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Name: Stephen Boyd

Nationality: American
Occupation: UNM Medical Student
Demeanor: Caregiver
Apparent Age: 19/20

Nickname: Slim, Hey You

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • Do you go to UNM, or the Hospital? You can probably find him in and around the halls.
  • If you need care or attention (medical or otherwise), he is here, just for you.
  • Like films, he can be found in the cheaper cinemas of town, especially double bills of Hollywood classics.
  • He also has a late night jogging routine around campus, or at least between Rise'n'Shine and the Frontier.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
Stephen is a young man in his very early twenties. He has tired-looking, hazel coloured eyes, partially hidden by long mops of fashionably untidy, straight brown hair that hangs over the top of his pale face. His scrawny physique extends his tall appearance making him look gangly and drawn. A slight kink in his nose hints towards an old wound and draws attention away from the thin schoolboy moustache that embarasses his upper lip.

His functional dress looks more like vintage workclothes, but appear to be kept clean and tidy if a little worn yet manage to maintain a fashionable style of their own.

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Folks I've met
Liane Sweet, little bookworm. Still waters... Darling Tart with a heart. Who are you behind the act? Beck You scare me (in a good way). I feel your pain sister.
Narisha Damsel in distress. Who am I kidding. Kiley Looks like an angel. Dances like a ... Jai World's best cabbie Parties and drives you home.
Vic Something not quite right there... First impressions count. Trace UNM Elite Ninja IT Support. Give up smoking hun. Daniella Homeopathy in the ER. Don't let the Administrator hear you.
Wren Appropriate jogging companion Puts a spring in my step.