From Masq
Name: Lucid

Nationality: Manufactured in the good old USA

Functioning Autistic?

Escaped mental patient?

Computer Guru

Demeanor: Weird
Apparent Age:

Late Teens

Nickname: Lucid AKA Jack Hill

"He's the Candy Man, the Wizard! The magic can-do man! Step aside and watch him work! Lucid! Put down the teddy bear and break the code."
Mr. Wick
"This guy is the 'Wizard'? A genius in his a bathrobe and bunny slippers? He doesn't look like he can even dress himself."
Client to Mr. Wick
"What? Oh he just needs his Fruit Loops!"
Mr. Wick
"You said it, not me!"
Client in response
RP Hooks
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Lucid stands an ungainly 6' and looks to be in his late teens. He has a thin boyish build and is very wiry. Long spindly limbs and legs give an awkward impression like he hasn't quite grown into them yet. Long night black hair falls about his head in a cascade of sentient tangles; like a froth of ink. Stray locks escape the frantic attempt to pull the mane back in a pony tail to frame his face in loose spirals of blue-black.

His features are a clash from classic high cheekbones and slightly upturned yet beakish nose to a jaw slightly to long to be heart-shaped, showing a hodgepodge of ethnic stock. His wide innocent eyes are huge like anime eyes slightly slanted and almond shaped. pale grey-blue with gold rims the color of sunlight through the morning window; Soulful eyes like open wounds to the spirit beneath. The gaze is sharp but gentle often distant and unfocused as if a hundred conversations and a thousand ideas a minute composed themselves like arias of brilliance just beyond reach.

He wears a rumpled white lab coat that looks like he's spent more then one night sleeping in it; in lieu of a jacket. A name tag declares simply 'The Doctor is in' beneath this is scrawled 'Lucid'. Under this he wears a black tee-shirt and a pair of well battered blue jeans that tuck neatly into a set of hiking boots that look as if they have walked around the world. Slung over one should is a simple duffle bag and never far from him is a canvas case holding an ancient laptop. Lucid smiles awkwardly and his expression is always friendly if a bit blank or unsure. His features are highly mobile going from gregarious and out going one minute to shy the next.

Allies and Contacts
Are you out there 'Sing you a lullabye, good bye to youLook Trace im a real boy now, and one day ill make you proud! Petra without a Cellphone in front of her face is pretty! She trys so hard to make you think shes mean. My fluffy warm coat will testify in court otherwise. Oh my god shes shyer then I am!. Liane, seeker in a world full of monstersIs it scary when she and Petra are Lucids moral compass? with Trace gone she might be the only one who understands me.
Oh my God its Full of Glittery Pink Stars! 'Damian is made of Awesome! If the Universe was triping and had an orgy with Peace and Joy, youd be their love child! and he gave me stuffed talking Bacon! She makes pretty pictures with words First person in ABQ who was nice to LucidReporting Live from the scene of the Crime!. Celestial Cabbie. Everybody knows Jai!Or is it Jai knows everyone? either way never met anyone who had a bad thing to say about Jai
Force of Nature. If a Tornado had southern mannors!Simultaniously Polite and Distant Oh Jeezus whered you come from? Deacon, you taught me what strong and love look like, what they mean.Ill never forget the importiant things, thank you. ? Some info. Some more info.