From Masq
Name: Marlena Adams

Nationality: United States. Originally from Parma Heights, OH.
Occupation: Fashion Design/Illustration student.
Demeanor: Quiet, fairly introspective, but not as mopey as one might expect.
Apparent Age: 19/20ish.

Nickname: Spooky (But only if you're Beck)

"No, I'm not a vampire. Yes, I'm really this pale. No, I'm not a satanist. Yes, these clothes are hot."

"Chilly in here... I'd blame the foul presence of evil spectres, but it's probably just the A/C."
RP Hooks
  • Student at the Art College Design Center, but also taking classes at UNM.
  • Fashion designer, always willing to work something up for a fair price.
  • Looks kind of spooky and yet also? Not actively annoying.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

A young goth girl, Marlena stands at 5'2" when she's wearing flats, which isn't terribly often. Though short, she isn't particularly tiny, rather more on the curvaceious side though not unhealthily so. What her natural hair may be is now lost to the sands of time: generally these days it's a shade of black so dark it's almost blue and generally streaked with other unnatural colors. Sometimes she wears it short, sometimes long, sometimes curly, sometimes straight. Her skin is pale, as is de rigeur in the goth set, but not deathly so. She keeps out of the sun, but she doesn't pile on the pale foundation. Her eyes are a rich, deep brown that is not unusual or striking but certainly attractive enough (at least on those days she doesn't wear fantastical colored contact lenses). They are wide, and set over a roundish, heart-shaped face that even with the full range of goth makeup manages 'sweet' more often than 'threatening'.
On days when she dresses up, her lips are painted deep, blood red more often than not, and dark smokey kohl outlines her eyes. Otherwise, she keeps her makeup to a minimum, though unless something keeps her from cosmetics for several days there's usually a remnant of red stain and darkened lashes. More often than not she goes out in full regalia, silks and satins in rich jewel tones or bright primaries on deepest black. Even when she dresses casually she tends towards the darker shades.
Marlena has a way of moving and reacting that make her seem somehow just always slightly outside of things, like she's a stranger looking in on a world she has to work to understand and cannot fathom being a part of. Still, she doesn't seem unhappy with the world or herself, sometimes quietly amused, sometimes lonely perhaps, but not unhappy.

  • Wall Song- Book of Love
  • Carolyn's Fingers - Cocteau Twins
  • When I Fall - Barenaked Ladies
  • Home - Erasure
  • Miss Otis Regrets - Ella Fitzgerald
  • Prince Charming Comes - Flash Girls
Allies and Contacts
Pictures don't do her justice. Are you sure she likes me? After all, it's you she goosed. Insert Witty remark. What? No, Ms. Boltzmann's my boss. Sort of, among other things, it's complicated. Insert Witty remark. She's very sweet. I'm not entirely sure what she see's in me. Insert Witty remark. Oh, you mean Professor Kensington! I've never taken any of his classes. Nooo, I wouldn't say we're close, why would you ask that?.