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Body Art - Albuquerque

  The main space of Body Art is brightly lit and gives an immediate impression of cleanliness and order. The air is rather cool thanks to a combination of air conditioning and standing floor fans. Spotless laminate flooring is neatly arranged in a black and white checkerboard pattern through the room, a striking contrast to the dark red walls. Wall-mount double-sided panel flash rack displays showcase various tattoo designs; there are binders with more designs stacked neatly on the end tables in the waiting area.
  A long counter wraps around half of the room, displaying the shop's available body jewelry, which ranges from simple silver rings and ear gauges to more exotic accessories, such as twists and plugs. The comfortable-looking waiting area to one side of the counter is comprised of several couches and a TV set, though music generally plays overhead while the shop is open. Framed photos and flash designs hang on the wall above the couches.
  Down a short hallway, there are several smaller rooms where piercing and tattooing actually takes place. Further down the hallway is a public bathroom and a door labeled 'Office.' Behind the counter, there is another door marked 'Private,' which is kept locked at all times.

Obvious exits:
Office <OF>  Private Door <PD>  Out <O>  

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Associated People Logs
Al: Owner / Piercer (NPC)
AlNPC.png Always ready to run someone through with his needle — and pierce people, too...
Tara: Former Shop Manager / Tattoo Artist
Tara2016.png Will she come back if she doesn't win Tattoo Dream House?
Zane: Former Owner / Occasional Tattoo Artist
Zane.jpg It was time to move on...
None yet!
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The counter:
This long counter wraps around the back half of the room, displaying the body jewelry for sale in the shop. There are several stools behind the counter, allowing staff to sit. A floor fan in the corner keeps the air moving. The cash register and a computer work area are also located behind the counter, along with a mini-fridge filled with water and sodas.

The waiting area:
The waiting area is comfortable, with two couches arranged in an L-shape and a TV complete with cable for people to watch. Books and binders full of tattoo designs are neatly stacked on the large square coffee table in front of the bigger couch, as well as the two end tables that bracket the smaller one.

The tattooing room:
The tattooing room is completely separated from the main room of the shop and can not be accessed by customers without a shop employee in attendance. Sterile and spotless - that's the general atmosphere in this room, which smells strongly of bleach. The floor is an impervious tile and is so clean you could eat off it. A stainless steel two-drawer locking workstation is mounted on the wall nearest the bathroom. A full-length mirror dominates one of the other walls. The furniture in the room consists of several work stools, a fully adjustable tattoo chair, and an adjustable tattoo table/bed. All of the furniture is covered in plastic that is thrown away after each client. There are numerous closed cabinets which, if opened, appear to contain supplies such as inks, disposable needles, sterile gauze, disposable towels, single-use individually wrapped bandages, stencils, boxes of disposable latex surgical gloves, etc.

The employee bathroom:
This large bathroom connects directly to the tattooing / piercing rooms and can not be entered from the hallway of the main shop. The doors opens outwards, so that employees can wash their hands and return to work without having to touch anything. There are two sinks, a toilet, and a shower stall. The bathroom smells strongly of antiseptic soap and bleach. There are numerous boxes of black disposable latex surgical gloves, as well as disposable 'hospital' style gowns. There are also Sharps containers and biohazard bags in a cabinet.

The piercing room:
The piercing room is separated from the main room of the shop and can not be accessed by customers without a shop employee in attendance. A large autoclave used for sterilization dominates one section of the room. There is a counter with an inset stainless steel sink and a hospital-style chair that can recline fully flat. Everything in this room is extremely clean and antiseptic. A full-length mirror is on one of the walls.

The public bathroom:
This is a bathroom for use by customers and visitors. It is kept meticulously clean. There is a sink with an antiseptic soap dispenser and a toilet, along with what looks to be a laundry hamper. Disposable paper towels are in plentiful supply. This bathroom smells vaguely of lemon rather than bleach.

The storage room:
The walls of this small room are lined with stainless steel cabinets. There are also a number of neatly stacked bins. This space is clearly used for storage.

A prominently displayed sign states that Body Art is open daily, noon-2am (4am on Fridays and Saturdays).

Thick vertical bars line the storefront windows.