From Masq
Name: Esmerelda Garner

Nationality: American
Occupation: Freight worker
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Height: 5'7"

Nickname: Esme, Bitch, Porcupine of Bitterness

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • Esme fixes things. Not machines, no, but people. Situations. Problems. Been stabbed, but don't want to go to the hospital? She can fix it. Got a problem with the local loan shark? She can fix that too. People all throughout the Zone, particularly those of a seedy or aggressive disposition, know her name and have her number ready in case they make one too many bad calls.
  • Esme works at the rail freight yard, hauling and fetching goods from the trains as they pull in, working the cranes and fork-lift trucks. If you're part of that world, chances are you know her.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
Averagely tall for a woman at 5'8, Esme is a caucasian woman in her late twenties, built to a larger scale than most would find attractive. Big-boned and strong, though not obscenely so, she carries more weight than the glamour magazines deem attractive, rounded at bust and hip without verging into being overly obese.

Her skin is pale, hair bright red and shoulder-length, normally tied back out of her way without much care for styling. Her eyes are green and sharp, occasionally hidden behind glasses, watching the world with a sense of suspicion.

Allies and Contacts
Hah. Jackson? Ha. Jackass, more like. Curiouser and curiouser. I didn't expect you to be a decent person, really. Crap aim!. You may be shit with a frisbee, but at least you're not an ass.