. Geeze dude.. You have a bad attitude... I kinda like it. I really hope you learn your lesson in a non-fatal way.
Tall So, an investigator? You seem to be worth trusting... Let's find out. Storekeep An antiques shop... I wonder what things you might be hiding there. Scubaaaa! Talking to dolphins, huh? If you're as interesting as you are to me, they'll enjoy it. >.> Can you get that stick out of your arse? Or is it too lodged in your brain?
Hireling You fix people. If you can also work a cash register, you're hired!
OOC Quotes
Player Name On For Idle Merry Christmas!
Zack 0:54 9s And a partridge in a pear tree!
Abyss 1:02 9s two turtle doves
Deacon 1:23 1m three french hens
Nieve 1:38 6s Four calling birds
Alysanna 2:36 49s six geese a-laying
Joan 2:50 49m Seven swans a-swiming
Trace 6:38 5s eight maids a-milking
Damian 7:58 1m Nine ladies dancing
Destiny 8:08 4m Ten lords a-leaping
Petra 12:57 6s Eleven pipers piping.
Morgan 14:01 1m Twelve drummers drumming
Jai 18:48 0s OnThe12thDayOfXmasMyTrueLoveGaveToMe...

<OOC> Trace says, "Why does everyone hate Trace when she's so pretty and smells so good?"
<OOC> Jai snirks.
<OOC> Lucid dosnt!
<OOC> Liane says, "Rampant jealousy."
<OOC> Liane says, "You've also got such a hygenic, clean, polite boyfriend with a stellar background."

(After Trace gets grabbed and kidnapped - refering to Deacon)
Serendipity pages: Ah, the white knight coming to the rescue of the damsel in distress. A classic tale, which would be romantic were it not for the fact that you're evil and he's a psychopath :)

<OOC> Trace says, "gone 12.30am here"
<OOC> Ben says, "You and your futurism..."

<OOC> Deacon says, "Trace is speaking in clicks and whistles, and Deacon thinks he's an urban cowboy. There's a pestilence horse in a church eating jesus crackers and Liane flipping a coin like a gangster movie... The times, they are uh changin'."

To (Liane, Trace, Deacon), Lucid pages: from a conversation with Liane ive figured out the perfect descrption for Trace :)
From afar, to (Trace, Deacon, Lucid): Liane is glad of her contribution!
From afar, to (Liane, Trace, Lucid): Deacon perks?
To (Liane, Trace, Deacon), Lucid pages: Friendship Weaponized
From afar, to (Liane, Trace, Lucid): Deacon LMAO
To (Liane, Trace, Lucid), Deacon pages: Yeah, that does work surprisingly well.

(After Ben gives Trace a device that ended up exploding on her legs...)
You receive a text from Ben: You ever going to dance again?
You text to Ben: my giftd feet hve got thr rhythm!
You receive a text from Ben: Although, I've heard it's easy to pretend
You text to Ben: i no im nt a fool
You receive a text from Ben: I should have known better than to explode a friend