B1 -- Central Avenue: 1500 East

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At the western edge of the community known as East Gateway, Central intersects with Tramway Blvd. Tramway is a unique street in Albuquerque. As the eastern leg of a proposed "loop road" intended to provide access around the city, Tramway was designed as a limited-access roadway with an off-road trail and a streetscape that echoes the natural environment of the foothills. Tramway accommodates automobiles, bicyclists and pedestrians. The recreational trail adjacent to the roadway is one of Albuquerque's most heavily used trails.

Toward the east, the impressive Embudo Arroyo can be seen, as well as the Sandias and Cibola National Forest. Toward the north, I-40 can be seen overhead, cars moving busily in both directions. There is a full range of retail and discount warehouse/retail stores nearby, contributing to a partial revitalization of the area. A movie theatre and a grocery store do a fair amount of business.

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