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The neighborhoods known as the "Foothills" are a part of the city where the actual city boundary becomes hazy; another mile north is very solidly Bernalillo County. The Foothills lie between the Sandia Mountains' sharply uplifted, pink granite, western face and Albuquerque's east mesa. Their rugged fan shaped mounds of granite gravel, carved by rushing water from mountain streams, have been subdivided by road and house construction. However, policies to control drainage, erosion, and development preserve the wilder, rugged quality of the Foothills. People value this area for its proximity to the wilderness, the phenomenal views of the city, and its own quiet beauty.

You can make out the blue shadows of the Jemez mountains to the north on the other side of the Sandia Indian reservation (empty but for the local flora and fauna). To the far west, on the mesa, you can dimly see the dark line that is the lava flow from the now extinct trio of volcanoes, and beyond them, the pale turquoise shadow of Mount Taylor, over seventy miles away. Montgomery Blvd. lies due west and Tramway continues to the south. To the north, the Sandia Peak Tramway can be found, while Tanoan Lane to the northeast sports some of the city's most amazing views and mansions.

Places of Note
  • Sandia Peak Tramway
  • Tanoan Lane
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