From Masq
Name: Maxine

Nationality: Pennsylvanian
Occupation: Graffiti Artist
Demeanor: part survivor, part child, part autist, part loner
Apparent Age: 19 or 40. It's hard to tell

Nickname: Max

<OOC> Zane says, "Yeah, Zane is fluent in Maxine. Only basically proficient in English, but fluent in Maxine. Conversational Joelish"

Joel: HOLYSHITWHATTHEFUCKWHOISTHAT. The surprised flailing is nonverbal, but that's the exact English translation right there. "Jesus Fuckin Christ!" he finally manages. "Maxine?!"
'You got a tic?" Maxine asks. "I'm pretty sure that was a tic."
Joel: "We don't have tics, you're just fucking bizarre."

Maxine, "I am the definition of normal."

Max, to Patricia Radcliffe: "I make detrimental decisions, like telling you to fuck off."

From afar, Zane is still terrified of Mrs. Buttersworth, thanks mom
You paged Zane with ‘She's one scary syrup bottle!’

RP Hooks
  • Sometimes homeless, though not currently
  • Hangs outside the Cantina, library, and at Highland Park
  • Known Tagger
  • Herbal Apothecary groupie
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Five feet, ten inches of willowy arms and legs decorated in plaid flannels and denim, Maxine is the iconic drifter or slacker. She is grunge, and grungy. Her cheap Converse knock-offs are black with white swirls and painted words, the laces made colorful by permanent markers. Jeans that have holes in the knees, a rear pocket missing, and frayed cuffs are unintentionally fashionable, but that's about all that is. Long hair, mouse-brown in hue, hangs in disheveled strings across green eyes. The face, though not unattractive, is unadorned by make-up or jewelry, though she wears a pair of leather cuffs on her wrists and a beaded chain and leather cord around her neck, heavy with objects that are hidden behind her flannel swaddling.

People I Know - For Better Or Worse
Joel Archer
Katie King
Zane Jones
Insert Witty remark. Slightly Bipolar Insert Witty remark. I still want to be Katie! Insert Witty remark. BFF
Petra Malekar
Jack Miller
Nell Hargrave
Insert Witty remark. Damn cool Insert Witty remark. Paramedicky Insert Witty remark. Mythical Shekipling
Damian Lovecraft
Chandler Somethinglong
Andrea Fairburn
Insert Witty remark. Keeper of Steve Insert Witty remark. Surprisingly cool Insert Witty remark. Fairburn