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Name: Kiley Corvine

Nationality: America
Occupation: Student
Demeanor: Loner
Apparent Age: 18

"There are no mistakes in life just delays to success. Well... ladedah aren't we a ray of sunshine."
- Kiley

"If you don't have something nice to know what, fuck you too."
- Kiley
RP Hooks
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Cool, calm and collected. That may be your first impression of this tiny young woman upon first seeing her. She stands about 5'4" in height, but her demeanor keeps her standing tall. Being only 120lbs., you may expect her to be a waif. She may be slender, smooth, soft and fluid in build, and she may look like she will break at the slightest touch. But she far from fragile, a dedicated workout regimen have left her with toned arms, shapely legs, supple rear, and a flat stomach with only the barest swell to soften her. Eyes of a pale gray stand out from that heart shaped face, fitting right in with her pale, creamy skin. Those orbs look like the sky before a snow storm. Slightly wavy hair that ranges from a honey brown to a deep chocolate, depending on the time of year, caresses her face, falling past her shoulders and down her back.

Should you be lucky enough to bring her gentle, warm side to the surface, her full lips will almost always turn up in a mischievous, happy smile at seeing you, a rosy hue coming to her cheeks, her eyes twinkling sweetly as if she has a secret.

Allies and Contacts
Vic Lucian Narisha Jai
Friend A slight irritation, but intriguing to be around... Friend A new friend with a matching wit. Best Friend Friends stick together...and that's where all the fun is. Friend Riding along in my and my fare behind the wheel.