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The frenetic shopping landscape of Nob Hill and Highland areas gives way to a sharply less opulent area at the intersection with San Mateo Blvd. Although this intersection was once an important commercial cluster, the revitalization of Central Avenue has not reached quite this far east. The street looks rather dirty and there are a number of boarded-up storefronts. Neon signs blink from several shabby motels, quaint architectural remnants of the street's former glory as historic Route 66, the "Mother Road."

Dominating the landscape is the 17-story First Security Bank Building, which opened to the public in 1963. A product of inexpensive construction, this white monolith lacks architectural distinction, but was once the tallest building in town. Today, it looks as monumental as ever, but less than a block away to the north is a cluster of strip joints and adult bookstores. To the east, the State Fairgrounds can be seen sprawled out along Central. The neighborhood continues to deteriorate in that direction.

Places of Note
  • Golden Dragon
    • A quiet, inexpensive Chinese restaurant, open late for dining in, takeout, or delivery. The menus are in Chinese as well as English, but the food is not from any particular single region of China and seems catered to American tastes.
  • Rendezvous Motel
    • A quaint architectural remnant of Central Avenue's former glory as historic Route 66, Rendezvous Motel offers a modest night's accommodation (Res 1-2) for the weary traveler.
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