C1 -- Intersection of Central Ave SW and Atrisco Drive

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This is the northern tip of an area commonly known as the South Valley, a neighborhood characterized by both urban densities and rural lifestyles. The 39 square miles of the South Valley and adjacent mesa slopes comprise more than one-third of the existing metropolitan area; a very high percentage of residents, together, have majority ownership rights to most of the land.

The Hispanic influence is more pronounced along this stretch of Central Avenue in the Atrisco Area -- the colors are bolder, low riders weave in and out of the traffic, and some of the signs are in Spanish. The abundance of supermarkets and discount stores indicates less affluence than on the eastern side of the Rio Grande. But the intense activity and high spirits of this section of the avenue are part of a rich cultural tradition that goes back for more than a century. Farther south lie the open rural ranchos of Pajarito and Los Padillas. Atrisco Drive heads due northwest from here toward an intersection with Coors Blvd.

Looking toward the west, you realize that it will not be possible to continue further on foot. To travel further west, you must use a taxi, bus, or car.

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