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San Pedro Blvd., not one of Albuquerque's nicer or safer streets, stretches out along the side of the New Mexico State Fairgrounds, intersecting with Lomas Blvd. to the north, and Central Avenue to the south. A six foot brick wall with two more feet of barbed wired chain link blocks a view of the insides of the Fairgrounds to the east, though entrances lead in off the street at three different locations. Through the gates, one can get a glimpse at the cluttering of buildings inside; most people heading for an event try to get inside the Fairgrounds as quickly as possible. Various pleasant food smells waft out to the street on the breeze, competing with the far less savory odors of the neighborhood to the north.

Smaller buildings line the opposite side of the street, their grungy and unwelcoming appearance continuing the tradition of the rest of the Warzone to the north. The surrounding area attracts humanity's less-than-finest; homeless and generally disreputable types lurk nearby, their numbers increasing greatly once darkness falls. A certain kind of "crowd" congregates outside a seedy-looking pool hall.

Places of Note
  • Sharkbite Pool Hall
    • Sharkbite, a somewhat seedy pool hall, offers up round-the-clock entertainment in the form of billiards, darts, and beer. Although Sharkbite does not have an age restriction, the under-18 crowd is frowned upon after midnight. There are also Res 1-2 apartments available for rent above the pool hall.
  • Fairgrounds
    • Although fair time comes only in the fall, the New Mexico State Fairgrounds contain Tingley Coliseum, the largest concert venue in Albuquerque, as well as a casino and racetrack. Every weekend, a huge flea market enlivens the grounds, with rock bottom prices on a variety of items.
  • Alley
Notable Events

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