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"On an alter of prejudice we crucify our own, yet the blood of all children is the colour of Luna."

General Info
Full Name: Reese Augusta
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark Brown
Date of Birth: March 14th, 1982
Place of Birth: Seattle, WA, USA
Werewolf Info
Virtue/Vice Charity/Wrath
Auspice Galliard
Breed Metis
Tribe Glass Walkers
Specialties N/A


Character Concept

Reese is a Metis Galliard from Seattle. Like most others born from two Garou, she faced heavy discrimination and was mostly excluded from the sept until she had her First Change. In her early twenties, she became an activist that devoted herself to fighting social injustice in both the human and Garou world. Her methods were borderline terrorism.

She began studying in Seattle for a degree in Communications and Media studies, and then dropped out when one of her dearest friends, also Metis, was lynched in the night. Revolted by Seattle and despairing over her friend's death, she decided to get back in contact with a kinsman named Kerian, who showed her compassion during his time in the city. After reconnecting over the phone, Reese decided to join Kerian in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Terrifying red irises glow menacingly from underneath dark lashes, surrounded by unusually dark eyeballs, where they would typically be white. The bloody redness of her eyes only adds to her surreal, yet dangerous, appearance.

Over her high cheekbone to the right is a rise in her flesh, like a brand from a hot piece of metal, long since healed over and scarred. It is in the shape of two claw marks running down, and then two crossing the first set. Her tan face with mostly angular features is framed by thick, dark, shoulder-length hair that covers her wide forehead. She looks to be of about average height and weight, if not a bit muscled.

A pair of sleek, reflective aviator sunglasses sit perched on the bridge of her nose. It's a rare occasion when she doesn't have them on. Her clothing is stylish and up-to-date. Designer-bought jeans with acid stains on the thighs and tears across the knees hug her hips comfortably, a thick, brown belt looped in to keep them up. Her purple t-shirt is somewhat loose on her, though partially covered by a black and gray cropped vest that ends near her midriff. The vest is left undone.




An abomination amongst abominations. Reese, born a Metis pup within the city, was quickly handed off to the Glass Walkers in Seattle to take care of. Her parents, both Homid Garou, were both high-ranking members in human society; however their reputations were destroyed with the birth of their first child. Though they loved Reese, they couldn't stand to face the humiliation, and so they ran from the sept, out of their daughter's life.

Her deformity was one that gave her the appearance of a demon rather than a werewolf. In Crinos form, she grew Devil's horns. She was born with 'cursed eyes', as many would say. Red and glowing like the Devil's, they found that Reese was extremely sensitive to light and would experience severe migraines and seizures as a result. They were a sign of her parent's sin. No werewolf, kinfolk, or human would stare into them for too long. She would always see like a dog; no colours, no tones, and only shades.

Unsuited for life in the city just yet, Reese was taken to a rural area in a secluded, peaceful neighbourhood, where she could grow up with minimal human interference but still be close to their resources and tribe. Her care takers were a pair of elderly kinfolk who owned the large property where their backyard, otherwise fenced in, was attached to a dense forest. The old lady's name was Vivienne. Her husband was Arnold.

She was treated like a pet thanks to the influence of other garou. Not badly, at least not by Vivienne, however anything with a mind like a human's would be under socialized in those conditions. They kept her in the backyard, chained to a pole, with a lean-to for shelter. They fed her on a schedule, like a dog. Scolded her when she'd stomp through the garden, like a dog. At family functions, when many Garou and kinfolk alike would gather at their estate, she was kept off to the side and excluded from the festivities while insulted from afar.

Reese was the reason for a local rumour in their neighbourhood. On the other side of their tall (too tall to climb), sturdy fence was a baseball field where human and kinfolk children would often play. When their baseballs were sent over the fence, the next day they would find them ripped and chewed to pieces in the field. The next door neighbour had a dog, Toto, that one day dug underneath the fence. The Chihuahua certainly wasn't in Kansas anymore when Reese tossed its dead body back over the fence once she'd accidentally killed it while trying to play. The children began to theorize about what had caused the death of the dog and their lack of baseballs. They thought some sort of demon was being kept in there, but were assured by their parents that there's no such thing.

Reese's love for media and communications began at an early age. When she was tall enough to reach the window looking into the living room, she would often stand up on her tippy-toes for hours just to watch the news in the afternoon. Even with television to entertain her, she quickly became bored. She found a way to slip out of her collar without breaking it. With her new found freedom, Reese was able to finally reach the very back of the yard where the forest was. When her keepers were not looking, she'd spend her time climbing trees, exploring, and hunting. She had very little to focus on otherwise, and with so much practice, she became very good.

Growing Up

Her first experience with severe abuse as a result of racial discrimination was also the day of her First Change. She was around ten years old. It was another "family gathering", and many garou and Glass Walker kinfolk, with their cell phones and laptops, were present for the barbeque. One man, the brother of her adopted father, was working over the coals with a sharp, pointed fire poker. He noticed Reese chained to the pole and with his hot metal, he walked over and called to the others, "Watch this."

The sharp point was used to draw an icon into her right cheek, just under her eye. The last Reese remembers of that day was waking up in the middle of the night, another chain fastened to her leg, and as naked as a human. Her face was melted on the side in the shape of the Metis symbol. The man who poked her just a little bit too hard, she learned, had been impaled. Unlike other Garou, Reese shifted from her born Crinos form and into Homid after ripping the fire-poker from the relative in sheer rage. She then drove it through his abdomen and passed out.

It was a bittersweet occurrence. Now able to take her human form, she was allowed out of the backyard and into the world. Reese, excited to learn, was eager to experience life. She wanted to attend school, so she was enrolled in an elementary school, taking summer classes as well in order to catch up to the rest of the group. She did well, for someone who'd been shunned for most of her life, though by regular human standards she was only receiving average grades. Because of her eyes, she wore sunglasses during the day, and was made fun of for her frequent seizures and her lack of social skills.

Moving further up the grades, Reese eventually joined the track and field team. She was naturally adept at running and jumping, and won several medals and awards for her efforts; however these achievements went largely unrecognized by her "family". She continued to practice these hobbies throughout most of her schooling. It was around this time that she met Kerian, a kinsman who was, unlike the rest of the community, kind to her.


She was 14 when Ahimsa was brought into her life. He too was a Metis, and had been abandoned by his parents when he was 6 and then brought to the same "foster home" that Reese was in. To prevent Ahimsa from receiving the same treatment she had, she took it upon herself to take care of him when she could, and they grew very close.

Reese graduated high school with high hopes for a better future. She applied to the University of Seattle when she was 17, and was accepted in the fall that year. At the same time, Reese was a witness to much of the abuse Ahimsa went through and was reminded of her own harsh upbringing. Determined to make a change, she formed a protest group at her university, initially only trying to fight discrimination in human society. It started with web pages and strikes, combating things such as animal cruelty and racism. Eventually she became brave enough to challenge the discrimination of Metis, but she and the others like her were brutally convinced to remain quiet with threats and even violence.

By the time she was 21, her methods of protest were starting to draw the media's attention towards her. She'd chained herself to historical buildings, thrown paint on fur coats, burglarized retail stores that sold products from sweat shops and then publically burned them afterwards. One instance, where she and her organization (SJiA - Social Justice in Action) were rioting in front of a building that acted as the headquarters for a power company that wanted to tear down a large part of the Olympic Peninsula in favour of a new plant, Reese was arrested. A fight broke out, and the police were called in. She was apprehended on charges of terrorism at the age of 24; however the judge only found her guilty for disruption of the peace, assault, and theft. She received 12 months of jail time; however she was released three months early for good behaviour.

When she returned home, Ahimsa wasn't there. She found evidence of a struggle, but no Ahimsa. At another family gathering, Reese overheard a few Garou discussing the boy's disappearance, but rather, they described it like a murder.

In despair, Reese stole away from Seattle, moving to the next city over to calm herself down and distance herself from those that were responsible for the life of her best friend. Desperate to get away, Reese contacted Kerian once again, finding that he had moved to New Mexico. She quickly decided to follow, taking the quickest flight to Albuquerque just after she turned 25.

After settling down, Reese received news in her mailbox. Her parents, otherwise absent from her life, had died two months before. Though they never got to know their child, they left a fairly significant inheritance behind. She was able to continue her schooling, switching majors into English. Her experience in the world of protesting got her a job at a local newspaper, doing journalism and sometimes columnist work on activism and social justice.


Song Lyrics
No One Mourns the Wicked - Wicked "Are people born wicked? Or is wickedness thrust upon them? No one mourns the wicked."
Defying Gravity - Wicked "I'm through accepting limits 'cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but 'til I try I'll never know."
Pretty Baby - Vanessa Carlton "Pretty baby, don't you leave me. I have been saving smiles for you. I'll be the embrace that keeps you warm; you're the sun that breaks the storm."
It's Not Over - Daughtry "Let's start over, I'll try to do it right this time around. This love is killin' me... but you're the only one. We can't let this get away."
The Great Escape - Patrick Watson "Bad day, lookin' for a way home. Lookin' for the great escape. Gets in her car and drives away far from all the things that we are."
Fallen Leaves - Billy Talent "In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found. Run away before you drown, all the streets will be shutdown. Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves on the ground..."


Person Relationship Comment
Kerian Old friends "This guy's a life-saver, and kind of like the father I never had. He's always put up with me, despite all the shit I pull. For that, I'll always be loyal to him. Plus he buys me drinks."
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