Zoie - His Great Clock

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IC:  05/11/2009
RL: 09/02/2011

Kiva Coffee -- Albuquerque

 Large street-facing windows bring plenty of light into this cozy coffee and tea shop. An expansion of Laura's Herbal Apothecary, it has its own front entrance but shares a large open doorway in the shared wall so people can move easily from space to space. The walls are painted in warm, rich colors, and in one corner of the shop, a kiva-style fireplace adds a classic Southwestern touch. The whole room smells richly of coffee and tea, and the overall atmosphere of the shop is one of cozy relaxation.

 At the back of the shop, a long counter holds a cash register and a variety of clean, shiny equipment used to make the coffee and tea drinks sold here. A barista or two is there waiting to take the orders; they wear simple black aprons to keep clean and sometimes cast hopeful looks at the tip jar. Throughout the room, small tables and chairs provide a place to sit, as do comfy-looking armchairs and a booth tucked away in a nook by the front window. The shared wall between the cafe and the apothecary has a cut-out space where a large fish tank (+view here/fish) rests, surrounded by some displays selling coffee and tea. The tank can be viewed from either the apothecary side or the coffee shop side, often attracting curious viewers.

 A chalkboard menu (+view here/menu) is attached to the wall behind the barista counter, and a glass case set into the counter shows off various cookies and pastries for sale. Small signs perched here and there throughout the room promise free wifi for technologically-inclined visitors.

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Morgan looks at Jai, and says "You keep fleeing from me. Anyone would think you don't like me, or something!" There's humour in her tone, however, not a whine.

"Sure, that's how most people do it," Jai assures Cleo, and makes a move to take over the biggest bag o' cannage from the girl. Not that he looks a hell of a lot stronger than her, but hey. If he can't get the duffle, he'll end up taking the other couple bags of cans. Morgan gets a sheepishly apologetic look, but a grin to go with it. "Well, then you need to turn up earlier! This is what you get for being fashionably late! ...To random coincidental meetings. Seriously, sorry about that." A glance around to see what happened to his coffee.

Morgan looks at Jai, and laughs softly. "Ah well. I'll have to randomly and coincidentally show up sooner." She looks at Petra, and waves as she poses out, then gives Cleo a little salute. "Take care, all of you."

"I can almost see it. That dream that I'm dreaming. But there's a voice inside my head saying, "YOu'll never reach it..." So who has two thumbs and is singing Miley Cyrus? This girl! Zoie sings at the top of her lungs, not realizing that no one else can hear the music in her ipod. Luckily, she has an amazing voice.

Petra really does pose out, for really reals, and grabs up bags of cannage, which is the best phrase ever. She smiles at Morgan apologetically as well, and silently backs up Jai's statement. Stop being late, yo! "Night, Morgan," she adds, and heads on out.

Cleo follows. She doesn't greet Zoie but aims a fist-bump in her direction as they pass, dragging her various canned goods along with her.

Morgan turns, saying "Heya Rocky". She breaks off the name when she sees Zoie, and blinks in momentary surprise. "Oh! Hello Zoie."

Zoie sings a bit more and then blinks as there are people and a bright smile for Petra and Jai. "HI! HOW ARE YOU DOING? I DIDN'T KNOW YOU USE TO SLEEP WITH ZACK! I HOPE YOU ARE OKAY WITH MY DATING HIM!" She's not aware she's shouting before she waves to Morgan and there is a fistbump for Cleo.

Jai waves as he heads out with Cleo and Petra and all the cans. Sorry! RL distracted me from going a moment ago. >_>

"HEY MAN, IT'S COOL. HE'S GOT A NICE COCK. SEE YA!" Petra leaves as she heads out. <3

Morgan slaps her hands over her ears at the shouting, and winces.

Zoie pulls her earbuds from her ears. There is blaring music and she looks confused. Everyone is also staring as she walks over towards Morgan. "He has a nice clock? What is she talking about a nice clock? Does she mean watch?"

Morgan winces again, but says "No l. Cock."

Zoie opens her mouth to ask about roosters and then flushes a bright vibrant red. No, really really really red. "OH! Oh.. I... oh.." She has nothing as she drops into the seat at the table with Morgan.

Morgan actually allows herself a smirk.

Zoie is still a little stuck on how to get over that one. It is not everyday that a person hears the man she's seeing has a great cock. Then she looks up with those red red cheeks at Morgan. "Um.. I ah.. uh.. guess I have um.. something to um.. look um.. forward to?"

Morgan smiles at Zoie, and nods. "Sounds like you do, yes." She pauses, then says "I need to get a coffee. Anything I can get you? You probably want to stay sitting down a moment."

Zoie shakes her head for a moment. "No, I think I'm good thanks." There is a pause and then she starts to giggle. "Oh wow.. I mean I bet I really made out good with this one. I mean.. I don't have a comparison, but I bet Petra knows like /every/ man in town. So if she says that it's amazing, think how awesome it really is." There is another pause. "Actually maybe I don't want /you/ thinking about Zack like that. Huh."

Morgan laughs softly, and says calmly "I'd heard he was interested in me, a while back." She lets you think on that for a few seconds, before saying "Not that I did anything about it."

Zoie ohs softly. She does think about it and then she watches the woman for a few moments. "Are you interested in him? I mean if you are both interested in each other, maybe it is something that should be looked into. How long ago was it?

Morgan shakes her head. "No, I'm not. I mean, yes, he's handsome and kind and all that. Makes gorgeous leatherworks. But we just wouldn't work out." She lets the second question sit unanswered.

Zoie tips her head to the side to that. "Well why wouldn't it work out if he's handsome and kind?" Wuhoh she's like a dog with a bone (haha get it?) and leans in a bit more in thought. "Well um.. when was it that he was interested in you?"

Morgan shrugs. "Our personalities differ too much. I'm too much city oriented, he prefers the desert. There's other aspects as well, but it's all .. stuff like that." She smiles. "A few months ago."

Zoie thinks about it for a bit. "Oh.. it might have been before we were a we. Wait.. if we are a we. That is all sorts of complicated though." She gives a low giggle as if she knows how odd it sounds. "Well sometimes opposites attract. I mean if you think you would make him happier than I would then it is something to look into." She shakes her head as well. "I mean I don't really think I like the desert either and I really don't like turkey hunting. I mean.. I don't like hunting at all." She wrinkles her nose in a kittenish gesture of adorable before she leans forwards a bit more. "I just want him happy and I would want you happy. I mean sure I would be a bit sad but then I'd be really happy that both of you were happy. Were you looking for my um.. like blessing or something to talk to him about it?"

Morgan laughs softly. "Zoie, if I'd wanted him, I'd have talked to him about it then. I didn't. I don't."

Zoie ohs softly. There is a lingering silence before she gives a bright, vibrant smile. "Okay! Well then that is settled. Who /do/ you like though? Or like do you not like like anyone?"

Morgan lifts a hand. "We covered this last time we talked, a couple of days ago. I'm not .. really into that."

Zoie wrinkles her nose. "I thought you would have changed your mind by now." Yeah, in like a few days. She leans back and studies the girl for a long and hard moment. "So are you really doing all right? I didn't mean to chase your friends off."

Morgan smiles a little. "Not terribly likely." Then she nods. "I'm fine. and you didn't, they were leaving anyway."

Zoie puts her chin on her hand and shakes her head. "I don't know about this whole relationship stuff either, if it helps." Then she blushes bright red. Apparently she's remembering Petra's comment.

Morgan smiles. "It's not so hard, actually." She runs a hand through her hair. "it's just a complication I don't want in my life right now." Zoie hmms. "Does anyone ever want complications? If I was a dude, I'd dig you. I mean.. or if I was into chicks and if you were into chicks." She hmms.

Morgan blushes slightly, and shakes her head. "I .. I guess. It can be a good complication to have - partners, I mean. But not for me, not right now."

Zoie is sitting with Morgan and they are totally making out. That's right. They are snogging in a way that has never been snogged before. Zoie's hand is sliding down her .... Okay.. NO That isn't happening. However, she is sitting with Morgan and they are talking. "Right but some complications are fun. They give you people to eat with and to dance with."

Morgan smiles. "I have those. I call them 'friends'."

Kendrick walks in the door giving a yawn as he walks to the counter to get himself the coffees. Yes, it's going to be a late night for the man and he going to need something for it. He orders at the counter and then moves down to wait for the coffee while he watches Zoie and Morgan make out, or not.

He wishes though. There is a laugh. "I suppose I have those too. Oh! We should go dancing sometime. I /adore/ it." Kendrick catches her attention. "Hey Kenny!" Zoie lifts her hand to wave the man over and then leans in towards Morgan to whisper something. Probably licking honey off of her or something. Then she winks. "You two remember meeting right?"

You whisper "Kenny is sorta single." to Morgan.

Kendrick nods to Zoie and he walks over to lean on the back Zoie's seat looking down at the small girl while he sips his coffee. "Stop causing problems." he tells her eyes narowing some in reaction.

Morgan listens to Zoie, then winces and looks up at Kendrick.

Zoie looks at the wince with a lofting of her brow. Then she smiles and looks at Kendrick. "We were just totally talking about going out dancing or um.. playing pool." She looks up at her roomie. "You should drive us."

Kendrick nods and he sips his coffee while he watches her under his supervision. "I see, so you are looking for a ride is what you're saying then?"

Morgan senses "Zoie kicks your leg under the table at 'ride' and gives a bright smile."

Morgan sighs softly, and leans down. She looks at Zoie, and says "No matchmaking. If I'm interested in Kendrick - or anyone - I am perfectly capable of walking up to the man - or woman - and saying so myself."

Zoie turns bright red. "I.. I wouldn't matchmake." She is lying through her beautiful teeth and it shows. She then gives a guilty look at Kenny and back to Morgan. "Um.. I meant it when I said we should go out dancing or play pool. It could be amazing fun."

Kendrick smiles to Morgan and nods. "Well said." he looks back to Zoie and his eyes narrow a little a he kicks the back of her chair so that Zoie jumps a bit from her seat as it moves. "I don't dance." he seems to enjoy just being grumpy for the fun of it, not that he really is.

Morgan smiles sweetly at Zoie, then says to Kendrick. "I wouldn't object to a game of pool. Or to sitting here and enjoying cake, as I had intended."

Zoie jumps as the chair is kicked and she gives the wounded kitten look at Kendrick. "That wasn't nice. What do you say Kenny? Pool? Cake?" She looks back towards Morgan.

Kendrick shrugs and moves around to take a seat with the two and he sips at his coffee again. "Water polo." he states before sitting back to take a much longer drink of his coffee.

Morgan grins at Kendrick, and gets up to get a refill. "If there's a pool open at this time."

Zoie looks confused. "Water polo? I .. I don't know how to play that." She looks between the two and then pauses. "Do we have a pool?" Who has never been in the back yard? This girl.

Kendrick thinks about it a moment. "I don't think that we do, no." he looks back over to Morgan. "I'm not sure of any pools that would be open past 10 so I guess that kind of leaves us SOL." his smiles warmly and he starts to drop the cold look he had a moment ago.

Morgan snaps her fingers. "Drat." She comes back, with a refill and three different sorts of baked goodness, and three small plates. She distributes the small plates, and says "Pick one." Offering each of you a baked goodie.

"We could just get into one of the pools right? Like the one at the university." Zoie then eyes herself. "Although, I don't have a bathing suit, so maybe that wouldn't work." She lets Kenny pick first.

Kendrick takes whatever one is cheesecake or close to it. He looks back over to Zoie, "Well you can just go in your skivvies. It's about the same amount of coverage if you are really worried. I didn't think about using the college pool, good thought."

Morgan smiles. "And the college security staff." She waits for Zoie to pick second.

Zoie closes her eyes and turns the plates around and around and then just claims one. She opens her eyes to see what she gets put in front of her.

Kendrick shrugs. "I'm sure that Zoie could charm her way through that one, well maybe if I wans't there she could." he nods. 'Thanks for the cake, awesome." he turns his fork in his fingers.

A pastry, with apple and berries baked in, is what Zoie got. Which leaves chocolate cake for Morgan. She takes it, and smiles. "I'd rather not risk a discipline on my record. I'm aiming for a research Masters."

Zoie nods her head. "That is like totally true." There is a longing look to both the cheesecake and the chocolate. However, she takes a bite of the pastry and makes happy noises. You know what causes happier noises? When she attempts to steal a bite of Kendrick's cheesecake. "So.. we should get to know each other.. how should we do that?"

Kendrick watches as Zoie leans over for the cheese cake and he holds up his fork with a bite on it so that she can take it if she really wishes. He looks back over to Morgan. "So how do you know my little imp here? I normaly try and keep her locked up."

Morgan laughs softly, and slices a bite of chocolate cake off with the side of her fork. She scoops it up and puts it on Zoie's plate, before answering Kendrick. "I met her here. I meet a lot of people here, most of them interesting."

Zoie looks between the offered cheesecake and the rewarded chocolate cake. She actually opens her mouth towards Kendrick and then closes it to look back towards the cake. Then opens and then closes. This sadly goes on for far longer than it should. She then takes Ken's fork with the bite of cheesecake to cut off a piece of chocolate cake and shoves both into her mouth.

Kendrick sits back as his fork goes away, he's currently talking with Zoie and Morgan at a couple of seats in the coffee house. The group eating cake and drinking coffee. "Yeah, alright. Well I hope that she doesn't make things too hard on you Morgan?"

Morgan looks at Zoie with a kind of bemusement. The trio is sitting at one of the tables, each with a baked yummy in front of them. Morgan looks at Kendrick. "Only in insisting that I should find myself some sort of partner."

Zoie talks with her mouth full. "I think everyone should." One hand flies to her mouth as she almost lets the food escape. Of course, she doesn't and then returns Kendrick's fork to him. She leans in to kiss his cheek. Only to lean in and kiss Morgan's soon after. Then she sits back content for the moment.

Through some mysterious passages Liane emerges from somewhere behind the counter. She absently makes herself some tea, pulls a flask out of her bag and takes a sip before pouring the contents into the cup, then pulls out her phone to text. All without looking at the main cafe. Once the tea's set, however, she does turn to look around, and oh! A Morgan! There's a wave for Morgan-- and oh, a Zoie too! Also a wave. Liane begins to move away from the counter-- but then recognizes the man they are with is unrecognizable. She falters, and already glances around for somewhere else to sit, one hand with tea, the other hand texting.

Kendrick smiles a little seeming to enjoy just how easy it is to please Zoie. He looks over to Morgan. "Do you think that you need to find yourself a partner?" He asks before looking over to see Liane waving at the two girls he sitting with.

Morgan shakes her head to Kendrick. "I'm fine as I am." She looks startled at Zoie's cheek-kiss, but doesn't resist. Just a bit startled and confused. Then she waves Liane over. "heya Liane. This is Kendrick. Kendrick, Liane. Liane probably made the cheesecake you're eating, Kendrick."

Only if it tastes good. If it tastes bad, it was that damned assistant of hers.

Zoie turns as she sees Liane and immediately looks towards her hands. There is a bit of a frowny face when she realizes there are no samples to well sample. Zoie waves the woman over though. "Heya! I thought about stopping over to your place and stuff, but then I was like.. nah." She blinks at Kendrick for a long moment. "Do you have a really nice clock that you enjoy?"

Liane gives a weak smile towards the group, hesitating and looking at her phone once more before making her way over. And then Morgan introduces who precisely the strange other man is, and Liane looks...startled. Her eyes actually rise off the ground to linger on Kendrick's face, though if there is any attempt to make eye contact on his part he'll find it next to impossible. Liane does not do eye contact. "Ah. H-hello." A pause. "L-liane. L-liane Wiggins-Greyhawk." She doesn't offer her hand. And she notices what they're eating. "H-how is it?" She asks the table.

Kendrick looks to Zoie. "A clock?" he looks to Liane. "Oh, it's very good thank you, it tastes very New York." he smiles warmly and moves over closer to Zoie so there is room for Laine to sit if she wishes.

Morgan splutters, grabbing a napkin (serviette?) and covering her mouth with it as she does so. She then blushes furiously, for some reason, and wipes cake crumbs off her mouth, bundles the serviette and sets it to one side.

Zoie looks oh so very innocent and nods. "You know, the things that tell time. We were just talking about favored clocks." She turns that look towards Morgan before she giggles and takes another bite. Liane is nodded to before she swallows. "I always love food. If I'm not cooking it than I'm eating it. Do you know Kenny?"

"I w-was born in N-new York. Z-zoie's family and mine are acq-q-quainted." You can't really call them 'friends', considering the Wiggins' eccentricities... "We h-haven't met." Liane says, before looking over at Morgan with some concern. "Are y-you quite all right, M-morgan? Shall I get you a g-glass of water?"

Kendrick nods. "I always just use my cellphone." he smiles softly and nods back over to Liane, I've only been to New York a few times, and not for very long." he waves off the call for water. "Nah, I'm good."

Morgan shakes her head to Liane and has a sip of her coffee. "I'm fine, thanks." She looks at Kendrick and Liane, and says "Zoie misheard Petra earlier."

Zoie giggles even as her cheeks are turning red. "Yes, I'm from New York too." She then looks at the others and offers a stretch and a yawn. "I should be getting home soon though."

Morgan posejumps to smile sweetly at Zoie. "What, before I tell them what Petra /actually/ said?"

Liane blinks. "M-m-misheard Petra...r-regarding..." Liane quite suddenly colors, and with her pale skin it's pretty obvious a red. She shakes her head. "I d-don't want to know." Liane says firmly. "I n-know Petra, and I n-know Zoie, and I am q-quite certain I don't wish to know wh-what was said."

Kendrick nods and he takes another bite of his cake. "I'll take you home then, I shouldn't be out too late, I have class in the morning too." he looks to the other two. "I'm sure it didn't keep very good time." he says softly to Liane and starts to stand seeing if he can avoid Liane turning into a beat."

"It keeps very good time!" Zoie says all defensively. "You can stay, I'l um.. take a cab or something." She winks at them. "Oh you can tell them, I just have to wake up really early for class tomorrow."

Morgan laughs softly and waves the pair off. "Scoot, then." She nods to Liane, and says "your guess is doubtless correct."

Kendrick shakes his head "Nope, I got ya." he smiles to the other two once more and he turns heading for the door where he holds it open for Zoie to slip out before himself.

Liane lifts her gaze from the floor to examine them -- but her eyes seem to focus on Kendrick more. Curious. Weighing. Examining. Memorizing. Then when they're out the door she gives a small sniff. "D-d-danny can take him." She murmurs, before pulling out her phone again. "N-not a terrible f-first impression, but c-certainly not one diss-s-suade me."

Zoie shrugs a bit and is out the door, without a hand on the small of her back. She's out the door to be out for the night.