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Name: Natsuki Yazawa
Natsuki Doorway.jpg

Nationality: United States
Occupation: Clock Maker
Demeanor: Rebel
Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Nickname: Nat, Summer, or Gears

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • Do you need a watch or clock repaired? Natsuki is your girl for traditional clockwork devices.
  • Are you into books? So is Natsuki!
  • Do you like good teas? Natsuki tends to hang out at the Apothecary for that.
  • If you like computers, you are in luck because Natsuki is a bit of a computer whiz.
  • Motorcycles! Sport bikes and dirt bikes and cruisers, oh my!
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Long black hair, falling to waist length, is Natsuki's most memorable trait. Lustrous and scintillating it has that oft-coveted blue-black hue, but its own weight makes it flatten out on top and hang in arrow-straight tresses with little body or bounce. The effect is rather like a midnight waterfall that frames the young Japanese woman's moon-pale visage, strands trickling and spilling in rivulets over the stems of her round wire-frame glasses. Beyond her lenses can be seen a pair of sanguine eyes closer to the color of dark rubies than anything so bland as the word 'brown'. Her small nose is down turned, and in profile flat, as is typical of her Japanese heritage. High cheekbones swoop steeply into a narrow chin as her face is completed by lips so full they almost seem out of place on her diminutive features.

Allies and Contacts
Morgan Court Zane
Big sister. When the word 'friend' is just not strong enough.
It's not like that... even if I do walk through fire for him.
Am I just too trusting? I already feel like I can rely on you.
Liane Gareth Quentin
Bibliophiles Unite!
You are my friend: Whenever I talk to you I understand we are neither of us alone
Interesting guy.
Irony is something for the humanities But you and I both seem to know the human side in science.
Jubal Harshaw?
As far as your social experiment, I'm game. But am I the social, or the experiment?
Katie Damian Darling
Primal Cuteness
Such a sweet person I want to become closer.
Nice guy
I find myself talking to you It is almost like I cannot help it.
Street Bard
A voice like an angel I could listen endlessly.
Petra Peter Verdiana
Always Nice
I see you everywhere So close, yet so far away.
Predator in out midst
Brute yet intriguing It is just a commission, nothing more... right?
A fellow Artist
Fiery, creative, and lovely I am glad to be on your good side.
Marlena Jesse Rocky
Time. Supposedly it heals all wounds.
Is it lonely? I once was something like you.
This one is fun! It is certainly nice to have friends.

People That I Used To Know

Beck Joan
Motorcycle Matron.