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Tyrell is a light-skinned black male who stands an inch or two under 6 and a half feet tall. He has the broad-shouldered build of a linebacker, and looks to be around 230 pounds. His eyes are deep brown and his hair is cut in a low fade. He has a broad nose, and his prominent lips can crack an impish grin or a menacing scowl equally convincingly. There is a sort of cool detachment about him that speaks of self-confidence.

RP Hooks (Note: Info is common knowledge ICly)
  • Fame: Ty is a famous musician who released a ground-breaking gangster rap album near the tail end of that genre's prominence. He took some time off and released a second album that was an early example of the kind of pop-rap commonly heard today. Diggs has since retired from the rap game, and has transitioned into being a full-time producer who commands high fees per track for his services. He has returned to his hometown of Albuquerque from Los Angeles, and set up a production company-- Infectious Records-- to scout and develop local talent in a number of genres.
  • Music: Are you a local musician looking for professional grade management or production? I'm your guy.
  • The Hard Knock Life: Before hitting it big, Ty was a gangster on the streets of the Warzone. He's taken pride in keeping it real, and still maintains strong ties to his urban roots. If you're a gangbanger in the ABQ, you may have met him.
  • Partying: Tyrell is the consummate playboy and can often be found in his nightclub, Rhythm, located at the Albuquerque Sands Casino. Drop in some time.
  • Activism: Tyrell is active in charities that operate in The Zone.
  • Politics: He's lately been getting more active in the campaigns of state and local politicians. There's apparently some Change that he Believes In.
Tyrell "Top Dollah" Diggs
Occupation: Semi-Retired Rapper and Record Producer
Apparent Age: Late 20s - Early 30s.
Vitals: 6'4", Linebacker Build

I used to run my old block like Obama did.
You ain't gotta believe me, go ask my momma then.
Couldn't even come in my room, smelled like a kilo.
Looked like me and two of my boys playin' Casino.

VIP— we be them niggas bangin in the red. / Don't drink Cristal no more, just pour it on white bitches' heads. / This ain't no Tommy Hilfiger, this that Polo ho. / We are the biggest group alive that get that solo dough, / and we gon' get that dough until they say there's no more dough. / I smoke a ounce, I got that bounce, I got that pogo flow.

You know, I wonder if they'll laugh when I'm dead.
Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight?
Why am I trying to see, when there ain't nothin' in sight?
Why am I trying to give, when no one gives me a try?
Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die?

Is it ever gonna be enough?

"Bitch, I wouldn't fuck you with Marco's dick, and I'd stick his dick in a horse's ass." -- Tyrell to Maxine.
"They always say, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. They don't say shit about anything you say helpin' you in a court of law. I wonder why that is?"