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Name: Zoie Croft-Jamison

Nationality: American
Occupation: Assistant Professor of Dance
Demeanor: Follower
Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Nickname: None Yet

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • University - She's a dance teacher. However, she's seen all over campus and may need help in tutoring if you are smart.
  • Music and Arts - Zoie has an amazing voice, it is just well hidden from the world. She loves everything to do with the arts.
  • New York - She's from Upper Manhattan.
  • Socialite - Zoie's parents got bank and thus she gets invites.
  • Kids - Zoie has a pair of twin girls that she loves. If it involves parent things or kids, she's on it like Mario on Princess Peach.
  • Kiva Coffee - Zoie loves the owners and hangs there when she can
  • Anything - I just like RP
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Lush, long, golden hair floats around this woman's face like an aura of a halo. Those tresses seem to perfectly fall into place with just the right touch of mess to look unintentionally provocative; and just the right amount of effort to appear stylish. The young woman appears far more poised than usual with a regality to her bearing and an eerie beauty. Everything is just too perfectly placed to look away from and yet so breath-takingly natural to not be real. The most noticeable asset to her delicate features are her large, luminescent green eyes. There is a glitter of happiness and playfulness that cannot be masked, even by the dark fall of her lashes. While the rounded shape seems to add an innocent feel, there is a prolonged mystery to their depths that almost begs to be uncovered by staring longer. It is as if the world's secrets would be revealed. The woman wears very little cosmetics as she has no real need for them. A contrast of dark kohl lines her eyes to craft shadowy illusions and far more sensuality than perhaps intended. Her full lips curve into a self-confident, welcoming smile that glints with the lightest of glosses to make them shine.

This woman is tiny and petite, but she is not to be underestimated. Her body is sleek with the form of a professional dancer, but motherhood has caused her curves to become more pronounced. The waifish figure giving away to allow the provocative figure of a woman to take place. The woman wears a white burnout t-shirt over a black body hugging cami. Her lower half is wrapped in a pair of jeans that play up all her assets while being well loved and faded in all the right spots. On her feet are a pair of black ballet flats. She has little in way of jewelry but a golden chain that is around her neck.

Allies and Contacts
Homework Girl The Afterschool Special Zoie has been busy with child raising and hasn't seen this one in awhile. She plans to check up on her though. Homework Girl The Player She needs to catch up with him. Soul Sister The Un-Sister Zoie misses Katie like WHOA. She even named one of her daughters after her. One of the first people she hopes to look up.
Teach The Ex Kenny was her everything. She might still love him. However, they are divorced and she doesn't want to talk about it or him. One of us, One of us The Confused Part of the New York social circle. One of the few connections to 'home' that Zoie has. Also she may just be Zoie's brain twin. Fear them together. That's right. Fear. Squeeeee The One That Ran Away They dated before Zoie got married. He crosses her mind every now and again. She hopes he is doing well..
The Twins
Love is This The Girls!There is a thing as love at first sight and Zoie found it. Her twin daughters, Katherine Sandra and Noelle Amanda were born December 05, 2010 in the afternoon. She is immediately and completely in love and infatuated with them.