From Masq
Name: Zane Jones

Nationality: USA
Occupation: Owner, Albuquerque Crafts Gallery
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Apparent Age: 35

Nickname: "Z" "Zane. Zaaaaaane."

"Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once." - From Julius Caesar

"Do you know Zane? He's not Shakespeare, either. He might be tragic, though. I haven't decided yet." - Maxine

From afar, Maxine envisions SWAT coming through to find Zane hanging from a dead woman, with a gun in his mouth. You paged Maxine with 'Like some kind of bizarre mix of every character Johnny Depp has ever played and Tarzan'

<OOC> Zane has earl grey with cream and sugar, I forgot how excellent this is
<OOC> Serendipity says, "Oh my god, you just killed a pirate and you're all, 'oh my, this is a wonderful cup of tea'? :D"

Cleo pages: I lied, I need socks and bacon. BRB

He applies pressure as told, but tries to reason with Chandler. "Can't we just duct tape some napkins on, I'll have some gatorade and take a nap?"

"Zack's no match for the two of us. We'd just tie him to a tree in Joel's yard, shirtless, and put an ad up on Craigslist that ladies can lick his belly for two dollars and Joel and I would never have to work again."

<OOC> Augury says, "If this is leading to some sort of elf sex you're all dead. You've been warned!"

"Why do you just carry around a ski mask?" she asks, baffled, at Zane.

Chewbacca gives Cinna a furry thumbs up, and probably doesn't hear that he's about to be tweaked into submission, because he continues to get down with his bad self. One hand is behind his head, and the other is miming spanking a booty in front of him, and he hops forward.
Katniss pages: You are such a freak :)

Joel sits in the waiting room behind the 4th wall, reading his script. "Where are our players?"
Zane shrugs, "Probably fapping."

Joel has invited you to 'join' him at Dungeon of Hotness.

RP Hooks
  • He used to full time as tattoo artist at Body Art, Central Ave. 900 East.
  • Now he owns the Albuquerque Crafts Gallery. Is your PC crafty/artsy? Does your PC need a lovely piece of Southwest flair?
  • He likes hiking, having a good time, and art, so parks, bars/clubs, coffee shop, and art galleries are likely places to find him.
  • Just page and we can figure it out.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Zane is just about six feet tall. He carries himself with a confident but easy going posture, and his form is one of someone who has worked some physically demanding jobs. His warm brown eyes and usual half-smile make him appear approachable. Faint lines around his eyes indicate that he's not in his twenties anymore, though he's probably not older than his mid-thirties.

Zane's most distinguishing feature is that the visible parts of his skin are covered in tattoos. There are a few noteworthy pieces - on his right shoulderblade, half of a tattoo that appears to be a lobster upon the receiver of an old fashioned telephone is visible - the other half disappears under his shirt. An intricate fish wraps around his right bicep, dominating most of his upper arm. Its colorful pinkish red scales are intricately detailed. On his left shoulder, a traditional pin-up girl is extensively detailed down to the last curl of her hair and eyelashes. Under the pin-up girl, colorful flowers spill down and into the words "Like a river flows surely to the sea" that are inked in flowing black script that moves all the way down to his elbow. The top of a spiderweb, the entirety of which must continue on his back, is visible on the back of his neck.

Zane's head is shaved on both sides, leaving a two inch wide strip of dark hair that could be spiked into a mohawk, but usually isn't. His clothing is unremarkable - dark, ripped jeans, sneakers, and a sleeveless t-shirt. If it's chilly, he has a leather jacket to cover it all up.

Nice Folks
Joel * * Katie * November* Petra*
If you're going through Fairbanks, keep going. Hey there, Spacepants. . Usually not creepy, but there's always...time.
Tara* Andrea Maxine * Chandler*
T is for trouble and also for Tara. Our relationship could be worse. Beauty styling head loves Barbie. Jerk? Idiot?  Patronizing? All of the above?  None of the above?
Karin Damian Jai Cleo*
Karin.jpg Just dance. Yeah, exactly.  Hmmm. A butterfly when we'd worried about a moth.
Stay away from the damned dollar menu, and maybe we can be friends.  Maybe.  No promises.