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Name: Quentin Cyrus Kensington

Nationality: Princeton, New Jersey
Occupation: Associate Professor of Anthropology and Theology at UNM
Demeanor: Autist, but at least he makes eye contact
Apparent Age: mid to late 20's

Nickname: Jubal Harshaw

"We were better off as an egrarian society, where machinery was magic and those who could wield it were gods. I don't know if Jules Verne made us or destroyed us, but either way, I probably just got cancer listening to some spoiled kid's daddy whine about how college is just too much pressure. Really? Then I suggest your son try something less time consuming than college and more challenging than pot smoking. I hear Star Trek is hiring another round of red shirts. Damned transporters. Still, I do take a certain Dickensian relish in watching the surplus population decreased on a weekly basis, even if it's just re-runs. Has anyone ordered yet?"
''Quentin to Marlena and Natsuki

"I was really kind of kidding about that. Do you know what that does to your skin over the long term? I thought a girl like you would moisturize."
Quentin to Natsuki
RP Hooks
  • He teaches at UNM! So, if you're affiliated with the school, that's a good way to start.
  • Interested in Anthropology, Theology, Mythology, Occult, obscure or counter cultures? THUMBS UP
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Standing at just barely over 6 feet in height, Quentin is a thin man looking to be in his mid twenties. Black hair, combed back and held in place with a keen observance of gel, gives one a good look at that obvious but not overly pronounced widow's peak that the man's hairline sports thanks to genetics. Cut short in back and on the sides with the finesse of a razor's application at the borders, it allows for that well controlled crop of darkness on top to take center stage.
Matching dark eyebrows hover over deepset hazel eyes that have more yellow and green mixed in than blues and browns. Amber fire burns there in those eyes, a quiet intensity that seems ever vigil. They look out from a face that, while patrician in nature with high cheekbones and a long jaw, seems just a little bit too bland, or not chiseled enough, to truly be called handsome. His mouth, often set into a firm line of concentration, is encircled by a meticulously well groomed goatee of midnight black, short and neat and precise. His complexion, while on the paler side, seems a matter more of genetics than of lack of time out of doors.
When he does speak, Quentin's voice is a quiet baritone that does not require volume to be heard. As with his overall demeanor, there is something about him that goes beyond the not quite handsome features. In his eyes, in his voice, in the manner in which he carries himself with a stance of utter calm and complete focus, Quentin carries about him a presence of intensity that, for better or worse, seems to create a kind of magnetism all its own.

Allies and Contacts
Natsuki Doorway.jpg You should probably run while you can. Though, I wish you wouldn't. Marlena2.jpg Tiny...but FIERCE!! Okay, not really fierce, but damn she confuses me! Liane.jpg She's so cute and sweet! But I'm pretty sure she's Kaiser Souze'.