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Kiva Coffee -- Albuquerque

 Large street-facing windows bring plenty of light into this cozy coffee and tea shop. An expansion of Laura's Herbal Apothecary, it has its own front entrance but shares a large open doorway in the shared wall so people can move easily from space to space. The walls are painted in warm, rich colors, and in one corner of the shop, a kiva-style fireplace adds a classic Southwestern touch. The whole room smells richly of coffee and tea, and the overall atmosphere of the shop is one of cozy relaxation.

 At the back of the shop, a long counter holds a cash register and a variety of clean, shiny equipment used to make the coffee and tea drinks sold here. A barista or two is there waiting to take the orders; they wear simple black aprons to keep clean and sometimes cast hopeful looks at the tip jar. Throughout the room, small tables and chairs provide a place to sit, as do comfy-looking armchairs and a booth tucked away in a nook by the front window. The shared wall between the cafe and the apothecary has a cut-out space where a large fish tank (+view here/fish) rests, surrounded by some displays selling coffee and tea. The tank can be viewed from either the apothecary side or the coffee shop side, often attracting curious viewers.

 A chalkboard menu (+view here/menu) is attached to the wall behind the barista counter, and a glass case set into the counter shows off various cookies and pastries for sale. Small signs perched here and there throughout the room promise free wifi for technologically-inclined visitors.

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Obvious exits:
Herbal Apothecary <HA>   Employees Only <EO>  Out to Lomas <O>

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Associated People Logs
Katie: Owner
Liane: Kitchen Gal
Petra: Barista
Zoie: Barista
Jared: Barista (NPC)
10/25/2008Application for Hire
10/30/2008First Day of Work
11/01/2008Kiva Chat
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11/01/2008Kiva Chat 3
11/12/2008Kiva Times
11/15/2008Protecting Katie's Man
12/11/2008Meeting Kendrick
12/12/2008Customer Mis-service
04/27/2009Katie is Gay
05/07/2009Dancing is a Martial Art
05/11/2009His Great Clock
06/01/2009I Would Give You
06/07/2009Making Friends With G-Man
10/07/2012Back At Kiva
Alcove Booth:

A U-shaped booth in the corner, which looks like it could fit a half-dozen people if they are all willing to squish together. The booth is upholstered in sturdy, comfortable fabric, impervious to spills. Several small throw pillows are at home in the corner booth -- bright colorful things with fanciful patterns that owe something to the Near East.

Small Mosaic Table:
A small round table, its tabletop made of a pattern in colorful mosaic tile. The pattern is simple but well-executed; a classic celestial motif in golds and blues. Three curvy black chairs made of lightweight metal huddle around the table, like old friends engaged in conversation.

Glass Top Table:
Four simple wooden chairs cluster around this table. The surface of the table is glass, and various items have been placed underneath the glass for visual interest. Postcards, tarot cards, tea labels, photos of Albuquerque, vintage coffee advertisements, and more -- there's no shortage of visual territory for the eye to wander through.

Plush Chairs:
Four plush chairs are pulled up near the kiva, a comfortable place to enjoy a beverage. A small coffee table is placed between the chairs; it is a sturdy wooden construction with a shiny brass top. A decorative pattern has been hammered into the metal.

Couch with Journal Table:
A cozy sofa, big enough to fit four people. Covered in rich chocolate fabric the color of coffee, it's neither pristine nor shabby -- just the right amount of lived-in to be comfortable.
 A coffee table is placed in front of the couch, and a black journal book rests on the table's surface. The journal's pages are filled with writing, poems, and art from visitors, blank pages encouraging the viewer to add more. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes obscene, the journal is rarely boring.


Welcome to Kiva Coffee & Tea!

COFFEE                    |    TEA
Today's Brew              |    Hot Tea
Iced Coffee               |    Iced Tea
                          |    Tea Latte
ESPRESSO                  |    
Espresso (single/double)  |    TEA CATEGORIES
Espresso Macchiato        |    Black tea
Americano                 |    Flavored black tea
Iced Americano            |    Chai
Caramel Latte             |    Oolong
Cafe Latte                |    Rooibos 
Flavored/Iced Lattes      |    White
Cafe Mocha/Iced Mocha     |    Green
Cappuccino                |    Herbal

Please ask the Barista about today's selections for each tea category!
Flavorings available: Mocha, Vanilla, Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Caramel

Fish Tank:
This large fish tank is neatly set into the wall which connects Laura's Apothecary to the coffee shop, so that it is visible from both sides. Although the tank and its plants are clean and do not appear inexpensive, the fish themselves are not fancy. For the most part, they are colorful feeder fish, guppies, and some odd-looking goldfish. There is one ugly algae-eater swimming around, its face sometimes attached to the glass like a suction cup.

Store Displays:
Displays line the walls of the store, selling coffee and tea for happy customers to take home. The displays also sell teapots and french presses, some mugs, and a few products from the adjoining store, such as scented soaps.

This southwestern-style fireplace is built into a corner of the room, curved gently outward with an arched opening in front. A huddle of un-lit candles sits inside the kiva, a variety of heights and all available for purchase.