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Name: Weston

Nationality: BFE, Southern Louisiana
Occupation: Occupation? Ha!
Demeanor: Cavalier
Apparent Age: Sixteen

Nickname: Wes

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • Like the outdoors? So do I!
  • Like tense situations? Weston can make one happen!
  • Weston does woodcarvings as well.
  • Are you a teenager? Under 18? Wes could always hang out with more folks his age (if you're not too much of a chicken)
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

This boy looks to be no older than about sixteen or seventeen years old. He wears a grey hoodie with 'Rio Grande Ravens 2006' emblazoned upon it, his legs fit into baggy dark blue jeans with a few permanent grease stains, and on his feet are a pair of ratty and off-color sneakers. His face is square, showing a line of a mouth and somewhat wide-set eyes. His cheeks are lightly dusted with freckles. His body is lanky and lean; sparse hairs grow on his arms and legs, darker body hair appearing in sparse patches on his limbs. When he moves it is with the quiet reservation and grace that only comes with training of some kind; he could be a ballet dancer or a football player. Everything this boy does seems to be three or four steps above the normal level of energy, fierce intensity fused into every action he performs.

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Allies and Contacts
So damn cool! Rock on cousin, because we got a long way to go. Okay, I guess Good to see you around once in a while. Wiseass. Now I know he knows something I don't! But I'm okay with it.
Liane %
Sweetheart Just be who you are, and that's all I'll ever want. Old Chum Dude sure knows how to party! Just watch him with your sisters... Good friend You opened my mind, And there's so much more!
Fred %
Hermana We'll take this bus together on the path to glory! Hermano Good guy with a lot going for him. We'll make it! The Boss Respect forever!