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Name: Richard

Nationality: American
Occupation: ER Doctor, UNMH. ABQ EMS Medical Director
Demeanor: Director
Apparent Age: 37

Nickname: Doc, Chief


Why you do not fuck around at The Three Fools Three Fools Archive Footage
"And they say LA is weird?"
-Dr. Richard Miller

"Do not say that Q-word in my ER or Rig, or I will jab you in the eye with a twelve gauge needle, I swear to god!"
-Dr. Richard Miller, during a 24 hour ER shift, followed by a 12 hour EMS MD Shift.

"So you get drunk every day and you fall down. Tell me why we should help you when you're going to get drunk tomorrow and fall down again?"
-Dr. Richard Miller, MD.

"You put poison in your veins and now that you're breathing again you can't wait to say thank you and go back to poison shopping. Well, since we saved your life, maybe you could do us a favor and stop breathing in another city next time?"
-Triage Nurse: Bringing Out The Dead
RP Hooks
  • Accident Prone? See you at the ER.
  • Three Fools Tavern? Stop by for a Guinness from the owner!
  • Victim of something horrific? I'll probably be the MD on the Scene.
  • Up to essentially anything for RP.
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A Glimpse Within
Personal Description
Pre-Med: UCLA 1984-88
Paramedic: UCLA Center for Prehospital Care 1988-1989
MD: UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine 1989-1993
ER Residency: Olive View-UCLA Medical Center 1993-1997

Paramedic: Los Angeles County Fire Department 1989-1993
ER MD: Olive View-UCLA Medical Center ER 1997-2006
EMS MD Control: LACFD via Olive View-UCLA MC ER 2003-2006

Sabbatical: 2006-2007

ER MD: UNM Hospital ER 2007-Present
EMS Medical Director: Albuquerque, NM 2007-Present

Owner: Three Fools Tavern

Interests: Women, Microbrewing, Firearms, Fast Cars, Education

Profile: Will educate for the love of it, Very blunt individual, very outspoken in regards to the Second Amendment

Allies, Contacts, and Acquaintances
tInsert Witty remark. Lucky Paid Rockclimber. Paid to do what he clearly loves! Besides, how can you not like a man that knows Guinness is good and to be shared? Insert Witty remark. Tough Hot Cop. Yup, you're going to end up in my ER in one way or another. Insert Witty remark. So much potential wasting away. Doctor, Heal Thyself. You attract trouble like a hamburger attracts ketchup, babe.
Insert Witty remark. Intense woman, relax. Once you come out of your shell, it should be fascinating. Who doesn't have at least one flaw anyways? Insert Witty remark. Asked and Answered, Counselor. I still don't understand, why or how. I am not complaining. I've been very lucky to meet you. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness.