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IC:  04/27/2009
RL: 08/24/2011

Kiva Coffee -- Albuquerque

 Large street-facing windows bring plenty of light into this cozy coffee and tea shop. An expansion of Laura's Herbal Apothecary, it has its own front entrance but shares a large open doorway in the shared wall so people can move easily from space to space. The walls are painted in warm, rich colors, and in one corner of the shop, a kiva-style fireplace adds a classic Southwestern touch. The whole room smells richly of coffee and tea, and the overall atmosphere of the shop is one of cozy relaxation.

 At the back of the shop, a long counter holds a cash register and a variety of clean, shiny equipment used to make the coffee and tea drinks sold here. A barista or two is there waiting to take the orders; they wear simple black aprons to keep clean and sometimes cast hopeful looks at the tip jar. Throughout the room, small tables and chairs provide a place to sit, as do comfy-looking armchairs and a booth tucked away in a nook by the front window. The shared wall between the cafe and the apothecary has a cut-out space where a large fish tank (+view here/fish) rests, surrounded by some displays selling coffee and tea. The tank can be viewed from either the apothecary side or the coffee shop side, often attracting curious viewers.

 A chalkboard menu (+view here/menu) is attached to the wall behind the barista counter, and a glass case set into the counter shows off various cookies and pastries for sale. Small signs perched here and there throughout the room promise free wifi for technologically-inclined visitors.

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Homework happens, it's true. Zoie is not taking up a bench. She is not even working. She is running through the door at a high speed pace. The door swings open and grumbles on it's hinges as Zoie careens in at a full run. "KATIE!" Bright green eyes peer around the area and fall on the quiet other woman. "Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie." There is no doubting the girl's excitement as she starts to literally skip over to her friters (Friend-sister). "I.." The letter leaves her lips to start a conversation as the dancer's right foot catches the slightly out chair at the nearby table. Then she sort of does this strange tuck and roll that lands her as a heap at Katie's couch.

Even deep in the throes of homework as she is, even Katie can't miss the sing-song call of her name like that. She looks around just in time to watch the acrobatic show, and then looks down at the heap of Zoie at her feet. "Howdy," she drawls, cool as you please, "Are ya'll right?" she sets her stuff aside and tries to lend Zoie a hand up. Someone has +voted for you. Keep up the good work!

Wren comes in from the street, bells jingling as the door opens.

Zoie blinks a few moments from her heap of body as she wiggles her toes. Yep, they still move, it's all good. Then she looks up at Katie's offered hand. Zoie is apparently picking herself up off the floor near Katie's bench. Katie has a ton of homework and a Zoie to deal with. "I just like totally forgot what I was excited about." She pouts in that manner that makes one think she was watching a puppy being kicked. "How have you been? Hear from Zack? Did you see Gareth? Did he give you a present? He gave me a crystal. What are you studying? I'm so bored. Do you think I should date other guys? I don't really want to date other guys, but it was like totally suggested. Have you seen that Mason?" The questions come out so rapid fire that an automatic gun is now jealous and having inferiority issues. Of course, Mason's name is the only one that rings with an air of contempt. Which is just totally out of place on hyper happy girl.

Wren enters the cafe with a thick book in hand. Though worn and abused, it sports the image of a flower on the front and some sciency title that relates to biological botany. Pushing her wild curls out of her face, she pauses as she glances around.

Katie leaves her hand there until Zoie either uses it to get up or starts getting up under her own power. Afterward, she curls back into her spot on the couch. "I've been fine. Got a call from Zack to say he's okay, but dunno when he'll be back yet. I ain't seen Gareth. Econ. What guys? And I've seen Mason a couple of times since you told me about what happened with ya'll." Katie's responses are somehow even more sedate than normal, it seems, at least in response to Zoie's rapid fired hyper happiness. Wren is noted, and given a wave.

Zoie lowers her brows to the sedative quality. "Oh I don't know which guys. Not Mason though." There is a scrunch of her nose to that one. Then she uses Katie's hand to get up and finds a seat at the table. "Oh you heard from Zack..." No really that's not disappointment tinged with zealot coveting. That would be wrong. She smiles bright and beautiful. "I'm glad he's okay." Her eyes of Venus green flit over towards Wren and then she tips her blonde head. "I know her." There is a wave as her eyes hone back on the amazing awesome that is Katie. ".. but I don't remember her name." Yes, sounds like a bad country song. "What's the story, morning glory? You look less than happy."

Wren lifts a hand to Katie's wave then turns her head to look along the front of the store. She walks to a window where upon a sproutling is proudly growing then reaches out to touch its soil. Nodding after a moment, she turns back toward Katie's table and is drawn much like a fly to one of those electrical zappers. Zzzzzap! "Howdy Katie." then she peers toward Zoie. Her brow furrows slightly.

"Wren, this is Zoie. Zoie, this is Wren," Katie drawls in easy introduction. "My brain is just still wrapped up in Econ, is all," she explains her blank mood, though it's not an uncommon one for her. "I didn't really talk to Zack, he left me a voice mail. I'd let my phone run dead again. He's Turkey hunting up in Colorado."

Zoie mentally figures out how long it would take her to go to Colorado. Then how much of the state she would have to go through to find a man. Then what could happen if said man with a gun got startled. It allows for an awkward lengthy pause from the girl before she announces, "But I'm not a turkey." Then there is a blink and she smiles at Wren. "Hi, did you know you are named after a bird?"

Wren wonders, "Whats an Econ?" then gives Zoie a nod. She helps heself to a seat at Katie's table then sets her book upon it. There are papers crammed in between the pages. Here and there a piece sticks out enough to show Wren's precise writing. She eyes Zoie for a long moment before actually replying, "You don't have to be a turky to get shot." she then flips open the book and begins to leaf through the pages.

Zoie smiles vibrantly towards Wren. "Oh I know. I could get shot right now." Her eyes move towards the door thoughtfully and then back to the women. "Econ is sort for Economics. They like to discuss the rise and fall of the monetary stance within the government circles of influence. As well it depends on if it is micro or macro to where the trade cycles rotate and what they are asking one to study."

Wren ahhs softly. "Gotcha." she fings her page and pulls out a sheet of chemical diagrams. The sort one might study for a test. "You've taken it already then?" the paper is set aside on the table. The red head glances toward Zoie questioningly.

"No, why?" Zoie gives a perplexed look that borders on vapid. Then she swings her legs as they don't quite reach the floor. "So what do you do, Wren?" Her eyes fall to the book in front of the other woman. "Poison people?"

Wren blinks at Zoie then laughs at her. Even if it wasn't supposed to be a joke, it certainly seems to amuse her. "Naw." she draws in a texan accent much like Katie's. "Thats just a hobbie. I am a psychologist. For the APD."

Zoie doesn't even blink at the laugh. She's sort of use to it by now in her world. There is a toss of her blonde hair as she leans forwards. "So um... like you help people?" There is a bright smile to that as she moves a bit closer. "What was like your most interesting um.. person?"

Wren considers Zoie before she answers but a smile plays along her lips. "It could be you. Are you in need of help, Zoie?" settling back against her seat, she crosses her feet and arches a brow slightly.

Zoie thinks it over for a few moments. "I don't think I am, but then that could be denial and I'm totally in need of help." She looks at Wren. "I'm dating a man that is killing turkeys and not calling me. I live with a man that thinks virginity is a disease that should be cured. I um.. my favoritest person is doing Econ work. Um... I think that's normal, right?"

Wren smiles faintly, once again amused. "Sure. Sounds about right. If you get any psychaotic urges? let me know." her eyes twinkle, "But you know.. before you follow through."

Zoie thinks about it. "I don't really have those kind of urges. I mean I don't like Mason." She pauses. "He's a bad person. He like totally told me I had to put out to him. That was even when he knew I was seeing someone. He said that he made dinner and it means I'm then meant to have sex with him or I'm a horrible person and everyone will hate me."

Wren blinks at Zoie. "He what?" she asks, startled. Then, brow furring slightly, she eyes Zoie. "That is exactly what he said, word for word?"

Zoie shakes her head and blushes. "No his exact words were worse. I um.. I don't want to repeat those ones. See like he made me gumbo and was talking about his grandmother. Then it came up that I wouldn't sleep with him." She smiles a bit. "I'm virgin and I'm totally going to wait until marriage. So then he gets all mad and starts in about how I'm nothing but a tease. I should state that I was fully covered and not touching him or even sitting right next to him or anything. Then this other female comes over and he starts wrapping his arms around her and everything. Which is fine. I mean he's not with me and I didn't care. Then in spanish he tells her how I'm supposed to put out and.. other things." She colors in a deeper blush at those other things. "Then I said I was leaving and stood to leave. He called me some other names and.. it just wasn't nice. He said I should know the gameplan on what kind of guy he is and what is expected of me. He has all that influence over people at school and stuff." She looks a bit nervous about that and then shrugs. "I told him never to come here or to the herbal shop."

Wren smiles sweetly at Zoie. "Thats not the proper way to teach a boy a lesson." she states. Then switches the topic, "So you are a student? What do you study?" she casually picks up her sheet of study-paper then slips into her book.

Zoie tips her head to the other side now. "How do you properly teach a boy a lesson?" Yes, please dark sith master teach her the ways of the true power. Screw this jedi stuff. "Yep! I study dance." Although, she seems to have the enchanting voice of a speaker or a singer. "I mean, I think I learned more in New York though."

"Mason thinks that since he's a football star that any one who hangs with him should realize they are lucky for the opportunity to put out.. it's just, the natural order." Katie's lips curl a bit in a smirk. "Course, he ain't given me any never mind, but then again, I learned all my lessons on not letting men cook for me with Vic. I reckon unless you're -already- dating them, ya'll avoid letting a man cook for you as a general rule and free advice."

Wren smiles wryly at Zoie. "Oh no. I am not going to be the one to teach you /that/." she shakes her head. "You know though.. he seems to get around a lot. I'll bet he's picked up something somewhere. Can't dip the wick that much and not get some impurities in the ah.. candlestick." She nods toward Katie then notes, "He's not tried to chase me 'round either. But then, I'm ancient." her eyes twinkle. "And Nic is possessive. Remember?" her tone is wry there.

Zoie lowers her brows at Wren. The blonde seems to be thinking about her words awfully hard and then she offers the most intelligent, "Huh? His candlesti... OOOOOOOH!" Zoie turns bright red and her eyes open almost too large to be anything but bad anime. Her fingers fly to her lips too. "Right.. um.." Then she looks towards Katie. "Zack is clean right?" Because that's something siblings know about each other, right? RIGHT?! Then she nods her head. "I don't like to think everyone out there is out to do me wrong though. I mean, like if Nic, asked to cook me dinner. It would just be innocent." She shrugs a bit. "Who is this Nic by the way."

"Oh, I reckon he's clean," Katie drawls with a bit of a grin for Zoie's christmas tree status. "I mean, Petra ain't died yet or nothing." Though, she gives a shrug. "He ain't had that many girlfriends.. Petra is like.. his second, and the other one was high school." A bit of a smirk again, and Katie says, "Nic is Wren's... significant other?"

Wren considers Katie's phrasing then leans back in her chair. "Something like that. He's proposed, I've accepted. Then I gave him back the ring. We're doing the whole mating dance at the moment." she lifts her arms and sort of flaps them, like wings. Bird mating dance? "We'll likely be hiched. Eventually." she shrugs then states mater of factually, "Or I'll kill him."

Zoie turns to look at Wren. "Why did you give him the ring back?" She lowers her brows and then something Katie says strikes in her ears and she stares at her. STARES. No no not like the carebear share, but like the OMG-WTF-How-do-I-compete-with-that sort of look. Zoie even goes a bit pale. "I didn't know he was dating Petra. I swear!" She sounds like she's on trial for something now. "I thought she was with Jai or something. I .. I didn't know that she was with him. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to like I'm sorry."

"He dated Petra like over a year ago, and broke it off with her. Then she got with Jai. He's free and clear, Zoie.. as on the market as he ever gets." Katie smiles at poor Zoie. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you none." Then looking over at Wren, she says, "Aren't ya'll supposed to keep the killing part to yourself? Ya'll work for the cops, that's like criminology 101, don't declare motive."

Waving off Zoie's question with a, "Fight." Wren then arches a brow at the girl and shakes her head. "Darling, you're dating him and are that out of the loop?" but Katie's question earns a little smile, "I'll be the first suspect anyway. They always look at friends and family before branching out. Did you know that most violent crimes are done by people you know?"

Zoie looks downwards a bit towards the girls with a lighter blush. "We haven't talked about that stuff. I just see him when he's in town and wants to see me. I haven't really put restrictions or anything like that on him." She tries to explain to Wren. There is a soft sigh. "I know, this always gets me a lecture. We just haven't had the exclusive talk so what he does he does. I don't need to know. He's not sleeping with me so I don't have to worry about that. If he had a kid, we'd deal one way or another. He's not cheating on me, as we haven't talked about being just with each other. So he'll tell me stuff as he does or I'll find it out. It doesn't change that I'm a smitten kitten or that I miss him desperately when he's not around." She looks towards Katie. "Seriously? I've seen Petra. Why would he dump her?" Then back towards Wren. "I'm sure that you will work it all out soon. People fight."

"He's not seeing anyone off in the back country," Katie sounds pretty sure of this anyhow. Though, she says, "He just decided Petra wasn't The One. That's basically what he's lookin' for, is someone to marry and settle down with. Petra's not really the marrying kind, though she seems pretty wrapped up in Jai, even so."

Katie adds, since her player was spastic about posing thanks to work interruption, "I think I had heard that before."

Wren glances aside at Katie as Zoie explains her relationship with Zack. She looks back at the girl for most of it, however, and listens like the good shrink she is paid so well to be. A slow blink is given at some of the things the woman comes up with and Wren starts to look decidedly thirsty. A glance is even given toward the counter. She comments on Petra, "She's one of a kind." then just nods at Zoie. She's certain that things will work out. One way or another.

Zoie looks towards the counter as well. Maybe it does a magic trick. She waits. Nothing. Damnit. Then back to the girls. Her smile is for Katie. "Hey, it's okay if he is. I really would like him to be happy. If that's not with me, then it's okay. I mean I might be a bit sad, but you and I would still be friends. I bet Zack and I would too." She looks towards Wren. "You don't like her?"

Katie doesn't look toward the counter, she's well aware of whatever tricks it might be capable of performing. She shares a look with Wren, and gives a little shrug, and then smiles at Zoie. "Well, same goes for you.. it ain't like he's put a ring on your finger.. or made you exclusive neither. If you wanna date someone, it's not like there's anything against that. It'll be Z's own fault if he misses out because he's off being a survival freak."

Wren curves a smile at Katie's words then pushes away from the table. "Was a time where I'd a relished that." she notes to Katie. "Now I'm hoping he gets his ass back here in time to bask in .." she makes ahand gesture toward Zoie. Eyeing the girl for a moment, the red head shakes her head, "Naw. Petra is one of the few whom I both like /and/ respect." Then, turning toward the counter, she asks, "Anyone want anything?"

Zoie watches the two women for a few moments and nods her head to that. "I suppose that I could, but I just don't want to. I like Zack. He makes me smile and I don't know. I figured it's okay for me. Dating has never really been a huge part of my life." She tosses that beautiful hair of hers as she looks towards Wren. "Iced chai would be made of happiness." She then looks back towards Katie.

"Ah, I'm good, thanks." Katie says to Wren, and nods to Zoie. "I can't fault you none for that. I don't date at all. I'm saving myself for Wren."

Wren shoots a finger back at Katie, "But she's got this concept that I'm out of her league." the red head sadly shakes her head then moseys on up to the counter. "Hai!" She turns away from the others to place her order and pay for it.

Zoie looks like she is buying this hook, line and sinker. She looks at Wren for a long moment and then back to Katie. "Well she did give the ring back. Now is your chance. Offer her free drinks. I hear it works in most bars."

"I've just seen you leave a trail of broken hearts," Katie sighs, dramatically, resting her head back against her chair.. "I just don't think I could take it.." Theatrics over, she sits up again. "Besides, I hear I'm a cold-hearted bitch anyhow, it'd be cold in my ice castle."

Wren returns with drinks, one is set down in front of Zoie. "Ahh, but that was before that ass broke /my/ heart. I'm a changed woman now." she then grins at Katie, "Thats alright, you being cold and all. They say I'm firey. That means you should melt beneath my fingertips." she makes claws with her hands, twitching her fingers on that point.

Zoie turns bright red with a slight nervous chuckle as she drinks her drink.

"I think it must be the hair," Katie says, like they are having a discussion about some sort of herbal tea and not Wren's off the chart red-headed hawtness. "Men are weak for red heads... I always thought I was immune!" Dramatic flare, back of wrist to her forehead.

Wren hmms thoughtfully, "Won't know till we try." she waggles her brows at Katie, "I can promise it would be one wild night though." She takes a sip of her drink then smiles.

Zoie might be sinking a little lower into her chair as well. Her phone comes out of her pocket and she types. Of course it goes to Zack: OMG UR sister is LES.

Zack's probably sent back: What? No she's not! Katie laughs, and says, "Nic better put another ring on your finger soon, or he's gonna lose you." Though Zoie's shrinking into her seat causes her to grin. "Are you telling the world I'm a lesbian now?"

Wren peers at Zoie then nods at Katie. "I think she is." she grins. "Though going lesbo is closing the door on all your opions. Be greedy, be Bi."

Zoie turns bright red and looks up in guilt to the question. "No, just Zack." She looks at the phone and types out: She is. Got busted. GTG <3

"You would want me to be bi.. ain't ya'll learned yet that boys are nothin' but trouble," Katie says to Wren, with a admonishing movement of her finger toward her.. tsk tsk! "Wait," the finger goes to her chin, and her eyes to the ceiling.. "Or is it that boys haven't learned you are nothin' but trouble? I get them mixed up."

Wren beams at Katie like she's just said the most wonderful of things. "I am trouble." she agrees, "But that doesn't make them any less a bother. I don't know why I keep going back. Habbit maybe."

Zoie looks up for a few moments. "Um.. I have to take this call. Zack um.. is calling." The ring tone? Wait for it... Faithfully by Journey. Oh god. They are /that couple/.

"You're a glutton for punishment?" Katie hazards a guess at Wren's deeply rooted psychological issues. "To be sure though, I'd have to set you up with an appointment and a couch.. to really get into it proper."

Wren grins at Katie then blinks innocently at her, "An appointment with you and a couch? Katie! You're gonna give me a chance?" She lifts her hand to her heart, as if overcome.

Katie pulls out her phone, seems she's gotten a text too! Probably from Zack, wondering about her romantic leanings before he loses some sort of bet to Zoie. Then there's the sound of Zoie's phone, and she lifts her brows. "That's Journey, right? Gareth was all into them. I think he had a poster too."

Katie glances at Wren, perhaps coy! "I give most people a chance.. I'm all fair like that."

Wren gives Katie an odly serious look. "I hear you're even into second chances, on occasion. She glances aside at Zoie as the phone goes off then seems to remember something. She too wips out a phone! and taptaps on its screen. "Man. Everythings catching up to me all at once. I gotta go."

"Oh, I've got a soft spot in my cold, bitchy heart. Don't tell anyone, or I'll have to kill you," Katie sends her lover Wren off with a sweet death threat! They really are meant to be!