Zoie - Kiva Chat 2

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IC:  11/03/2008
RL: 04/30/2011

Kiva Coffee -- Albuquerque

 Large street-facing windows bring plenty of light into this cozy coffee and tea shop. An expansion of Laura's Herbal Apothecary, it has its own front entrance but shares a large open doorway in the shared wall so people can move easily from space to space. The walls are painted in warm, rich colors, and in one corner of the shop, a kiva-style fireplace adds a classic Southwestern touch. The whole room smells richly of coffee and tea, and the overall atmosphere of the shop is one of cozy relaxation.

 At the back of the shop, a long counter holds a cash register and a variety of clean, shiny equipment used to make the coffee and tea drinks sold here. A barista or two is there waiting to take the orders; they wear simple black aprons to keep clean and sometimes cast hopeful looks at the tip jar. Throughout the room, small tables and chairs provide a place to sit, as do comfy-looking armchairs and a booth tucked away in a nook by the front window. The shared wall between the cafe and the apothecary has a cut-out space where a large fish tank (+view here/fish) rests, surrounded by some displays selling coffee and tea. The tank can be viewed from either the apothecary side or the coffee shop side, often attracting curious viewers.

 A chalkboard menu (+view here/menu) is attached to the wall behind the barista counter, and a glass case set into the counter shows off various cookies and pastries for sale. Small signs perched here and there throughout the room promise free wifi for technologically-inclined visitors.

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Obvious exits:
Herbal Apothecary <HA>   Employees Only <EO>  Out to Lomas <O>

Lucid is sitting at a table covered in laptop computer parts and a stack of papers with hand written blueprints and notes on it.. several empty coffee mugs litter the table and Lucid sits there with a furious Blush on his face and neck looking thoughtful as he watchs Emily walk out of the shop.

Zoie was in the back doing something or other. Probably studying and swearing at carbon dating. She moves over to Lucid and smiles a bit. "You need more coffee or something?" She watches where Emily walked and the furious blush with a charmed smile. "Did you ask her out?"

Lucid looks up at you eyes widening and blushes ah "n-n-no.. to m-m-much coffee allready..." he blinks and bites his lip "ah.. sh-she has a b-b-boyfriend.. Oh sh-sh-she w-wants to know if you w-would teach her how t-to dance? she w-w-wants to be a dancer.. sh-shes g-geting to dance f-fo-for real to-tomarrow at some new d-d-dance show opening!"

Zoie is surrounded by stuttering people it seems. She gives a soft smile and slides into the seat at his table. "You guys leave a mess." Then she looks at the door. "Oh? I could teach her a bit, maybe. I'm not really a teacher, you know." There is a pause. "Wait, how does she know I dance?"

Lucid owws "s-s-sorry didnt mean to make a m-mess.. Oh I was t-t-tellin her about you.." he shrugs "sh-sh-she wanted to know if I l-l-liked you..." he blushes a little.. sometimes hes to honest.

Zoie smiles softly to that as she chuckles. "It's okay I was hoping to run into you as it is." She pauses to the other part. "Why were you telling her about me? Do you like me?" Zoie seems to think it is okay to just be socially awkward and ask the questions straight out.

Lucid blushes and looks down and seems a bit tongue tied.. wich is probly a yes in and of itself... but after amomment he says "w-whas te-tellin hr I m-might get a roomate sh-she was worried I didnt have n-no place to live.. I.. well your re-re-real pretty and I l-l-like talking to you and it m-m-makes my stomach all funny.. b-butterflies.. b-but so d-does Emily.. its.. g-girls are real confusing." he finishes akwardly and the blush creeps up to his ears.. but his blue-grey eyes have gone an allmost luminesent clear blue while hes talked.

Zoie blushes a bit but she can't help herself to that. Then she smiles. "Well I was thinking maybe you know like getting a house or something. I mean your place is really really really cool, but.. or maybe a condo?" She looks over at the blue prints for a moment and then back towards him.

Lucid owws looking a little disapointed and says "i b-b-built you a room.. and added a sh-sh-shower.."

Zoie blinks to that bit of information. "You.. you built me a room and a shower?" Already? Damn. Her eyes actually reflect a moment of warmth to that.

Lucid shrugs and smiles "I d-d-dont sleep a lot.."

Zoie hmms thoughtfully. "Did you make one for yourself too?" A shower. Wow. That alone might convince her. "I mean, I could swing by after work, if you um.. you know.. want."