Zoie - Halloween 2008

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IC:  10/31/2008
RL: 04/28/2011

Highland Park -- Main Quad -- Albuquerque

 Highland Park is a lush, well-maintained neighborhood park. Trees such as cottonwoods, pinon, Russian olives, elms, and willows are scattered freely along the west side of the area, in a copse which covers about half the park's territory. A paved sidewalk meanders into the trees, dotted with old-fashioned aged wood and black wrought-iron benches, never quite hidden from general view, but providing some small measure of privacy.

 The park's east side is dominated by a children's playground, complete with slides, a jungle gym, and a swing set. Soft native grasses and flowers have been in carefully arranged strips of greenery. All through the area, shadowed by smaller trees, are picnic tables surrounded by simple wooden benches. A fitness parcourse trail, approximately a mile in length, runs the perimeter of the park.

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Parking Lot <PL>

It's early evening, and there are still many goblins and ghosts running around, with confused parents following after trying to sort them out. The air smells of carmel apples, cider, and good cheer. There's a donation box at the entry to the park, for those who are willing to contribute this year to the local charities: Youth Hostel, Homeless Shelter, Animal Shelter, and Wounded APD Officers Fund.

Nathan isn't wearing a costume and seems to be more drifting into the vicinity than having set out to come here. That said, he stops and contributes a little cash to each of the charity options.

Zoie totters in as she's almost prepared to fall in those shoes on her feet. Zoie takes a breath and pulls down on her skirt a bit as she moves to look around the area. Her eyes light up on the children that might be around though. It seems for the present that our little 'Alice' is going to be holding up the proverbial wall.

Petra drops money in the youth hostel and homeless shelter boxes, and then on second thought adds a bit to the wounded officers fund as well. Apparently animals are just SOL. She then shoves her hands in her pockets and does her best mopey sadface impression, as fits the costume. Or is that how she always dresses?

Darling is already here, with a guitar and a cider, bossing some musician types around. Well, bossing is a little harsh, it's more like she's pretending to tell them what to do and they're ignoring her. They don't take orders well, on account of being dead! The trio of guys are dressed in black suits just as retro as Darling's dress, each rocking pompadours and face paint that's mostly garish bone white and black. Very skeletal. "Bobby, look at your hair!" She tsks at the skinny bass player, and he dutifully takes a stiletto comb out of his pocket to smooth it all down again. Phew.

There's suddenly a charity war going on at the raffle booth. First Petra with $50, then Zoie with $51, and now Petra again with $52! They both must really want the top price, a weekend stay in A SECRET HAUNTED LOCATION! OooOoOoooh. There are chills. It's the wind. Honest.

Musicians are like ants. Or bees. Or whatever kind of vermin you might have in mind. Where some gather, sure are more to follow.

A small caravan of vans pull up, squealing and clicking and coughing their way into parking spots. The doors open and, in the space of a few moments, the parking lot is abuzz with grungy musician types pulling instruments and speakers and slabs of wood out of the back of the various vans.

Among them, Alex joins in with another guy in hauling a large slab out towards the center of the park. His longish black hair has been wetted down and curled, one hanging in front of his eyes. He's wearing motorcycle boots, tight black jeans, and a white t-shirt and...a little eyeliner? But when he sees the group of musicians lounging about, he grins and lets out a sharp whistle between his teeth, jerking his head back towards the vans. "Hey boyos! Could use some help here!"

Nathan, who's not that into secret haunted locations, finds himself a place to sit on top of one of the picnic tables. He casts the vaguest possible glance at Alex's arrival, more interested in looking at the skeleton guitars.

Petra probably didn't *really* get into a bidding war, but did totally buy some raffle tickets. She tucks them away in her little purse, and sidles her way up to Darling when she spots the woman. She doesn't really do anything to call attention to herself just yet, standing nearby and peeeering over at her.

Zoie tries to walk around the area, but Alex's voice garners her attention as she puts the money in the donation. Her eyes flash over to the rocker and she starts to call out to him. Then she stops. Her ees move over towards Petra and then the others. Another pull at her skirt. Pull. Pull.

Darling sends her three skeletal rockabilly minions to help unload while she herself, well, she doesn't help. She can supervise though and possibly provide moral support. "Don't you go ripping your pants again." She'll warn the one, but he growls a bemused 'alright, ma' before he's gone with the others. Alone with her guitar, she whistles at Alex in his slightly glam greaser outfit then slowly turns towards Petra as though she can feel the peeeeer. "Hey there, Emotra. How you doing?"

The newly arrived rockers are dressed in all and sundry kinds of costumes. Skeletons, zombies, Tarzan, clanky knights, even...grungy musicians! Well, actually those guys were just too lazy/busy to get a costume together. As the skeletal minions head away towards the vans to help with the unloading, Alex and his zombie friend haul the wood slab over towards...well, pretty much exactly where Darling is sitting.

"Glad to see you're so eager to help," Alex says with a smile to Darling, head tilting up in a familiar greeting. Petra gets a grin. "Hey Trouble. Want to do your good deed for the year and help out?"

Petra can't help but grin, just a little, at the Emotra name, but then she gets her mope back on, exaggeratedly. "I am lovely," she says, in contrast with her appearance. "You are lookin' mighty fine, m'dear. These your underlings?" When she spots Alex, she gives him a chin-jut of greeting, then has to consider his question for several moments. "Oh, I dunno. I *suppose* I could help. Maybe. Just this once, though. And you owe me."

Candy is being handed out at various booths along the way, and children are getting plastic pumpkins full of sugary loot. Dunkin Donuts is winning though, by giving out orange cake donuts with chocolate frosting! There's a line of munchkins waiting to get one.

Nathan seems content to watch the goings-on with a certain mild fondness. The orange donuts actually tempted him, but probably if he goes to the shop tomorrow he can still get one and not have to risk accidentally stepping on a kid.

Zoie smiles at the kids around her. She's far more interested in watching the cuteness around her. In fact, she might be mentally squeeing over them. She is content to just be a fly on the wall.

Darling tippy-toe runs the short distance to Petra's side and slips her arm through the emo's to restrain her (but only by appearance, she's not about to wrassle her). She explains with a smile verging on smirk, but a very officious tone of voice she's been practicing on her band, "But she's helping me in a very important matter, you see. She's my groupie, not some sweaty roadie to be lugging all that there heavy equipment about. No sir."

"I owe you? You're not going to help out of the goodness of your heart, and the glowing feeling of a job well-done?" Alex shakes his head and chuckles. "Dumb question, nevermind." The two strapping young lads maneuver the wood about, coming up...and dropping the heavy wood slab on the ground, very near Darling's toes. "Well, you two are far from any green room," he says with a huff, wiping at his forehead. "Enjoy your groupee-ing, you two. The men are gonna be getting some real work done."

There's a brief squabble between a little girl dressed up as a kitten and her twin brother who is dressed up as a rat! There's screaming and wrasslin' as the girl yells, "That's mine that's mine!" and her brother tries to keep the purple glow stick he's taken from her out of reach. "You've already got one!" Their parents are trying very hard to look like they don't have any kids right now.

Petra allows herself to be restrained (because come on, it's Petra) and nods her head quite sadly after Darling speaks, leaning her poofy-haired head back against the woman. "It's true. I'm very much already spoken for. Besides, helping you goes against my code of ethics, or would if I had one. And that alone is cause to say no."

Kingston enters the park looking about both as one does on this particular costume-heavy holiday as there are people-made-spectacle running about the entire park but also as one does who is in unfamiliar surroundings. Though he appears fairly at ease and seems to be enjoying the novelty around he still has that decided out-of-towner look about him. As he passes the entry he begins to look over the various charities listed.

Darling isn't about to get her toes squashed, nor does she take well to strapping lads dropping heavy wood slabs near them. She gives them a hard eye and it's almost evil, or would be if she weren't otherwise in a good mood. It's that mood that has her forget about it quick and turn her smile back up to 11. "Ooh, we'll watch you menfolk be all brawny and swoon appropriately, we promise." She'll say to Alex and the boys, her rockabilly skeletons included as they reappear hauling stuff. Then, to Petra, "Where's your Jai guy? I thought you was attached at the hip."

Nathan's not wearing a costume, sitting on a picnic table to the side somewhere and watching the kids frolic and squabble.

Zoie is content to be the woodwork while the musicians and groupies all mingle. Her eyes flit to the fighting children without parents. Maybe she should have come as a disney character for the smile that curves her lips. There is another pull on her skirts.

Damian slinks into the park! He hasn't got a costume on, alas, he blew his budget on that costume at the last party and on the donation he gives at the gate, but he's pretty happy with the evening any how. No aim or anything, he's just checkin' stuff out, seein' what's what and what's happenin'.

Nathan brightens a little when he sees Damian slinking on past the lights, and waves to him if he gets a chance in between the hippie's checking out the happening scene.

Alex nods sagely at Darling, like she'd just imparted some major wisdom. "Ahhhh, reaffirming a woman's place. Good on you! Yes, go..." He gestures off in a dismissive motion to the two girls. "Stand somewhere and be pretty."

Turning back towards the car, Alex spots Zoie and grins to her, waving. "Hey Bubbles! Want to earn twenty bucks?" he asks, jerking his thumb towards the vans. He watches those two kids tromping around, and makes a detour to them. "Psssst!" he whispers to the kids, and reaches into his pockets, pulling out one big handful of jolly ranchers. "Hey, you kids...play nice and get some candy, okay?"

From the direction of the van, a huge load of equipment is being hauled over, Darling's rockers in that group.

Kingston slips his wallet from his breast pocket and makes a donation as he passes the charity booth. Once that is done he resumes his stroll of the park taking in the various costumed individuals running about his green eyes can't help but take notice of the rather vivaciously re-invented Alice in Wonderland as he passes by. The gaze is appreciative yet doesn't linger excessively. He smiles and makes his way further into the park.

"I had him surgically removed. He's still in recovery," Petra says, quite seriously, and then shrugs. "It's just a heavy cab night tonight. People wanting ferried all over to meet up with friends, go to parties and the like. He's hoping to stop by later, though, so we'll see." She then informs Alex, "Barbie will have to do all the swooning. My swoons, they are for her and her alone."

Zoie smiles vibrantly at Alex and then points down to her wickedly high shoes. "Um.. I'm not going to risk my neck for twenty bucks. I'm sure that you will totally get it done though. I mean, you are use to it, yes?" She offers in a sweet manner before smiling at Kingston with a light blush.

Jolly Ranchers trump glow stick, and the cat and the rat take candy from the stranger and run off into the crowd. "Thanks!" Exasperated parents, possibly a little suspicious, follow after probably hoping their kids didn't just get poisoned.

Darling presses the back of her hand to her forehead as if she might be getting a little flustered - like there may just be a swoon coming on, but no. False alarm! Her band guys, made up like skeletons in retro suits, just give her long suffering looks and truck back towards the vans. "Oh, that does figure. Well, I hope he shows." And, gaze skimming over the growing crowd she spots Nathan being all quiet over there at a table. She wiggles her fingers politely. "I wonder if Damian had to wash dishes tonight."

Nathan gives Darling a small polite smile from his perch on the table.

Ahhhh, making kids happy and parents paranoid. Alex loves Halloween! With a huge grin on his face, he looks down at Zoie's shoes, and blinks in surprise. "Jeez! Well, I think I saw some spare sneakers in the back of the van. Go slip 'em on and you can help. We just need someone to help unroll cable, anyways."

Petra gets a snort of amusement. "Hey, sounds good to me. We want genuine swoons, after all. None of those fake swoons..." And he's off again, moving around the group who are hauling more slabs of wood, as well as speakers, stands, cables... a generator. Alex trucks by Nathan and grins to him, gesturing for the man to join him in helping set up. Volunteers everywhere!

With all the hands helping, the stage seems to be coming together very quickly. A 12x9 foot stage, a modest little thing, just three feet high, gets a large amount of electronics piled on it, a few guys getting started on organizing the chaos.

Damian apparently has no willpower and stops at like every boothy type thing he can manage, collecting sweets and getting his face painted, tripping over tiny people and losing a perfectly good hotdog to the ground. Damn it. And probably just because Darling mentioned him, that's about when he decides to "accidentally" whap into her, feigning a surprised look of bewilderment before offering a proper grin. "Hi guys." he says on his way past, probably heading in the direction of the tables.

A photographer with a Tribune badge is making her way through the crowd, stopping people at random and asking for their photos. Parents proudly put their kids on display, but adults are stopped as well and invited to pose and give comment. " "Yep. I would never stoop so low as to fake it. Which is why you and I could never work out," Petra says with a toothy grin for Alex, and then waggles her fingers at him as he heads off. She begins meandering about herself, though unlike Damian it's more to get an eyeful than to partake.

Nathan calls over to Damian "Hey, D, can you get me one of those orange donuts while you're over there? Please." He /can/ speak!

Zoie looks forlorn for a few moments. "I.." Then she looks down at her feet and then towards the van. "I.." She stops again. "I'm not .. carrying anything. I just got off work." She gives a soft smile.

A fairy princess enters. Or perhaps not, since she has no wings: perhaps more a Tolkein Elf. But no pointy ears. Whatever she is, she has intricately braided red hair, with white ribbons. A gown that would suit a fairy princess or a Lothlorien elf, with bronze detailing and accessories. Some would recognise her as Morgan. (Morgaine? Le Fey?) She seems to immediately attract the attention of a few children, and she laughs softly and lets them take small pieces of fruit from a basket she's carrying. (Some, of course, refuse. Eww. Fruit.)

"Yes!" Holy shit Damian totally missed the donuts! His non-costumed self changes course and starts towards Dunkin's stand with all the other seriously unhealthy stuff he's aquired.

Nathan adds "And coffee!" Because that? Is sure to end really well. As it gets a little later in the evening, the family crowd starts to slowly drift out toward the parking lot. Small children are starting to get cranky and cry. Older kids are begging their parents to stay, but it's after 8pm, and parents are wanting to go away before the loud music starts.

Speak of the devil. Damian that is. Darling gasps as if thoroughly shocked that she should be whapped. Of course, she gets over it quick. "Hey you." She'll call after him, but since he's got his eyes on Nathan, she won't chase after him just yet. She'll join Petra in her meandering-looking-around deal instead, since she's still not going to help with the stage building and equipment moving. She has lackeys for that!

Kingston continues to peruse the various attractions at the park. He eventually spies someone he knows and begins to make his way through the crowd towards the redhead in the ambiguous fantasy costume. Holding up a hand in greeting he smiles and says, "My god, it's a Morgan." as he approaches. "Or should I be addressing you by some psuedonym tonight?"

There's a laugh from the assorted musicians at Petra's remark, and a lot of amused glances Alex's way. He puts a hand to his heart and staggers. "Your words wound like a poison-tipped spear, madamoiselle!"

There's plenty to look at, for sure, as the center of the park is quickly becoming the busiest part. Run, parents! Run quickly! All the scary folks are going to make loud noises at your offspring, and convince them to go all goth on you!

Morgan grins at Kingston. "My grandmother wanted to call me Morgaine." She twirls in her outfit, letting him make the connection himself. Then she touches her pendant. "This part of the outfit is genuine. I got it from my mother, she from hers, she from hers, as far back as the family remembers."

Petra is content to let Alex have the last, wounded word, and she's looking pretty pleased with herself before she remembers to look sad and forlorn, as befits the costume. She stops in place as she notices Damian on her circuit around the booths, and forgets to look depressed all over again. "'Zilla!" she greets with a smile.

Zoie looks around the area and shifts her weight. She starts to inch a bit from the crowd as her eyes move over the area. The poor girl high steps a bit as she's not use to her heels.

Barb Yes, that's right. Run parents run, and take those little brats with you. St. Barbara approaches the park, avoiding all the children and parents with a definite look of distaste. Her player will write something up after this, but her only concession to the holiday looks to be a neon yellow t-shirt that proclaims, 'Happy Human Being' above a cartoony skeleton holding flowers. Otherwise, she wears her usual wild makeup and those odd yellow eyes, with baggy black pants. She seems to be making her way towards the festivities, not looking very impressed.

Kingston nods knowingly and says, "Ahh, so it's you and yours that are keeping Arthur napping away on that wretched little island." to Morgan. He then gives her a look of mock shock and offense and says, "That would make you partially responsible, albeit indirectly, for Thatcherism....I'm not /entirely/ certain I can be seen with you in public." though the wink and the smile he offers her drive home that his tone is joking.

Damian waves like a dork at Petra while waiting to get a donut, but he's not gonna give up his place in line for love, this is junk food we're talkin' about here! Once he does get a couple of those, though, he makes his way over will full arms to attempt to give Petra the most awkward hug ever, "I gotta set this stuff down." he says, and starts towards the tables again.

Nathan takes momentary notice of Morgan but turns his attention to the fairly suspenseful question of whether his donut is going to make it over to him in one piece.

Morgan smiles at Kingston. "England still survives, and still has a Queen, right? So he is not yet needed." She turns slightly, to let a family group that's leaving take fruit from her basket. She blesses the children in slightly faulty Gaelic, as they take the fruit - dropping into character as a Druidic Priestess. Once they leave, she turns her attention back to Kingston and winks at him.

Kingston nods and says, "True, true. So long as Sir Ian McKellan still draws breath the old boy can continue sleeping."

The setup of the center of the park moves apace, with the coordinators milling about. It's right about time for a sound check when Alex hops up on the mike, and his voice rings out over the park, "Yo! Squatters and layabouts!" That gets all the musician types looking his way, many with a glare. The dark haired teenager holds up a paper sheet in one hand. "Get your names down! We've got a lot of slots and a long night to fill! Hurray hurray hurray!" There's a slow surge of movement towards the stage at that, musicians muttering loudly and trying to get the best slots for their bands.

Darling's skeleton guitar Elvis man does the signing up thing, which earns him a kiss blown from afar by the grateful blonde. He looks unmoved, but holds his hand up with the right amount of fingers to display the slot he managed to claim. He then makes the universal hand gesture for - we're all going to have a smoke. She waves them off and catches up to Petra and Damian. She smiles at them like she might be just a little bit loony. Just a little.

Barb actually looked up at the talk of squatters and layabouts. Sounds familiar! She wanders in that direction, though she does pause, just a moment, to look at Zoie. "Yo, Little Bo Peep-At-Me. You got a light?" She removes a cigarette from behind her ear, turning yellow eyes to look at Zoie up and down. The cigarrette is held out in front of her, waiting.

As the bands start to form up and get ready to perform, the last of the "family" crowd disappears back to their hovels. The college set starts to roll on it, and they are in line to start spiking their ciders and hot chocolates, and really put the Rockin' in the party's title!

Kingston smiles and adjusts the cuff of his shirt as he falls into step beside Morgan waving to children as she doles out whatever treats she happens to be doling out. "Capital. I hear he has super powers now so we should be in good hands and back to ruling the world any day now. " he chuckles and adds, "So have you thrilling plans for the evening or do you mind the new bloke in town tagging along with you?"

Hugs: they is had! Awkward or not, Petra gives Damian that huggable love he so demands, and nods her head to the rest. "Yeah, I'll see you around, I'm sure," she says, as he heads off. Darling gets a grin, and Petra comments, "You seem in a damned good mood. Did you get laid or something?"

Damian masters the art of transporting sweets from one place to another! "Hi." he greets Nathan with a completely stupid grin, "Lookit, I bring you miles of sugar guranteed to ruin you from the inside out!" . Zoie turns to look around behidn her as she then looks back to Barb and points to herself. She gives a shake of her head to that. "I.. I don't smoke or set things on fire." She pulls on the skirt thoughtfully before she looks back towards Barb. "I'm sorry." It is given with a truly friendly smile.

Nathan immediately assists with transfer of sweets to a more secure position on the table. "Awesome," he says with a smile. "Bring it on, and thank you. I dunno how long I'm gonna want to listen to whatever they're playing, but at least it's a nice night."

Morgan grins at Kingston. "Tag along by all means." She starts to move towards Damian-the-overloaded and Nathan, but pauses by Petra and Darling. "Petra! Barbie!" She waves to them both. "Petra, I want to introduce Kingston. He's just arrived from the land of fog and Dr Who. Well, he had a stopover in LA, but we can forgive him that. Kingston, this is Petra and .. well, I only met her once or twice, but .. I hope I got your name right? It is Barbie?"

"That's me, alright." Darling will confirm after she ever so coyly rolls her shoulders to Petra's suspicions. She could just be happy. That happens, right? When certain planets align every thousand years or so. "Hi there, Kingston."

Damian innitiates a bit of PDA with Nathan while getting stuff on the table, and having at the various junk with gusto. "If you want we can go do other stuff," Damian suggests, "I think this is when we're supposed to be, like, staying the night in a haunted house or something."

"Fuckin' hell. This is a fuckin' awesome night." The sarcasm in her voice is thick enough to spread over toast. "Can't smoke and no burning the fuckin' park down. Fuck." The cigarette is tucked behind Barb's ear again as she scowls. "Best I can hope for now is a fuckin' fight breakin' out. Know where the food stalls are, or are you just sitting around waiting for shit to happen?"

Nathan slips an arm around Damian's waist, interfering with the candy distribution operation although he does grab and eat half of one of the orange donuts. "Cause regular life isn't weird enough."

The sound system is finally set up, and the first sounds to trip through it are the sweet, girlish words:

o/` Half a pound of tupenny rice,

o/` Half a pound of treacle.

o/` That's the way the story goes.

o/` Pop goes the weazel.

Not really the best music for a Halloween bash, but at least it's adding some music to the air. And the grinding techno that thrums from the speakers sounds a /bit/ more like the kind of thing you'd hear at a party.

Zoie turns a bit crimson at the swearing. "I.." She points with a trembling finger towards the donuts. "They have donuts." She looks the man over and then back over towards the donuts.

Kingston smiles as Morgan makes the introductions. "Why thank you and thank you for not holding the L.A. thing against me. Moment of madness I assure you." he then looks to Barb directly and saysm "You can't smoke in a public park?"

"Oh hey, Morgan," Petra greets the woman along with a chin-jut of acknowledgement. "And hey Kingston. Nicetameetcha. You been in town long, or just arrivin'?" Darling gets a smirk, but for once Petra doesn't needle her further. Instead, she follows Kingston's gaze to Barb, taking the woman's appearance in before smiling, if faintly. A rowdy band of twenty-somethings arrives, and they seem to have been partying elsewhere. They are all somewhat freaky though to most, as they are covered with extreme tattoos.. across the face, shaved heads, and otherwise.. they are definitely in theme for Halloween or a daily Freakshow or maybe a Circus. They come with an older man, though placing his exact age with the full face tattoos and piercing is impossible. They seem here to enjoy the party, a spot near the stage to claim.

"Not without a fuckin' light I can't." Barb drawls. "None of you want to help a poor, helpless little girl survive the fuckin' night with her sanity intact?" She holds out the cigarette, wiggling it between two fingers. Oh yeah, definitely a sarcastic edge there. Morgan offers the contents of her basket to Petra and Barbie/Darling. "Either of you want a treat? It seems the children are leaving - I took too long getting the braiding put in." She flicks her hair to indicate what braiding. But hey, late teens and adults can enjoy nommy treats too. She then partly answers Petra, on Kingston's behalf. "He just got here. I'm taking the opportunity to introduce him to the Important People." Yes, caps on the words. She turns slightly, and notices the TwentySomethings, and her eyes narrow slightly.

Damian is just fine with being interfered with, and canoodles happily over junkfood. Unlike Nathan, he can get an automatic groove going to techno.

Nathan shares junkfood and caffeine with the freshly painted hippie. It's easier for him if he just ignores the music and enjoys the weather.

Zoie turns her eyes towards Kingston and his Morgan. She just gives a smile and then looks back towards Barb. "I think that you could ask the band. Most the musicians smoke, I think."

Kingston eyes the 20 somethings himself but seems unconcerned by them for the moment. He reaches into his breast pocket and produces a small black zippo which he sparks and holds in Barb's direction as he responds to Petra. "Only arrived 3 nights ago in Albequerque and only in the states proper 4 months ago.

"Oh heeeey, fresh meat then, eh? If you need a cabbie, I know just the guy. Never overcharges. He ain't here tonight, but I got his card. He's out doin' the cabbie thing, o'course." Petra reaches into her small purse, digging out a stack of cards. She peels one off, offering it over to Kingston when he has a moment. To Morgan, she says, "Yeah, definitely give him the three-penny tour. Who's he met already?"

The three rockabilly nightmares that comprise Darling's band wander back from the parking lot. One has a big ol' Gibson electric guitar, the other has a standup bass painted black with a white upside down cross spray painted down the front, the last has drum sticks, for he must use them to hit things. Things like the back of the bass player's head. There's some swearing and then some pushing. Seeing that, Darling waves off the offers of treats and looks slightly apologetic about not having fire at the ready for the other Barb. "Pardon me y'all, looks like I'm on." She'll soon say before slinking off towards the band now lingering by the stage.

The sweet, girlish tune sings another verse to the very odd juxtaposition of quiet techno as the group gets thicker and more...eclectic. Then, a husky woman's voice sings a growling verse:

o/` Half a spoon of heroin,

o/` Half a spoon of treacle

o/` That's the way the money goes

o/` Out Comes The Evil

And the beat really kicks up. Damn, those are some nice subwoofers! Anyone near the stage can feel the rumble in their chests. Alex takes a seat on the edge of the stage, giving those twenty-somethings a surprised look as they all mill up towards the stage, and he waves the piece of paper at them. "Yo! Any of you guys on the list of bands?"

Petra also waved off the offer of treats politely. Forgot to mention! Barb brings her cigarette to the flame, lighting it before taking a deep drag of her cig, blowing the smoke out in front of her. Doesn't matter if that's where everyone else is, either. Then she glances towards the stage again, looking at the extreme ink folks with some interest. "Hot." She says, with some admiration. She moves closer, reaching to snag a treat from Morgan, offered or not, cigarette in her mouth still.

Morgan winces for a moment as the beat kicks up, and touches a fingertip to her temple. She nods to Petra and Darling as they wave off the treats, but moves the basket politely closer to Barb so she can snag a treat or two. She explains to Kingston "Jai - the cabby - is also well connected. I like him, he's reliable, and doesn't drive crazy." To Petra, she says "Not all that many - he only met me .. yesterday, I think. So ..." She waves a hand around, gesturing in the directions of the various PCs. "Now's as good a chance as any."

Zoie smiles a bit towards Kingston and Morgan as they come over to light Barb's cigeratte. She lowers her lashes a bit and pulls on the skirt. Then she looks around the crowd. "I'm Zoie.." She offers it to the trio near her.

Kingston says, "Always happy to help a lady in need." in Barb's general direction before taking the offered card and slipping it into his breast pocket along with the lighter. "Thank you, I've not gotten round to getting a car yet so this will likely come in handy. Especially if he's reliable." he glances in the Alice's direction once again as she comes by and then turning his attention back to Petra and Morgan adds, "By all means, introduce away."

The hot, barely clad despite the cold, tattoo chick shakes her head at the wave of the paper. "We're not musicians, baby!" Though they do seem to be digging the music, dancing, drinking, and having a good time. They seem to have a little natural bit of space around them. To be fair, some of them could be considered sharp objects.

Kingston smiles to Zoie as she introduces herself formally and says, "Anthony Kingston, nice to meet you."

Morgan smiles at Zoie. "Morgan. Or Morgaine, tonight." She offers her basket-o-treats in Zoie's direction.

Zoie looks longingly at the basket of treats. "I probably shouldn't." She offers in a soft, melodic voice. Then she moves to look at Kingston again. "Is that your real name or your Halloween name?"

"I *wish* he'd drive crazy sometimes," Petra says with an exaggerated sigh. "But yeah, he's totally reliable. Knows the city real well, too. He'll getcha where you're goin'. And no problemo." To Morgan, she says, "Damian's around here somewhere; I saw him. He should totes meet this dude." Zoie gets a chin-jut of greeting and, "Yo." Kingston smiles. "Oh it's my real name. I'm one of those poor, unfortunate sods whose actual name sounds like an ill-conceived psuedonym." to Petra he says, "I'm sure he'd drive crazy if you asked him. I mean it is a service industry after all. "

There's a call from the sound guy to the stage, and Alex has to stop being creeped out by the tattooed, weirdly proportioned people surrounding the stage and stands up, cupping a hand over his ear. Giving a thumbs up, he steps behind a mic, and throws in a little impromptu growling into the mic, along with the techno beat.

o/` Ohhhhh, how could something

o/` That feels so good

o/` Be so baaaaad?

A thumbs up from the sound guy has him grinning and returning the gesture, hopping off the stage and heading towards the inimitable Darling. A thumb gets jerked over his shoulder. "Yo! You guys wanted to be first, right?"

Zoie turns pink around the tops of her cheeks as she looks at him. "Oh. I meant.. um. I.. you.." She chews her lower lip as she looks him over. "I like it. I mean, I'm glad it is not a Halloween name." She then smiles at Petra and the others. "I... I don't mean to um.. you know.. interrupt your night."

Nathan can only ignore the techno beat for so long; once the donuts are demolished he leans over and mutters something in Damian's ear that is probably "This music sucks; let's go get pizza." Damian is around! Inhaling candy and other things that are bad for him and talking to Nathan at the tables. "Okay." he says to whatever's murmured with a ridiculous grin, and gets up from the table, bundling up Stuff to throw away.

The spikey chick with the horns starts to follow Alex when he hops off the stage. He's finally got a groupie of his own!

St. Barbara leans against a nearby light, still smoking away, apart from the others. Half her attention is on the stage, the other half on the crowd of apparent friends chatttering away. Petra's outfit, when Barb notices it, definitely earns a smirk.

Darling approaches the stage, and her three bandmates on this particular evening as they loiter there at the foot of it, away from the real freaks. The drummer is still working off his pre-show jitters by stabbing and whacking the bass player with his sticks. For that he gets a smack upside the head from Darling and a cross look once she's in range. Some words are exchanged, but they aren't heated. Order is restored as the time grows nigh, or is now rather.

"That's right." Darling nods to Alex, before pointing up that way like she's just going to go on ahead and be first. A blaze of swishing red silk, she climbs up onto the stage with a hand from her guitar man, that's more for show than any real necessity. She goes for the mic, and they spread out and arrange themselves for sonic battle or something. Into that, if they get around to cutting the techno, she'll greet the audience. "Hey there. I'm Barbie and these are my ex boyfriends." They look a little dead.

Morgan shakes her head to Zoie. "It's no interruption. You're welcome." She looks around for Damian, and the probably-attached Nathan. Asides to Petra "If they're here, they won't stay long. Nathan hates techno."

Nathan is not /attached,/ but he is certainly nearby, and assisting with the cleanup, even though the techno is going away.

"Oh, he's definitely full-service," Petra says with a leer and a waggling of brows, but then adds, sadly, "...he still isn't gonna drive crazy, though. He wouldn't wanna hurt poor Clara." She nods her head to Morgan, shoving her hands into her pockets. "Well, his loss. Music's pretty awesome, synthesized or no." To Zoie, she asks, "You new in town, too, or we just ain't met yet?"

Kingston says to Petra, "Good to know I suppose." then to the rest of the assembled um....assembly, "So who is this Nathan bloke that you're hoping to catch before the techno drives him off?" Damian isn't attached either! At least, not till after trash is dumped away and he's on the way out with Nathan, chattering about nothingon the way.

Morgan finally spots Nathan and Damian, sees them heading out, and calls to them, waving. "NATHAN! DAMIAN!"

At Morgan's holler, the shorter and balder of the pair heading out turns at the sound of his name. His smile when he sees Morgan is... restrained, but he gives her a small polite wave.

"Oh, Nathan? Looks like Morgan's caught him. Bald fella. Hard to miss him, his shiny head, and his massive bling. Often seen with Damian, the other half of the dynamic duo," Petra explains for Kingston. "And you should totes meet Joel. I was kinda hopin' he'd show up... we got a thing goin' on where we're s'posed to dress up like this at once, but so far we've done it separately."

Zoie glances around and then starts to inch her way out of the park as well.

After a moment, Barb seems to come to a decision, flicking her cigarette out on the grass without bothering to snub it out. Forest fire! Or, well, just a little smoke there. Then she approaches the group of friends once more. "Any a' y'all go to Nu-Mex-U?" She asks casually. She doesn't seem the least bit shy about asking this to a bunch of strangers.

Kingston nods in the direction that Petra is indicating and offers a wave in the direction of the bald fellow with the excessive blingage. He seems about to say something when he spies Zoie starting to retreat and says "Taking off so soon?" with a smile. He then looks back to Petra and says, "Dynamic duo, Joel not holding up his end of the costuming bargain. With you so far."

Cole is up on a dias seperate from the preformance stage where there's been set up a DJ booth for KABQ radio. The sound guy gives him the thumbs up and then he's grabbing hold of his mic and pushing play on one of the sound boards. "Live three sixty five, down at High Land Park, girls, goblins and ghouls.. This is Cole Young and I'm all about the metaphor.. Tonight we're doing a very special, very live episode of the Hard drive.." His fingers roll across the discs of his double set turn tables, "And before you freaks get any funny ideas, you should get your sorry sacks off the couch and head down here for a little trick or treating in the park.. where the beers colds, the girls are scantly clad, and the music is happening, 'as you listen'." Adjusting one of the switches, he pulls his headphones over an ear, "Tonight KABQ is running live, but we're doing it for a cause.. Guitars for Guns. It's a local chariety organization that works out of St Laurance home for boys. So come on down and show your support. On this.. the night of evil, the night of sin.. baby.. woooo.. that's right. Halloween."

Damian slows to a stop with Nathan and, with something or other said quietly, starts in Morgan's direction with the guy, a broad smile for pretty much everyone on his face.

Zoie smiles a bit towards Kingston. "I don't think that it's my thing. I.. don't really know anyone here yet." She looks over at Petra and Morgan with a smile. Her eyes move over the area and then back with a shy sort of smile.

Morgan winces as Barb flicks the cigarette onto the grass, as the smoke rises. She steps back slightly. But then waves again to Nathan and Damian, her smile wide. She nods to Petra and says "yeah. Joel is like .. one of the best guys ever." She finally answers St Barb, nodding to her. "Postgrad Chem." The battle of the loudspeakers causes her another wince, and she gives evil looks to both the stages. Grrr.

And it being a shame for a dynamic duo to separate at this point, Nathan turns to accompany Damian, though his smile is much more reserved and skims over Morgan in favor of her friends somewhat. Zoie adds as her player just realizes she's still near the friend group. "I'm a dance major."

"Nah, I wouldn't say he hasn't held up his end. He held it up... but at a *different* costume party than I did. And here I am, doing my bit, but he's not to be found. Clearly we're the same person. I mean, admit it-- you've never seen the two of us in the same location. That, or the world just can't take that much concentrated awesome in one location." Petra tilts her head at Zoie then, and reaches into her purse again, pulling out another card. "I'm Petra. And this card is for Jai, the awesomest cabbie in town. That there's Kingston," with her finger pointed at the party in question. "Now you know people. I'm pretty sure that's how that works."

In behind and to the left of Darling on stage, Skinny Bobby leans into his standup bass and rocks slowly back and forth like he's slow dancing with the thing - and wants to do more, so much more with it when he gets it alone after the show. Her guitar man, we'll call him Slick on account of the shiny pompadour he's got, adjusts the height of his mic and gives a nod like he's ready to roll. Twitch settles in behind the drums, eager to put his sticks to proper use. He licks one of them, likes the taste and tries the other. That one he disapproves of.

Darling, for her part, takes front and center and provides a semblance of normalcy. She's already said her hello, and she's not shy. Her voice carries nice and clear, sweet as pie, confident as anything. "Yeah, I mighta killed them." Over her shoulder she looks to the drummer, nods. He does a three count on the cymbal and the music starts, bass heavy, drums thumping. "Funnel of Love." She announces, and she ain't lying; it is indeed the old Wanda Jackson song sped up a beat and psychobillied.

Morgan notices Nathan's reaction, and she simply closes her eyes, lowers her head slightly. When she opens them again, it's with a sad look, a resigned look. She simply asks him "Already?" But it's a rhetorical question, and she doesn't seem to need an answer. Instead, she turns to Zoie. "That's okay. Neither does Kingston. He's just arrived in town. Kingston, Zoie, these are Nathan and Damian. Great people, the pair of them." She offers her basket-o-treats in their direction.

Nathan says simply and with New Englandish reserve, "Nice to meet you."

Damian has at whatever's in Morgan's basket, no pun intended, and smiles happily, on cloud nine as usual. "Hello!" he offers the guy he's getting introduced to, grooving a bit to the music being played, "Nice to meet you!"

Alex comes to stand by the stage, just off to the side, both as bouncer (arms crossed and everything) and as audience, grinning to see the first band of the night start off. Looks like this event will be pretty awesome!

Glancing over, he doubletakes to see spikey chick with horns moving closer to him, and he gets a deer in headlights look. "Uhhhh, hi?" he offers over the music.

Zoie blushes and takes the card as she looks it over. There is a tip of her head and then a look at her shoes. "I will be sure to call him if I need a ride." Her lips curve a bit towards Petra. "Petra is a pretty name." Then she's smiling at the others around.

"Heeeellllloooooo." Horned and, when he gets a good look at her teeth, fanged lady says. She's sharp in all sorts of interesting ways. She comes to stand next to him. "Are you in a band?" she asks over the music, but is still rocking out to Darling in her own way. "Do you smoke? I need a cigarette so bad!"

Kingston extends a hand to Nathan and Damian respectively and offers up standard meeting-people-at-a-social-event greetings. "Likewise. Now after this the people I know in Albequerque is now screaming towards the double digits." to Zoie he says, "See now you have to hang about otherwise I'll be the newest person in town once again. "

Nathan shakes hands politely. "I'm afraid we were just leaving, but I'm sure we'll meet again."

Cole actually does have a cooler of beer up there with him too, so all they ney sayers who suggested he's drinking water on the air... well, he bites his thumb at you. Reaching down into the cooler, which he kicks open with a toe, he pulls out a nice cold rolling rocks and twists off the cap. "If you're just a couple minutes away, the first band is just coming on stage as we speak.. there's plenty of freaks out here to give everyone a smiley face." Pausing to turn the bottle up, he looks over to the sound guy and cants his head towards the stage, "Alright we've got live feed on the speakers system, so here's some live music, that you could be drunkenly cheering at, if you all weren't lazy bums sitting at home listening to me.." Switching over, he starts pumping Psychobilly Wanda Jackson over the airwaves.

Slick and Skinny Bobby helpfully produce some slightly bizarre backup vocals in the form of deep 'ba-oooooms' and falsetto 'OooOOoooohs' as they play their instruments. Twitch just beats the crap out of the drums. Darling? Yeah, she does the major lifting in the singing department. Her voice swings smoothly from angelic to rough edged, definitely not interested in doing a slow, ponderous and soft cover of the song. The band instead reaches deep into the rockabilly roots of it, rubs it in some weird and douses it in a little sinister for good measure. "Here I go / going down, down, down / my mind is a blank / my head is spinning around and around / as I go deep into the funnel of loOooove." The tattooed blonde sings. Whatever a funnel of love is, it sure does crazy thing to a gal.

Zoie watches the stage for a bit and then back towards Kingston when he talks to her. "I'm sure you wouldn't mind being new. I mean everyone has their first. You have yours right now. I'm just glad to be part of it."

Morgan covers her mouth with a giggle at Zoie's words, then she looks at Nathan again. She studies his face for a moment, then says quietly "Goodbye, Nathan." Her expression and intonation are somewhat loaded, as if she's saying something more than just the two words.

"Innit?" Petra asks Zoie ever so modestly, in regards to her name. "Zoie's not bad though, notgonnalie. Towns all over are filled with people with cool names, and ours does not disappoint. Welcome to the city, 'n shit. That there's Damian, that there's Nathan, that there's Morgan, you already met her. That chick up on stage is Barbie-- don't piss 'er off. You got a place to stay yet?"

"Sorry!" Damian offers politely while shaking Kingston's hand, "I'm sure we'll se you later though. Have a good night!" Smiles are hurled everywhere with reckless abandon and no thought to other people's safety.

Nathan turns away from Kingston and Morgan, giving the latter a grave and quiet nod, and heads out with his more exuberant companion. He does spare a glance for the stage, and the extremely high praise of "Not bad."

Alex instinctively leans very slightly away from the pointy and sharp lady, eyes wide. His eyes flick down her body...and the thought of laying down underneath all those pointy bits makes him cringe inwardly. But he gives her as disarming a smile as he can manage, arms folded over his chest. "Oh yeah! I played sousaphone in high school. We really knew how to rock the parades! You play?"

And yet, at her question, he pats at his pockets...and pulls out a rumpled and squish cig from his back pocket, offering that out to her, as well as digging out a lighter. "Enjoying yourself?" he asks, his body quietly rocking back and forth to the music. He's enjoying himself, at least. Good beats!

While a most awesome idea in theory, working a DJ booth is lonesome. Cole, being who Cole is, departs fishing out two more beers from his cooler, and the mic off the stand. "Going Gorilla journalist, Herb, don't wait up." Slipping beers into pockets of jackets, he elbows out into the crowd like the Baron Samedi himself. Intentionally, or maybe not so intentionally, or maybe indirectly intentionally by accident, trying to start a mosh pit.

Damian gives a last wave to anyone nearby that he has even the most remote chance of knowing or having sat next to at a bus stop, and wanders off with Nathan towards parking lot... and dooooooom.

Horned 'lady' smiles at Alex and takes his cigarettes, filching one, and then setting it to her lips and waits for a light. She laughs at his joke. "I play, but not music." Something about the fangs adds a lot more to the wicked of that statement. "We are having a great time." She nods towards her friends, like they might have been missed. "Traveled a long way to get here, trying to catch up to a friend."

Morgan sighs softly as Damian and Nathan leave, then turns and looks more cheerfully towards Zoie, Petra and Kingston. "Alright. So... you say you are studying dance, Zoie? Got to me more interesting than my own studies of how many benzene rings can oscillate on the head of a pin."

Kingston says, "And here I thought that benzene rings had no natura sense of rythm and couldn't oscillate if you paid them"

Darling will sing her way to the lead break without losing a bit of steam and Slick takes to the foreground to do some crazy guitar work that makes each note seem to creep and pluck at the ear like an aural spider tantalizing its prey. She sways, sinuous and quite possibly deadly to the music, eyes nearly closed and hands on the mic stand lest she drift away with the tune. Then, Slick takes a step back and she growls back into the song, "I tried and tried / to run and hide / I even tried to run away-ay-ay / Ya just can't run from the funnel of love... It's bound to get ya someday." It's a simple song, lyrically, and a few verse repetitions later it'll come to an end. Even as it does, Twitch will keep banging on those drums, wending his way into another song entirely. Filler. "Thank you."

Zoie smiles a bit to that as she looks around and then back to the others. "Oh I love all sorts of classes. I was discussing String Theory not that long ago. I just like music and dance, so it was a natural sort of selection. I bet you are amazing at your own choice of majors."

Cole is less moshing, and more getting pushed around, but hey he's drinking, so what does it matter! It's a party, afterall. And it's halloween, and this year, he's going as a battered husband. "Oh.. ouch.. ugh.." Stumble, coming out the other end of the crowd with his microphone held up, "Okay! The four one one as Young sees it. If you're not at Highland Park, you're doing it wrong.. Seriously, we've got live music, be-.. aww, my beer fell in.. Nope, here it is.." Pause for consumption. "We've got live music, beer, ladies, men, ghouls, goblins, freaks with tattooes, and plenty of candy to go around.. Get down here while the moon is still up because I'm ninty nine precent sure the world is going to end tomorrow. Do you really want to be the only sod in the afterlife that spent their 'last' halloween in albuquerque.." Boosh I spelled it right. "... sitting infront of a radio?"

Kingston grins. "And now we're into the hard science discussion so I'm going to be forced to resort to just smiling and nodding a lot. " Petra sways happily to the beat, though sometimes she puts on her fake SadFace for a moment or two. Really, she just can't keep it up. (That's what she sai-- wait, what?) She eyes Damian and Nathan as they leave, glances to Morgan, then turns her attention back to the stage. With her eyes still fixated there, she asks Zoie, "So what kinda dance you do? Ballet? Salsa? Somethin' else?"

Morgan grins at Kingston. "Bullshit." She turns to Zoie. "Whooo. String theory isn't for amateurs. Okay, you've got brains up there. And doing what you love is the best idea, really. I'm postgrad, actually, doing organic chem. Thus the whole joke about benzene rings." She looks over towards the guerilla reporter, then the band, before turning her attention back to her cluster of friends. Though anyone who passes them is offered a treat from her basket.

"Oh yeah? Must be a very interesting friend to travel for so long," Alex says with a nervous smile for the lady. He lights up her cig, and actually looks relieved as she wanders away to hang out with her friends again. He fans the smoke away from his face, and goes to applaud the folks on stage, letting out a loud whistle!

Zoie smiles towards Petra. "Yes." Then she gives a shy sort of smile. "I have learned all the dances so far. I do enjoy ballet as it is most elegant I think. However, I like the latin dances for fun."

Twitch drums out the beat to "Alone With You" by Faron Young, and Slick plays a few bars perhaps just to play around with the crowd - if anybody here is even old enough to catch on to the country classic. The next song that Darling and her ex boyfriends, mildly deceased, tackle is another older tune 'Johnny Remember Me' by John Leyton from 1961. Slick takes up the lead vocals, and the version they do keeps in line with The Meteors' cover. Reverb-y guitar, creepy ambiance and Darling providing the ghostly, fragile voice of Johnny's dead love. John-eeeee reeemember meeeeee! It's almost more fun than the previous song, but it'll be the last. "When the mist's a-rising / and the rain is falling / And the wind is blowing cold across the moor / I hear the voice of my darlin' / The girl I loved and lost a year ago..." And so on. When they wrap up, with Darling whispering a final "remember me" the band will simply pack up and walk off stage without another word. Done!

Haunting the exterior of the gathering there is a shadowy presence, not truely stalking, so much as coming upon the event with a practices sort of creepiness. All very dramatically halloweenish, all very intentionally done. Even addinng the occational sway as he comes closer to the thumping sounds of music, to the boisterous calls of drunks, and the conversational sounds of people having a good time.. or at leas ta time. The unlit cigar is chewed upon very expressively, one hand in the pocket of his dirty black trench coat, it comes out to adjust his tophat as he approaches. Or rather, as he simply appears. Because that is what the Baron would do. Where there was only shadows, now there is Deacon.

Kingston follows the conversation going on around his newfound group of friends though he can't help but spare a glance in the direction of the heavily modified individuals hanging out by the stage and the nervous vibe they seem to be inspiring in people. Returning his gaze to those around him he says, "Nonsense, I was a Poli-sci and literature major. I've virtually no pragmatic knowledge of any kind."

Blue Canary walks forward into the crowd, he presses a button on his chest and adjusts a few knods and the bright blue lights on his suit begin to flow and pulse with the music being played.. He looks around the crowd his blue lit gaze of justice surveys the crowd as if looking for someone!

Morgan notices Deacon on the edge of the crowd, shortly after the time he intends to become noticeable. She blinks in surprise - probably the desired reaction, and waves to him. Then bang! Flash! And her attention is drawn to the much showier arrival of the Blue Canary.

Blue Canary jumps up and down and waves enthusasticly when he sees Morgan and Petra.. hes tottaly missed Deacon.. but it must be hard to see through those glowing goggles.. he skips.. yes actuly skips over to where hes spotted his friends.

Zoie screams and jumps into Kingston, unless he moves, at the loud noises. She actually shrieks like a child and tosses her hands over her eyes. Then she peeks through the fingers to see who's coming with the flashing and banging.

As the group wanders offstage, Alex joins with the crowd in a quick applause, stepping up after they've stepped off. He's grabbing at the mic when there's that KABOOM, and he's one of the many who look over to the man who'd appeared in the smoke. There's laughter and applause from the crowd, echoed by Alex before he speaks into the mic, his clear voice catching attention from the onlookers.

"Everyone! This is All Hallows Rockin' Eve, 2008! Yeah!" Pause for the applause. "Thanks to you all for coming out, you're a damn frightening group, if I do say so myself. Please take a moment to donate if you can, all proceeds are going to the Oboes For All charity group, dedicated to putting instruments in the hands of the underprivileged, as well as providing musical scholarships for those who need them. Now before you all fall asleep...I'd like to welcome to the stage two of the most talented kids I've seen in years, Joey and Mason Willborn!"

Applauding, Alex steps away from the mic, pulling up two chairs for two kids, right about ages 10 and 12 who are lugging two huge cellos with the help of some stage hands. When they get set up, they nod to each other...and start into a low tune, that quickly rises in volume and intensity. The kids are /good/! Kingston seems about so say somethng pithy and then begins to follow Morgan's gaze but much like everyone else he looks in the direction of the large flashy banging as Blue Canary appears, He doesn't flich away when Zoie jumps into him and he pats her shoulder reassuringly.

Damian returns! Ambling into the park with an even stupider smile than usual.

Morgan turns to Kingston, and says "By the way - you're absolutely right. Poli Sci and literature? No pragmatic knowledge at all." She peers at the Blue Canary costume, and murmurs to Petra. "is that Lucid?" Then she turns back to where she last saw Deacon and tries to see him again so she can wave to him.

Deacon raises his bottle to Morgan's wave, extending a finger out to further add to the greeting. As usual, he's quiet on approach, though he does glance up towards the stage when Alex announces the charities, then back to the gathered masses of conversationalists. "Dasvidanya.." Quiet, hauntingly more so than usual, and then only once he's staggered close enough to group for the whispery words to be heard over the less whispery music.

"Poli-sci and literature? Those sound fun. Hell, that all sounds fun. Poli-sci, lit, dance, theatre, chem. Okay, maybe not chem as much, but kinda! It'd be fun if there weren't all that thinkin' to be done, y'know." Petra is also startled by the sudden KABOOM, and just STARES at Blue Canary for several long seconds before returning her attention to the stage.

Zoie blushes as she looks up at Kingston. "Sorry, it um.. startled me." She pauses and looks all apologetic at Morgan too. "I didn't mean to jump into him."

Blue Canary bobs to a halt next to Morgan and Deacon and friends.. he is grinning to beat shit.. he waves to everyone enthusasticly.. blue glowing patterns exploding over the surface of his guantlets and costume as he bounds to a halt.

Darling and her ex boyfriends, the skeleton crew, take off towards the parking lot. Twitch is already stabbing Skinny Bobby with his drumsticks again, and Bobby - lugging a standup bass can't really defend himself. He just squawks instead. Slick veers off to try and convince a random mildly-impressed-with-his-performance girl to tag along to the magical land of the back of his van. Darling patiently endures them, smiling to herself all the while, barring the time she directs that smile to the gang of people, Petra et all she passes. "Bye y'all. I've been promised candy."

Kingston looks to Zoie and says, "No worries. You'd be surprised at how little a problem I tend to have with pretty girls leaping into me when strange men in blue costumes explode nearby." he smiles and says, "There, I think I can rest assured that I'm very likely the only person in the whole of Albequerque who uttered that precise sentence tonight."

Morgan laughs and nods to Kingston. "I'm sure of it." She shakes her head to Zoie. "No problem. I don't own him. Feel free to leap into his arms." She turns to Deacon, smiles warmly. "Dasvidanya." Her accent is improving. "Deacon, this is Kingston, newly arrived. And Zoie, also newly arrived. Kingston, Zoie, this is Deacon."

Blue Canary gestures dramaticly and a powerful robotic voice eminates from the modual on his chest "Hi Morgan.. Hey Deacon! did you see that! those explosives realy pack a walop!" as various displays light up and indicate diffrent readouts.

Zoie blushes deeper, though it could be because of the pretty girl comment. "I just.. I'm.." She has nothing. Her eyes widen in that innocent manner that wars with her outfit. "Thank you for the um.. protection." She nods her head. "I always like to have protection when strange men are around." She then looks at the others and her eyes widen at Morgan. "I was not jumping into his arms. That would be wrong. I mean not that I think that jumping into his arms is wrong. Not that I mean I'm too good for him because that isn't it. I mean he's perfect for anyone. I mean not that we are talking about that." That whole conversation comes out in one breath before she looks at Deacon and blushes. "Hi."

Kingston blinks briefly and says, "Okay this conversation has gone to a whole wierd area here." he then extends a hand towards Deacon and says, "Anthony Kingston, nice to meet you."

"You may be the only person who's uttered that sentece in the whole of human history," Petra informs Kingston. She brightens as she finally spots Deacon, waggling her fingers at him. "Yo, Dekes!" she greets. She gives Zoie a nice long stare at her verbal assault, and then her lips curve into a wide grin.

Deacon comes upon this conversation, staggering slightly, though he's very clearly not drunk.. if the sharp focus of his dark eyes is any indication. The assembled get a collective wave, but a couple get more pointed greetings. Petra, a half grin of white painted lips, "Hello Petra." To Zoie the grin disappears, but he does nod to her greeting, and finally Kingston. "Ah, da. Tracey is telling me she is meeting you." Dipping his head slightly, "I am Deacon."

Zoie frowns a bit at Kingston's comment and then Deacon's lack of smile for her. There is an uncomfortable silence as she shifts her weight. Then there is a step taken backwards and then another. Thank you for voting for Deacon and Blue Canary. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Blue Canary checks his chest fiddling with several controls a robotic voice asks from his chest "Is my invisabilitron on?"

Morgan picks a treat out of her basket and hands it to the Blue Canary. Another for Deacon. Then she hands one to Zoie.

Kingston nods to Petra at her observation and says, "I strive to be unique." with a grin before turning his attention to Deacon and says, "Yes, Trace mentioned you when I bumped into her and said that you were a useful sort to get to know." he takes a moment and as he notices Zoie withrdrawing he turns to her and says, "Oh, I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention to give offense. I was teasing."

Damian and his facepaint wander through halloween crowds, looking absolutely bliss filled, and probably also junk food filled.

Deacon tilts his head slowly at Zoie, craning it over towards his shoulder like a bird sitting on it's perch. His hand comes up and hooks a finger around the cigar between his teeth and pulls it free, then there's a moment of confussion for a player who is 'TERRIBLE' at huge scenes. Looking between Morgan and Lucid, the pair recieve a wink and a small wave. The treat is slid into his pocket. "Useful. Da, I suppose I am useful." His accent is a german russian blending. Glancing back over his shoulder, he motions around the gathered with his cigar, "Trace is around here somewhere, I am going to go find her.. if she comes up, tell her to come find me.. eventually, we both will be meeting somewhere in middle."

Morgan smiles at Deacon. "Then take this for Trace." She hands him another treat from the rapidly emptying basket. Pauses, then hands the Canary another one, knowing Lucid. "And no, your invisibilitron isn't on." She doesn't notice Damian's re-arrival yet - probably will when she's not so distracted.

"Cool beans," Petra says with a nod for Deacon, and the player is ALSO bad at big scenes. "If you see Jai, send him my way. He said he might be stoppin' by, but I'm not sure he will be. Cabbinatin's serious business on Halloween 'n all."

Zoie shakes her blonde head. "It's okay. I should probably go as it is. I'm.. there is no harm done." She smiles shyly towards the people. Her eyes fall to her hands where Morgan gave her a treat. "Thank you."

Blue Canary takes the second treat and smiles he nods to Deacon and points over that 'way' when he mentions Trace and he peers at Zoie and asks shyly "I kn-kn-know you d-d-dont I?"

Kingston nods to Zoie and says in his languid Knightsbridge accent . "If you are departing then have a good rest of the holiday and I hope to bump into you again at some point. Again, I am sorry if my sarcasm offended. As I said, opposite of my intention."

Deacon nods to both Petra and Morgan, "Da, I will." Pocketing the treat for Trace. Offering the others a nod, the Baron turns away and slips into the crowd, and disappears like a ghost after turning a shoulder to move between two people. When they pass, there is no more shadowy figure.

Morgan smiles knowingly to herself, and murmurs "He's a perfect Baron Samedi." She waves to Zoie. "I hope to see you again. Probably around campus, hmm?"

Damian's wandering has him going through places he's already been tonight, which is handy because there's people he knows there! He starts towards Petra, grinning his happy happy grin.

Zoie nods her head. "I work at Kiva coffee, you could come by when I'm work.." Then she is distractePostgrad Chem.d by the Blue Canary. "Do you go to the classes at the university?"

"No shit?" Petra asks Zoie. "That's fuckin' k-rad. I work at the Apothecary, so I'm sure I'll see ya around. I bet you know Liane. And Zack 'n Katie. Fuckin' weird and yet awesome. Well, I'll see ya." She grins quite broadly when she notices Damian, and waves her arm at him wildly to catch his attention, even though it's already caught.

Morgan grins at Zoie. "Well. Then you already know a bunch of the good folks, and where to find the rest." She turns to Kingston. "Kiva Coffee's an interesting place to hang around." She turns to see who Petra's waving at, then stage-whispers "Between him and Lucid, my basket's going to empty." She offers the basket to the rest in the group, as if offering them a final chance at the treats.

Blue Canary smiles at Zoie blushing a little he trys to maintane eye contact with her he says softly "cor I w-w-w-wish, b-b-but before I can s-s-start my d-d-doctoral work I g-g-got to get a bunch of p-p-p-proffsors to sign off wavers on my freshman st-st-studies."

Damian ambles up and slings an arm around Petra to lean happily. "Hi." he says beamingly to pretty much everyone altogether. Easier that way.

Zoie nods to Petra. "I um.. know Liane from New York. I met her husband the other day. Zack and Katie are my employers. I.. I don't know them well." She smiles towards Kingston a bit before she twirls a piece of hair and looks to the others. "I'd be happy for you to come Morgan. Liane is cooking." Then she's back to the BC. "You have to sign off on freshmen to do your doctorate? May I ask your age?"

Kingston nods once more to the now returned Damian before acknowleging Morgan's observation. about the coffeehouse. "Excellent. I was starting to wonder if this town actually had a coffee shoppe of the non-Starbucks variety."

Morgan waves the basket at Zoie, Petra and Kingston with a 'one last chance' air. Once they've accepted or denied treats, she looks at Damian and Lucid. "You may each have half of what's left." The witching hour looms near.

"Well hello thar!" Petra greets Damian, and reaches a hand over to ruffle at his dreads. "Your spots are redonkulously cool," she informs him, with a gesture toward his facepaint. "If I hadn't already caked on my own version of facepaint, I might have to try and one-up ya. But your coolness is safe now." To Zoie, she says, "Oh, New York, too? Fuck, dude, you're just FULL o' coincidences, ain't ya? 'Course, that means ya owe me a dollar. Everyone from New York or Texas owes me a buck. That's how that shit works." She then says to Kingston, "Yeah, Kiva Coffee... it's an extension of Laura's Herbal Apothecary. I can getcha a card... keep some around for occasions like this."

Blue Canary smiles at Morgan and happily snatchs up half of the treats to add to his candy bag he answers Zoie distractedly "e-ei-ighte...Cough.. A-a-ahh tw-wetny two?" he sounds more like hes asking and he turns to peer at her "W-w-why who said? Who asked? h-h-have there been people asking?"

Damian lans to headbutt Petra with his sparkly dreadhead, and smiles his thanks at both she and Morgan while having a treat from the basket. "Thank you!" The smile is turned on Kingston then a polite 'hello again!' look, which then goes on to Blue Canary and Zoie.

Eighteen, Zoie gets it. She then fishes in the top of her corset. Zoie pulls out a thin wallet and pulls out a dollar. She holds it like it is her entire life savings and then offers it over to Petra. Nothing gullible here.

Morgan laughs softly at Lucid's behaviour, and then reaches over to ruffle Damian's hair. There's a resigned sadness to that, for some reason.

Blue Canary blinks behind the glowing blue goggles and looks around a bit nerviously and makes a soft meww of distress and wrings his hands once before looking back and bitting his lip he says softly "L-l-lucid never been to school before.. b-b-but is very bright.." he nods agreement with his own words "b-b-but before I can teach them anything a-a-at the univ-v-versity they have to j-j-jumo through hoops.. N-n-no I have to jump through h-h-hoops."

Kingston watches Zoie and then back to Petra "Do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, Petra but I don't think that her statement about owing her a dollar if you're from New York counts as a legally binding contract, Zoie." he says with a good natured grin.

"It ain't legally binding," Petra confirms, even as she accepts the dollar. "But it's like, socially binding, in that I will mock you mercilessly if you don't comply. It's a hazard, yo." She snaps the dollar tautly in her hands, then considers Zoie for a moment before saying, "Althooooough... I could be talked into givin' this back, if'n you were willing to cover a shift for me sometime if I need it. Just sayin'. I'm a business opportunist." She then smiles warmly at Damian and asks, "How it be, my little lambchop?"

Zoie watches the dollar get taken away with a show of sadness in those big green eyes. Then she smiles and looks towards Kingston. "It's okay, I mean she um.. said it was needed right? I don't need to be outcasted any more." Her lips curve before she looks back towards Petra. "I .. I'm not sure I can take shifts. You work at a different store than me. I'd have to ask the Kings if it is okay." Then she looks towards Lucid. "Oh. I .. you must be smart."

Morgan smiles warmly at Zoie, and says "Just say 'yes, I'll do it if the Kings are okay with it'."

Blue Canary smiles a Zoie looking down a little while he blushes.. then realizing where that puts his gaze he turns bright red and looks back up, he opens his mouth and goes to speak at first nothing comes out and then finaly softly in a squeak he says "s-s-so they tell me, w-w-would you like peice a candy?" his voice bashful.. and he looks like he might faint.

Kingston arches an eyebrow in concern over Zoie's distress over losing that one dollar and gives her a look of genuine curiosity but not one that is anyway patronizing, though he says nothing lest he accidentally embarass her once again. He then returns to watching the conversation drift back adn forth.

Damian squishes Petra in a hug and says, "I'm great, just wandering around a little more before I go home. Happy holliday thingie and all of that." A smoosh to her head as well. He may possibly have been drinking. "I'll see you guys later, I'm gonna go get another donut and drive home."

Hugs! Petra hugs Damian right back, and then ruffles his dreads one last time as he gets ready to leave. "Okie dokie. I'll see ya around. Stop by sometime, yeah? I got a thing for ya." She reaches out to squeeze his shoulder before letting go and turning her attention back to Zoie. "Well, I tell you what. You just owe me, like, a life debt. In the meantime, here's yer dollar back. No mockery for you. Win!"

Blue Canary smiles at Damian and asks "Peice of c-c-candy?" offering him some of his bag..

Zoie stares in horror at the dollar being exchanged for a life debt. In fact, the girl looks almost ready to sob. She takes the dollar back and tucks it back where Lucid's eyes were just at. She nods her head to Petra. "Oh...okay." She smiles but it's more nervous and less sincere now. She then looks back towards Lucid. "I'm not sure about candy. I have to watch my weight for dance lifts."

Reenter Baron, with horde..well, one zombie does not a horde make, but when that Baron is Deacon and that horde of one is Trace, it balances itself out. Hand on the back of the hackers neck, he walks behind her with his eyes staring forward with a creepy absent to them, and a deathlike stare. Ahead of him, at the end of his arm, clutched in his hand, Trace shambles, dragging one leg behind herself with the toes turned outward. One arm hangs at her side, the other is held out ahead of her, and the Lou of the Dead motions her back towards the gathering of familiar faces with a stroke of his index finger against the side of her neck.

Blue Canary owwss and his eyes go very wide behind the goggles and he asks "C-c-carrot?" nerviously, since its the first thing he can think of.. he shuffles his feet blushing a little.. 'ahh' he bites his lip "I l-l-like your costume, Lewis carroll w-w-was a pedaphile.. w-w-well thats what the internet says.." he sort of nerviosuly shuffles from one foot to the other.

Kingston seems a bit relieved that Zoie got her dollar back. He then looks back to the remainder of the crowd and offers Trace and Decon as they approach. "Evening. I see you found your quarry." then to Trace he says, "How've you been, Trace?"

"Thanks, Morgan." Damian says for the treat, and headbutts Petra again before wandering off to wherever he's wandering off to.

"Huuuurrrrgggghhh," Trace says to Kingston. Her jaw hangs open to one side and her eyes are blank and glassy.

Morgan smiles warmly at Trace and Deacon as they approach. "Hello you two." She then turns to Lucid. "Bad move. Besides, the internet says that any adult male who likes being around children is a paedophile - even if they happen to be just a person who likes watching kids learn and grow. Dr Seuss. Bill Cosby. Just about any paediatrician or child psychologist or psychiatrist." She turns to Zoie, then, and smiles. "Petra's teasing you. You're fine. Really."

Zoie smiles at Lucid until that last comment. Her jaw unhinges before she looks at her short outfit and then back to him. She has nothing for the moment and then coughs. "Well um... he.. wrote good books?"

Deacon doesn't wave, not with Trace with him, not with them both channeling the spirit of their costumes. Oh no. Deacon turns slowly to survey the expanse of bodies that have not yet ventured into his domain, while stroking a finger down the neck of Trace, who very clearly has.

"Seriously," Petra agrees with Morgan, on all points. "Though, admittedly, lotsa pedos take jobs around kids for that reason. Still... most of the people who get called pedos without any reason other than 'they like kids' are prolly totally innocent. It's like, you know, assuming everybody who volunteers at the old folks' home is into granny shaggin'." She watches Damian go before turning her attention back to Zoie. "Ya don't owe me a lifedebt dude, damn. You may be in for some light mockery though, cuz that's just how I roll." She pauses as she notes Trace and Deacon, looking seriously creeped out for a moment before suddenly grinning, so perhaps that first reaction was acting. "Nice costumes," is her greeting.

Blue Canary has the good forsight to look embarased and starts to say something about doctors being evil and then actuly manages to realize this might not be better he says "umm, ah well.. M-m-morgan says its not true so.. Ah.. I.. er do yuo fuderwack?"

"Huuurrr... Braiiiins..." Trace shambles a little way towards Petra, then frowns and shakes her head. Then she changes direction towards Lucid, arm held out. "Braaaiiinnnsss..."

Morgan looks at Trace, then actually bends over, laughing. She snickers, reaches a hand up, and braces herself on Kingston.

Deacon manages not to laugh at Trace's antics... with surprising ease, actually. Though he does follow only a step behind her, hand on her neck, as if he's channeling life into the living dead. The cigarette clutched between his curled fingers is brought up to chew between his teeth as they move closer to Lucid, on whom he fixes that dead stare.

Zoie watches as Trace changes her mind and gives a soft chuckle. She can enjoy humor in that. "Hey.. blue, you should protect your brains." She puts a hand out to try and protectively pull poor Lucid back from the zombie.

Petra laughs at Trace's change of mind, and with a wide grin, asks, "Now where's a motherfuckin' shotgun when I need one? Zoie. You look like you might be packin' heat. Care to cash in that lifedebt? I needs me some FIREPOWAH."

Kingston seems about to weigh in on the whole Lewis Carroll conversation but is distracted from this goal by the lumbering Trace shuffling about howling for brains. He can't surpress a snort himself and then genuinely laughs aloud at what he sees though his laughter doesn't reach quite the fervor of Morgan's.

Blue Canary turns and Looks at Trace who isnt scary to him simply ever.. but when his eyes lift to meet Deacons there is a bit of fear there.. though rationaly he knows the man would probly never hurt him his heart beat skips a few beats and he takes a step back as Zoie grabs him.. if she pulls he easily moves that direction.. he lets out a little eeeecCCkkk! half joking half genuinely scarred for a momment!

Trace waves her dirty hands in the air for a moment and then she moves back a little, watching Lucid. A glance towards Deacon with a slightly raised eyebrow and a moment of un-zombie-like expression. Then she shuffles to the side of 'The Baron' and turns so that she's facing side-ways on to the others. Hands get held out to the back and front as she takes a step... to those in the know? She's starting the Thriller dance.

Morgan grins at Petra for some reason, and reaches into a concealed pocket in her dress. She hands Petra... a magic wand? Yes, it looks for all the world like a wand. A rod of polished wood, capped at both ends with bronze.

Deacon steps right up beside Trace, letting his hand fall down off the back of her neck as he does so. Turning to look at her, he falls right instep with her jaunting forward. Both hands go down onto his knees as he slow steps towards Lucid, left.. right. His hand swing out in claw form towards the right, then left. The pair moving in junction through the steps.

Oh well this isnt scarry at all this is Michael jackson! Lucids eyes get big and he giggles claping he allmost hops up and down as he realize the scary guy is just Deacon and not a brain eater disguised as Deacon.. he turns and smiles at Zoie and says softly "th-t-thats thriller.. th-thi-thriller night.."

Zoie pauses and actually hops up and down in those four inch heels. "Can I do the thriller with you?" She looks all hopeful at the zombies. She then looks over at the others and puts a hand over her mouth with a wince. "I'm sorry."

"Hurrrrr?" Trace says. She does make a little beckoning motion at Zoie though as she continues to dance with Deacon. It's not amazingly good - there are a few mistakes here and there and it's obvious she's not a trained dancer, but it gets the point across.

Petra blinks a bit at Morgan, accepting the wand and looking it over. "Pretty fuckin' awesome," she tells her, as she looks it over before waving it menacingly in Trace's direction. "You hear that, Zombie Lady? I gots me some PROTECTION now." She also blinks at Zoie before shaking her head and asking, "Why you apologizin', lady? Get to the dancin'! Show off that there college education you workin' on!" She halfway starts to take part in the dancing, though with a decidedly more mopetastic edge to it as befits her costume, and quite a bit more lazy: she only does the steps she can do while standing in place, and that don't take too much movement.

And Deacon barely even knows what he's doing, to be honest. Still, he follows Trace's motions almost perfectly, entirely to precisely, even motioning for Zoie to join them at the same time. Shuffle shuffle, snap, as the dance become an epidemic.. as it does.

Morgan grins at Petra and waggles her fingers in a mystic gesture. Then she, too, joins the dance. Celtic Priestess Triller Zombie. Yeaaaahhhh.

Blue Canary chest starts pumping out the thriller song picking up in the dancer where it is allready and he also does the thriller dance... BADLY at lest it might be thriller? his ungaingly limbs sort of go everywhere like a drunk spider thats been spun around real fast.

Zoie moves through the steps close to flawlessly. Her hands out before she moves through the zombie dance. Her eyes turn to watch the others. There is some squeak of happy that comes from her.

More people dancing the Thriller! Trace's job here is done. The dance continues to spread as more people notice it, and soon there are a few more knots of people shuffling and boogying like zombies in the park. The little zombie-hacker then stops dancing, glances up at the sky, and over to Deacon. Then she shuffles to him with the same dead-legged gait as before.

Deacon shifts slightly and cants his head over towards one side as the small zombie hacker stops dancing. As Trace dead legs towards him, he turns so that she can pass by and puts his hand back on the back of her neck. Fingers curling slowly around her shoulders as they shuffle, stagger, away from the spreading infection that is the Thriller dancing festivity goers.

Morgan's Thriller Dance is ... average. She's not a dancer, she's also not *totally* inept and clueless. She notices Zoie's skill with it, and starts to take her lead. When she notices Deacon and Trace leaving, she waves to them - but doesn't chase after them or anything. If they want to go, they can go.

Petra works swishing the wand around into her half-assed Thriller Dance, and it is indeed contagious. Trace and Deacon, she offers wand-swishing and waggling fingers to as they start to head out. "Halloween is the best holiday EVAR," she informs all and sundry.

Blue Canary isnt a very good dancer but he is enthusastic in his attempt!

Zoie moves through the steps with grace. In fact, she smiles in happiness of dancing. She wiggles her hips and bit to the movements. Her eyes watch the others thoughtfully as they dance. Morgan smiles at Petra, and winks at her, indicating the wand with a point of her chin.

As quickly as she began it, Petra is all done with Thriller dancing, mid-step. She grins over at Morgan, offering the wand back with a grateful nod of her head. "Looks like it worked, too," she comments. "No sign of evil zombies anywhere."

Morgan takes the wand back, smirking, and tucks it back into the concealed pocket. "You're right! No evil zombies." She smiles at Petra, looks at Zoie. "Just evil Alices."

Blue Canary frowns at Morgan as he shuffles to an end with dancing since everyone seems to be winding down and says protectively "I t-th-think shes a p-p-p-perfectly n-n-nice Alice!"

Zoie pauses easily but she totters on those heels. Swing. Sway. The balance is caught though. "I'm not evil." She shakes her head a bit to that as she gives a bright smile to the others.

"Noooo evil zombies at all," Petra agrees, despite a few people still doing the Thriller dance around them. "As for Alice, it depends on if we get the axe-crazy American McGee Alice or the confused little girl Alice. So let me ask you, Zoie: are you axe crazy? I must warn you that Morgan's packin' heat."

Morgan pats her skirt where the wand-pocket is, and waits for Zoie's answer.

Zoie stares at Petra. "Why does everyone ask me if I'm an axe murderer?" She pauses to consider this and then she smiles. "I don't have one, no." Innocent green eyes stare at the girls.

"Aha!" Petra says, pointing a finger at Zoie. "You deny owning an axe, but not being a murderer OR being axe-CRAZY! I see your dodge and raise you a finger of accusation! I see right through you, girly girl." All this is said with a wide and friendly grin, despite the words.

Blue Canary just sort of wilts to the sideline not having much social stamina he shuffles his feet around and adds hepfuly "y-y-yah n-not an axe murderer.." hes quickly sinking out of his depth..

Morgan smiles at Zoie, and says to Petra. "I think you're scaring her again." She grins at Zoie, and says "There's this .. gothic Alice thing where Alice is an axe murderer. Petra - and probably other people - are probably referring to that."

Zoie stares wide eyed at the people. She looks around the area as she looks over the others. "I..." She pauses. "I um... don't kill people." She grins a bit at that softly.

Petra runs a hand through her poofed-up hair, smiling faintly. "Yeah, what Morgaine here said. It's that Alice-y axe murder thing I'm referrin' to. Prolly everybody else who said it was, too, or they were just trynna be clever. Whatevs."

Blue Canary interjects smilling "Im a superhereo I d-d-dont kill people neather!"

Morgan smiles at Zoie, and nods. "I didn't think so." She looks into her basket, says "Damian left some treats if anyone wants them." Zoie smiles at Lucid a bit. "I'm sure that you don't."

Petra purses her lips as she looks into the treat basket, but then she shakes her head again. "Nay, thrice have I refused you, and thrice will I refuse you again! I'm pretty sure that, like, makes me safe from your machinations now or something. I might even be able to shrug off the fell wand." She flexes her unimpressive muscles, then says, "That said, I better skedaddle before you bring out your even bigger wand, or Schwartz, as I call it. Nice meetin' ya, Zoie, and I'll see y'all another time."

Blue Canary waves to Petra and asks shyly "say hai t-t-to Jai f-f-for me?"

Morgan laughs at Petra, and says "I'm sure Lucid will empty my basket for me." She waves to her. "Catch you at the shop sometime."

Zoie waves her fingers towards Petra. "I should probably go as well." She shifts her weight.

"I totally will," Petra promises Lucid, and then nods her head to Morgan. "Stay safe, 'n shit." Zoie gets nodded to, and then Petra starts heading out of the park, going back into fake mope mode.

Blue Canary turns at looks at Zoie and looks sad he says "Oh.. ah.. umm was nice seeing y-y-you.." he blushes and waves a little to her shuffling his feet in place.

Morgan smiles, and empties her treat basket into Lucid's bag, then heads out as well. "See you all later."

Blue Canary owws his eyes going big.. at lest he gets candy!

Zoie pauses at the stuttering and then smiles at Lucid. "I liked your costume. You could um.. come by Kiva sometime."

Blue Canary perks up a little smilling, though he blushes all the harder he says bashfuly "th-th-thanks, I m-m-made it myself.." he bites his lip "y-yeah id Like that."

Zoie watches the others slip off. "I um... you want to um.. walk me to the hotel. I don't really have a place to stay." There is a pause. "You aren't looking for a room mate are you?"

Blue Canary nods a little and looks down at his feet and says shyly "y-y-yeah actuly.. had t-t-ta move out of traces place.. m-m-my place is k-k-kind of to big... its l-l-lonely.. Oh.. I could uncover some m-m-mirrors and make a d-d-dance space for you t-t-to practice.. umm but you m-m-might not like it.."

Zoie arches her brows. No one has actually said yes to the roomie thing. "How much would you charge me and do you have a lot of roomies?" She blinks a few times at him to this bit of information. Blue Canary shakes his head "j-just me.. trace drops in n-n-now and then to check up on m-m-me.. oh well st-still b-b-building a bathroom.. but its f-f-free.. but cant t-t-tell everyone w-w-where it is.. s-s-sectrect Lair!"

Zoie blinks to this. She actually looks around for a camera around her. Surely this is a secret camera moment. "It's free? Wait.. it doesn't have a bathroom? How.. how do you shower?"

Blue Canary says, "Oh.. I y-y-ouse the campus showers in the d-d-dorm across the way.." he smiles"

Zoie stares at him a few moments and then takes a breath. "Well.. I don't want to go look in four inch heels, maybe like.. later we can go look at it and I can see if I want to move in?"

Blue Canary nods a little smilling "w-walk you home anyway so its s-s-safe. if you w-w-wana cahnge and come see it or another t-time thats c-cool.. im right on campus.."

Zoie pauses for a moment to that. "I guess, I can um.. see it now." She shrugs a bit.

Blue Canary nods a little and looks down at your feet and says "Oh k-ky but we better take a c-c-cab then."

<End For LOG -- There is more, but I promised not to post where his secret lair was. That's right bitches. I know where Lucid's lair is. I have unmasked the superhero>