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In the heart of the Nob Hill neighborhood, you will find a wide variety of tourists and locals, all experiencing the delights of shopping. Funky and hip, Central Avenue at Bryn Mawr is crowded with eclectic little boutiques and trendy eateries. Slow down and smell the coffee... and fresh roses, bagels, lavender soaps, roasted chile, massage oils and old books, all of which can be had in the space of a block. There are several clubs here which cater to alternative youth culture. A number of clothing and music stores act like miniature Meccas of nouveau sub-culture.

On the corner, a historic stucco-walled building reflects the terraced style of Taos Pueblo with timber ladders, exposed lintels, and turquoise medallions. Built in 1936, the Monte Vista Fire Station has served many diverse functions since its fire station days, acting as an art gallery, lithographic studio, film production facility, and now as a popular restaurant. In contrast to the bustling activity around the restaurant, the abandoned theatre down the block seems downright decrepit.

Places of Note
  • Astro Zombies
    • Astro Zombies comic shop is a quirky Nob Hill landmark, easily spotted by its purple and green facade. The shop sells comics, graphic novels, manga, DVDs, toys, music, and more.
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