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At the intersection with San Pedro Blvd., Central Avenue continues to deteriorate. The residences here are very low-end, as property values in these parts are reduced due to the constant thunder from the Albuquerque International Airport and Kirtland Air Force Base to the south. Businesses which can afford a modicum of sound proofing, however, find the relatively cheap land to their advantage. Adult stores such as the Castle Superstore and X-rated movie theatres pack the streetscape, the glare of their neon signs casting eerie shadows.

To the northeast, the New Mexico State Fairgrounds can be seen, behind an eight foot tall chainlink fence. Crime is a growing problem here, so people heading toward the State Fairgrounds rarely get out of their cars. Those shiny automobiles heading north on San Pedro are a sharp contrast to the dingy neighborhood.

Places of Note
  • Body Art
    • This is a full service tattoo parlor, which means it does tattoos and piercings, both stock and custom designs, and sells body jewelry as well.
  • Castle Superstore
    • Castle Superstore is arguably the largest and best adult store in town. From sexy lingerie to adult videos to erotic toys to adult games and thousands of other unique, erotic merchandise items, Castle Superstore has it all!
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