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Manny is a 5'6" Latino male who's built more or less like a featherweight boxer. He looks to be around 30, but the lines on his face-- and indeed, pretty much everything about his appearance-- hint that he's lived the thug life, and that may have aged him beyond his years. His head is shaved, and his facial hair is cut into a thin chin strap from sideburn to sideburn that ties into his goatee. Silver hoops adorn his ears and there are a number of piercings in his bottom lip. Manny's arms are both covered by a sleeve of tattoos that look like something out of a documentary on prison life. The word "SALVATRUCHA" is tattooed across his back in gothic letters.

RP Hooks
  • Thug Life: Manny is a denizen of the darker parts of the Zone. If you mess around with black or Latino gangs in Albuquerque, you may have met him before.
  • Drugs: Rumour has it that Manny is a high level member of a local drug organization. You need supply or if you've got a demand...
  • Salvatruchas: Manny is affiliated with MS-13, a large Latino gang run by El Salvadorans and headquartered out of LA. Like most of the larger gangs, their presence in Albuquerque is minimal, but they've got a reputation for being some of the meanest cats on the street.
  • NPC: Manny is an NPC. Direct all inquiries to Tyrell.
Manuel "Manny" Diaz (NPC)
Nationality: Salvadoran
Occupation: High-level Thug
Apparent Age: 30ish
Build: Average height, slender and toned.