Highland Park Parking Lot

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Highland Park -- Parking Lot -- Albuquerque

 Sedate rows of parking spaces mark the entrance area of the park; new pavement has replaced the asphalt damaged by the earthquakes. Islands of greenery are formed by flower beds and long stretches of grass. A few cottonwood trees seem to have managed to weather the earthquakes, leaning over the lot and providing shade for the cars. A metal sign which reads "Park Hours -- 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. No Loitering!" hangs slightly askew on a pole and is ignored.

 The pool, damaged beyond repair, has been permanently shut down and the building demolished. A small community center has been erected in its stead, a board affixed to one of its walls advertising various events, classes, and activities. A poster sponsored by the City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Department describes the Sandia Swimming Pool, located just beyond the campus of Sandia High School, at 800-900 North Eubank Blvd.

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The community center:

This squat building is actually surprisingly spacious. Large rooms within are used for various classes, such as yoga, belly dancing, ballet, martial arts, etc. The neighborhood association meets here every month. Raffles, bingo games, and bake sales keep the community center in good shape.

The basketball court:
The new basketball court sits over the section of ground once housing the ill-fated pool. Vigorous bouncing and slam-dunking has already forced some hairline cracks onto the pavement. The basketball court sees a lot of use during the day. At night, it is illuminated by a single strobe light.

The restroom facilities:
This nondescript building houses the park's restroom facilities. Smelling vaguely of mildew and Tilex, the restrooms appear to be rather creepy. Little children often beg their parents to accompany them within the darkened interior.

Pool Graffiti:

Painted on one cracked side of the pool is an intricate mural, primarily in greens, blues, and oranges. It depicts the Earth, elongated at one end where it's being sucked into a canister vacuum cleaner. Scaling the surface of the Earth is a giant roach. It's signed in bubble script, "Lm0", with a line through the 0.