B3 -- Lomas Blvd: 1500 East

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The scars left on the city by overdevelopment can be seen here, in an empty-feeling neighborhood to the east of the infamous "Warzone." At one time, the post-war boom led to the building of a multitude of businesses and residences, most of which now stand empty as the city has continued to expand outwards. A few of the strip-malls are still doing fairly well, filled with small businesses like nail salons, pizza parlors, video rental stores, etc. Stucco and adobe-style private houses cluster around the area, increasingly prominent in the north, their unkempt lawns a symptom of the area's condition.

To the south, cars along I-40 zoom blithely past, the sound of their tires along the pavement like a subsonic bass line which further underlines the dead silence of the area. To the east, the picturesque Sandia Peak looms like a green and tan behemoth, passively observing the encroachment of civilization and all its inherent wonders upon its slopes. Tramway Blvd. bisects the street in a north/south trajectory, becoming more commercial to the south and more residential to the north.

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