B7 -- Tramway Blvd: 700-900 North

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This area is primarily residential. The houses along Tramway Blvd. where it meets the park road extension are rather upscale; the spectacular views from the Sandia foothills has made this area's property values rise as steeply as the grand mountains looming overhead. On either side of the road, large estates bear evidence to the wealth of this section of town. Most of the residences have enormous windows on their eastern exposures in order to catch the morning light as it breaks over the Sandia Mountains at sunrise. The atmosphere here is one of quiet, sedate opulence.

At night, looking up at the star-dotted kaleidoscope sky, listening to the chirping of crickets and the rustling of small creatures, you may forget you are in the city, only the occasional car reminding you of that fact. Tramway Blvd. continues to the north and south. To the east, a narrow, winding road begins its climb up into the Sandia Mountains, where it continues as the main road of the state park.

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