B5 -- Intersection of Coors Blvd and Atrisco Drive

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The silicon age drives the economy of this fast-growing area of the West Mesa. The Intel Corporation first sparked a massive boom in this region in the 1990s; now, countless computer technology and security firms sprawl out across the neighborhood, their growth steered by the basalt escarpment of Petroglyph National Monument to the west and the ribbon of the Rio Grande to the east. Several hotels across the street from the Intel complex offer a central location for the visitor with business on the west side.

Although the area has seen incredible commercial growth, its natural beauty is what defines it as a destination for many visitors. The land provides scenic views, arroyos for natural flood control, and areas whose cultural and natural significance demand respect and protection. A drive down Coors Blvd. offers a remarkable vista of the Rio Grande Valley; some of the homes in this area have withstood the test of time for hundreds of years.

Coors Blvd. heads to the northeast and an intersection with Montano Road, while Atrisco Drive heads southeast to connect with Central Ave.

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