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Astro Zombies Comic Shop -- Albuquerque

  An Albuquerque landmark, the Astro Zombies Comic Shop is a bright building with a glass-front door, welcoming visitors past the uniquely painted exterior to the enticing realm within. All the walls of the store are lined with something different: hundreds of new-issue comics, or racks upon racks of action figures and toys, or well-stocked shelves of manga and graphic novels. Music lovers will find a large section of LPs also available, new and used. Back-issues of comic series are set on long tables, filed neatly in row after row in white rectangular boxes sorted by alphabetical tags.
  The store is tidy and well-lit, with clean wooden floors. There are a great many bookshelves to peruse, as well as glass cabinets which keep rare and expensive figurines and toys away from dust and children. Trading card packets, special offers, and specialty candies crowd the tops of the cabinets, brightly colored and cheerful. Geek-chic apparel and rows of DVDs are available as well, tempting visitors to part with their money.
  The flat white ceiling of the shop is of special interest, as it has been signed by many famous people in the comics world. Overall, Astro Zombies is a nerd heaven, a pleasant place to be surrounded by like-minded people and lose a few hours.

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