B5 -- Tramway Blvd: 300-600 North

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Although this stretch of Tramway Blvd. is not nearly as impressive as that to the north, the homes which line the road are spacious, with no mismanaged yards in sight. The side streets are quite, attractive, and well maintained. The sloping foothills of the Sandias retreat from the road a bit, allowing for more development and opening up the view to the east.

Newly built housing encroaching from the west and south competes with older buildings in this charming, quiet neighborhood. Though some of the older homes have been swallowed by the growing city of Albuquerque, most have retained their air of peaceful simplicity. The side streets are few and spaced out, and the only noise is the rush of the cars speeding by on Tramway. On the tree-lined sidewalks, children can be seen playing during the day, much as they did when this neighborhood was first developed.

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