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Name: Beck
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Nationality: Albuquerque. Shoulda taken a left.
Occupation: Owner of Beck's Bikes, motorcycle maven.
Demeanor: Rough around the edges, swears like a sailor
Apparent Age: Late 20s.

Nickname: Beck, Becks, 'That Bitch', 'Ma'am'

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • lalala
  • lalalala
A Glimpse Within
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Truly, a glimpse within.

Physical Description
Rebecca "Beck" Arios
This woman has a clean androgenous beauty to her with high, thin cheekbones and clean, soft-looking skin. Her patrician's nose is above perfect cupid's bow lips that are unadorned with lipstick. In fact, she wears not a speck of makeup and she doesn't have any piercings in her ears or anywhere else visible. Her short hair is dyed a bright purple and is swept up into spikes that point towards the back of her head.
She's wearing a black tanktop with thin straps over her shoulders, the black bra straps centered beneath the tanktop's straps and held in place with small purple clips. The tanktop swoops down low in front, showing the soft upper curve of her breasts and, sometimes, the hint of a thick black bra. The tanktop does an excellent job highlighting her broad shoulders and toned musclulature, her muslces giving form and firmness beneath her soft skin. There is the hint of a tattoo peeking up from beneath her bra on the left side. Her rather womanly hips are encased in a pair of heavyweight Dickies work pants that taper down to protect her strong legs from the environment. A pair of heavy workboots keep her feet safe from the elements.

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Allies and Contacts
Sexy steampunk goddess Sexy Steampunk Goddess. Having a rich fiancée has its advantages. Gothygothygothy. Cute goth girl. Also a real sweetheart who smoothes over Beck's rough edges. Insert Witty remark. What a prick. He's not /all/ bad, as long as he doesn't open his mouth. Diediedie Ex-girlfriend That bitch broke my heart and spat on it. I hope she chokes. Toddler My daughter! My daughter. Fuck with her and die.