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Still a shopper's paradise, Central between Wellesley and Tulane is filled with businesses, trendy restaurants, and the occasional historic landmark. The Jones Motor Company building with its streamlined Moderne Style is an especially popular destination. It opened in 1939 to sell cars, pump gas, and repair heavily loaded autos streaming westward. Now serving as Kelly's Brewery and a National Historic Register site, the building has also housed a Furniture Mart, Goodwill store, body shop, and army surplus store.

A few higher-end apartment buildings can be found along this thoroughfare. Cool, comfortable hacienda-style buildings line the street, alongside relatively newer structures. A simple, rustic Spanish-style church is to the south, one of the many religious edifices built in this area during the 1950s. A bright banner flies overhead, noting that the newly renamed Gatewood Court apartment complex is now under new management.

Places of Note
  • Gatewood Court
    • Gatewood Court is a newly-remodeled (Res 3) apartment complex located in the heart of the trendy, quirky Nob Hill district. With convenient access to shops, clubs, and restaurants, as well as secure free parking for tenants, Gatewood Court is the ideal apartment building for up-and-coming urban professionals.
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