B2 -- Tramway Blvd: 100 North

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The stretch of Tramway Blvd. between Lomas to the north and Central Avenue to the south, is flanked by a few drab retail centers. Gas stations and mini-marts are on two of the four corners. There are a few residences, but the area seems to be primarily centered around some rather unimpressive strip-mall type commercial developments. Though showing some signs of revitalization, this area seems to be in a bit of a slump. A neighborhood park, La Luz de Amistad Park, has had some problems with drug dealers and while the area is not exactly "unsafe," it's not very desirable or interesting.

Cars zoom past on I-40, the highway casting a long shadow over the area as it heads off toward the northeast. The land bisected by the overpass is owned by the University of New Mexico. Some of the property has been partially developed with a number of motels, while the rest was turned into a manufacturing plant, which now stands vacant.

Places of Note
  • Alley
  • Abandoned Manufacturing Plant
Notable Events

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