From Masq
Name: Amelia Jane Kingston

Nationality: American
Occupation: IT & Website Design
Demeanor: Poltroon
Apparent Age: 21

Nickname: Mia, Ames, AJ

"Some guys are the type of people who bring brass knuckles to a fight. I've always thought it prudent to bring some running shoes."
Jarod Kintz
RP Hooks
  • TECHIE: Code monkey, internet junkie, queen of computer repairs. You name it, she's probably into it if it has to do with tech.
  • COFFEE: Nectar of the Gods, she has a Starbucks Gold Card
  • TREES: The leafy green kind. Is it 420 yet?
None yet!
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Coming up to just about the five foot two mark, this young lady is quite petite and youthful looking, appearing to be somewhere in her very early twenties. She cuts a shapely figure with a sturdy, healthy sort of look to her, the natural curves giving her a sort of hour-glass look. She has a shorter torso, which means that much of her height is made up by her long, lean legs. She clearly hasn't seen the sun in awhile, as her complexion is a creamy, pale pale white, with a dash of light brown freckles across the bridge of her nose and along the apples of her cheeks. In contrast to her fair, light skin is her rich, dark chocolate hair, typically thrown back into a hasty ponytail that's tied with a silver-colored ribbon. A few unruly, uneven strands of those dark wavy locks rebelled from the ribbon to dangle clumsily against a very rounded cheek. Her eyes are a bold, bright, vibrant blue, surrounded by a set of dark-colored lashes, and her lips are thick and pouty, often touched with a hint of gloss.

Allies and Contacts
Insert Witty remark. OMG Staaaahhhppp