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Name: Liane Wiggins

Occupation: Scholar, UNM Professor, chef.
Demeanor: Crazy. Also Caretaker. Would you like something to eat?
Apparent Age: Early to mid-twenties?

Nickname: Annie

"Men are probably nearer the central truth in their superstitions than in their science."
Henry David Thoreau

"A new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows the corners."
Irish Proverb

"The fairy tale is only beginning, jackass."

"Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae."
RP Hooks
  • UNM student? So's she, AND she works as your friendly campus librarian!
  • Interested in anything over fifteen hundred years old? She's your girl!
  • History or museum buff? Been to the Metropolitan in NY? Attended NYU? You might have heard of or met her parents.
  • Ever wondered why you knock on wood, don't step on cracks, and stay away from black cats? She's got answers!
  • Feel like doing a good deed? Talk to the poor girl, she's trying her best to talk back.
OOC: Characters at a Glance
Alex: Put some pants on! Or come over here a bit...
Alexandra: Old books and cranky cat? We must form an ALLIANCE.
Beck: Awww, you're so swee-- oh god someone save-- DON'T KILL HIM BECK!
Crystal: *wolf whistle*
Damian: Release your inner hippie. Get High. Hug the Damian.
Deacon: He might scare little children, but he's a total sap for his lady!
Fred: Aren't you a charmer? :D
Gareth: No sleep = Cycling through grouch and awesome!
Gustavo: Our very own (ex) Marine! Why is your shirt still on again?
Hank: Native American: check. Laconic: check. Child birthing hips: NO!
Harry: Mr. Miyagi was cuter than you. But you'll do.
Hayden: Our very own pretty pop princess! Keep Alex in line!
Jai: He can keep up with Petra.
Joel: Our very own drama llama. Poor woobie!
Karuvar: Oh Karuvar, you're so naughty.
Katie: She's ONLY EIGHTEEN :|
Lucid: It's like an ADHD oversized puppy! CAN I KEEP IT?!
Morgan: Your unofficial one-stop shop for help!
Natsuki: Tall asian with a clockwork fetish? I am unsurprised.
Nathan: With such a sexy bald head, you really should be...weirder.
Ophelia: Mee-ow! Handle with care and possibly gloves, ladies and gentlemen. Especially gentlemen!
Peter: I think I need a shower. And not a cold one.
Petra: You'll get tired just looking at her too long, if you're not Jai.
Soba: Oh look, there's some trouble! Why don't you go jump in?
Trace: D'awww, minithing with anger issues! Do not look at her boytoy.
Weston: OMG HORMONES! Man I'm glad I'm not sixteen...
Wren: Our favorite wacky homeopathic shrink
Zack: A lot like Texas chili. Delicious and spicy!
A Glimpse Within
Statue liane.jpg
Physical Description

A twenty-something young woman, average in both shape and form, with a trim and fit figure. Her skin is pale, paler in comparison to the rich tones of her golden-brown hair, which is kept neatly parted in the middle and tied into a low bun at the nape of her neck. Large, dark brown eyes rest above a straight, plain nose and pale lips with just a touch of pink.



Seen With
... Am I truly the one who does that? Makes your eyes light up so? Dearest, what have we gotten ourselves into? The Incorrigable Oh good heavens! I honestly don't know what to do with you
But I must admit, you are a bit charming.
The Seeker. You aren't like most others I meet. I can't quite say I'm sorry for that, though I can't quite say I'm pleased, either.
Gareth ~
The Centered. Children are stronger than they are given credit for. But you are so very young. And so determined not to hope. The Centered. You are such an honest soul. I'm not sure whether I am jealous, or fearful for your sake. The Sly. Oh you! Sometimes I worry over how you're ever going to manage in life!
Harry +
The Elder. You've lived much more than we. But I think Aurora is your better half, and I'm sure you agree. The Insatiate. A tourist of life. You show me how much I lack in knowing. The Penitent. Why doubt what you ask? If you ask so uncertainly, why then? Isn't it obvious? But I'm glad you ask, all the same.
The Tempest. I understand some. And don't more. But you're always kind to me anyway. That's more than enough, for me. Mouseover Stuff goes here.
Also, here.
The Torn. Crazy isn't a comfortable state. But it's the only one we have. I am glad you have a channel for it.
Petra +
The Collected. Some draughts are bitter. And such bitterness can bring forth sweetness and satisfaction. Even if it is only bittersweet. You understand? The Regal. I did so wish to grow up and have some of your bearing. But I suppose we have gone separate paths. It really is a pleasure seeing you again. The Discontent. Quick and courageous, impulsive and inquisitive, be careful where that takes you. Some of us are not so strong.
The Healer. You have an interesting bar. Terrifying and welcoming, all at once. Much like the owner and his barkeep. The Rounding Such a steadfast boy you are!
You know much, but there's so much left!
The Watcher. You seem to enjoy your job. But I'm not paying you. Some things remain between doctor and patient. You know that.

Zoie &hearts
The Fool. A kind King, young but burdened - And yet, you'd never see it that way. That's why I will always be happy to help. Thank you. The Judging. You are smart, and you are kind. But your emotions are quicker than your mind. I hope one day you will realize that.
Dearly Departed
The Watchful A proper tool for a proper task.
And a good craftsman or wielder should take care of their tools.
The Fleet. You're like my Malkin, you both play until you get all tangled up in things.
OOC Quotes

Every time I typed +where, Katie was in her living room with a guy or three, and they kept changing!
You paged Katie with 'Good god. How many men are you taking on today, Katie? *resists the temptation to send that to all the dudes.*'
From afar, Katie is trying to justify a raise in Stamina!

You paged Harry with 'Losing all that weight has turned you into a nubile-lady magnet, you sly devil you!'
From afar, Harry has fifteen girlfriends in eleven chatrooms! *flexes*

<OOC> Damian says, "We'll have to save actually going there for another time though, I'm feeling pretty crappy, think I might shower and sleep"
<OOC> Liane says, "You just don't want to RP with me. That's fine."
<OOC> Damian says, "I know, it's because I hate you."

Some of her hair has been braided, and the braids pinned to the bun made of the bulk of her hair. Two chopsticks of ivory tipped with jade keep the bun in place. She wears no make-up, though there is the slightest hint of freckles scattered across her nose and neck. A small silver crucifix on a black silk ribbon serves as a choker, and wooden bangles clink dully on her wrists. A tan, red and white sleeveless, v-neck argyle vest is worn over a black silk blouse with elbow-length sleeves, the tan predominating in the vest with only touches of white. Short, sheer black lace gloves cover her hands, a marked contrast to her paleness. A pleated black skirt ends just before her knees, a gold strip of cloth tied in a bow at her left hip serving as a belt. Nude-coloured stockings end in heeled ankle-length boots of dark brown leather, which add an inch or two to sixty three inches of height.
<OOC> Quentin hmmmms about the desc.
<OOC> Liane says, "You don't like it? It's her SRS BZNZZ outfit >.>;"
<OOC> Quentin says, "Something there says....Catholic Schoolgirl grown to Librarian who is toying with the idea of 'naughty schoolgirl' post graduation. :)"
<OOC> Liane says, "ROFL. Or your brain is just perverted."
<OOC> Quentin says, "It's the black lace gloves."
<OOC> Liane really just liked this skirt:
<OOC> Quentin says, "Most young women, post 1963, would not wear lace gloves unless they were trying to be provocative for one reason or another."
<OOC> Liane says, "Liane cannot survive without gloves! It's UNLADYLIKE."
<OOC> Quentin says, "Like I said...POST 1963 and MOST. ;P"
<OOC> Liane says, "Hee :)"
<OOC> Liane also points out these are the gloves:
<OOC> Liane says, "After I write my descs, I always google terms so that I know my brain is working like google's."
<OOC> Quentin says, "Yeah, and while that skirt is ladylike in design, the length screams 'this lady isn't wearing panties'."
<OOC> Liane says, "Liane's is above her knees by INCH. She's a LADY."
<OOC> Quentin says, "And those gloves say, "Use these as an improvised gag when we do it in the bathroom so my screaming passionate cries don't alert the guy in the next stall as to what we're on about.""
<OOC> Liane says, "'s official, it's your brain, not me."
<OOC> Quentin says, "ROFL"
<OOC> Liane says, "Now pose, whore!"
<OOC> Quentin says, "I haven't even discussed the implications of the BOW and its symbolism, but I guess I can pose...harlot. ;)"
<OOC> Liane says, "Hush. Liane's a married woman."
<OOC> Quentin says, "He's on life support in her attic, isn't he."