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Sharkbite Pool Hall -- Main Room -- Albuquerque

 Clouds of gray cigarette smoke billow in the dense air of this rather seedy pool hall. The steady thumping of music from the jukebox and the hollering and whooping of the regular pool players make it difficult to hold a quiet conversation. The place seems to be packed full of questionable-looking types who seem fully capable of supporting themselves by literally "sharking" others over a game of pool.

 The pool tables and the dartboard seem to get a lot of use, as does the jukebox. There are usually one or two die-hard sports fanatics sitting at the bar, their gazes glued to the large DirectTV screen that hangs in the corner above it. Near the TV screen, a blinking red light indicates the presence of a low-grade security camera. Although Sharkbite doesn't have an age restriction, only those 21 or over are allowed to sit at the bar-proper; a large sign reminds patrons of this fact. Another large sign notes: "We are only licensed for BEER." A stairwell leads to the apartments on the second floor.

Obvious exits:
Private Stairwell <UP>   San Pedro <O>

Associated People Logs

Fats: Bartender

The old wooden bar:

This old wooden bar has seen some better days. Its top is encrusted and stained with many years' worth of beers and pretzels, as well as numbers gouged into the wood. Old napkins, a few unwashed beer steins, and the aforementioned pretzels all lie scattered on its surface.

The big round table by the wall:
This big round table seems to be a popular place to sit, judging by the amount of beer spilled underfoot. It has a great view of the pool tables and easy access to the restrooms: the best of all possible worlds.

The dark booth near the stairs:
This cozy dark booth by the stairs seems the ideal place for a secluded conversation. The seats are made out of old cracked leather, worn to a comfortable sheen by many prior occupants. The tabletop has been carved numerous times with different names.

The pool table with the scuffed felt:
This is one of the four pool tables in the room. The felt covering is a bit scuffed, the result of many games.

The square table near the jukebox:
This square table's location right next to the dilapidated jukebox makes it a spot where a quiet conversation is impossible. However, it's an ideal spot for those who love really loud music.

The pool table nearest the door:
This is one of the four pool tables in the room. It's closest to the door, allowing its occupants first glimpse of the entering patrons.

The small table over by the dartboard:
This small round table nearest to the dartboard allows a lively view of the game. However, you also risk catching a stray dart!


A RPing note: In terms of alcohol, Sharkbite Pool Hall is licensed for beer, and beer only. Legally, the pool hall can't serve anything else on the premises. Everyone seems to think that they are special and can get the bartender to serve up hard liquor. Unfortunately, if the pool hall were discovered by the Alcoholic Beverage Commission to be serving unlicensed hard liquor, its retail liquor license would be suspended, and most likely, canceled. *Thus, please do not pose being served any sort of hard liquor.*