Herbal Apothecary

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An old-style adobe shop building, painted a darker yellow with reddish orange trim. A string of hanging lines has been stapled all along the front and lights up at night. A white wrought-iron bench sits in front of the display window which is packed with various interesting items. To the right of this is the heavy wooden door. The door has a discreet white sign bolted to it that reads in script "Laura's Herbal Apothecary and Supply." A white sign is set outside to the right of the door that reads, "Fortunes and Spiritual Readings available by Appointment or Request." There are a few potted trees to finish the welcoming look of the storefront.

General Information

A true Herbal Apothecary, Laura's provides organic herbs, teas, tinctures, essential oils, unique salts and clays as well as everything one needs to use or make botanical medicines. Independently owned and operated, Laura's is known for their high quality, handcrafted body care products, made right here in our shop kitchen. It is located at 400 East Lomas

The Employees
The brother.
The Leather Worker: Zack makes lots of tea. And stuff with leather. No, not kinky stuff. Or does he?
The sister.
The Herbalist: She sells the herbs. No, really. Herbs. And Herbal soaps. Shampoos. Everything herbal.
The friend.
The Librarian: She is learning all the nifty happy things there are to know about tea. It's a passion, see. A passion.
The bouncer?
The New Girl: She's still learning the ropes. Cut her some slack.