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The Albuquerque Public library dominates the north side of this block, casting its long shadow out over Carlisle Blvd. In 1948, R.B. Waggoman opened the Nob Hill shopping center, one of the first modern shopping centers west of the Mississippi, at Carlisle and Central. Although skeptics called it "Waggoman's Folly" at first, it proved impressively successful, and remains successful today. Its recent renovation has renewed commercial vitality along Central Avenue.

As the Nob Hill neighborhood winds down into the area known as Highland, inviting restaurants and gleaming businesses continue to proliferate. The neighborhood seems very well kept and secure. Quaint old townhouses of varying styles of architecture cluster about this section of the thoroughfare. The architecture blends between Spanish mission and regular Renaissance.

Places of Note
  • Albuquerque Public Library
    • The Albuquerque Public Library, one of the most graceful examples of the Pueblo style, was constructed in 1925. The Library has a special display devoted to local authors.
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