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As parts of east Central Avenue continue to deteriorate, other sections slowly begin to take on the exuberance of youth. Here, at the intersection with Juan Tabo are mobile home dealers, second-hand stores, and expanses of vacant, ready-to-be-developed land. The traffic is thinner than in the old parts, but deals are closed and money changes hands with the same open enthusiasm that has always characterized Central Avenue.

A few broken-down vehicles on cinderblocks can be seen in a nearby vacant lot, gathering up dust and dirt. Amidst the cheap motels, the shops, and the fast food restaurants, Manzano Mobile Home Park sits solidly to the south, full of RVs and trailers. The smell of cooking occasionally wafts up from that direction. Occasionally, stray dogs will roam through the area, hoping for scraps.

Places of Note
  • Manzano Mobile Home Park
    • Have you always wanted to own that double-wide? Do the words "silver Airstream" send you into a blissful state? Are you a king of the road looking for a place to hang your crown? Trailers for sale or rent are now available at Manzano Mobile Home Park. Park your trailer or RV in this affordable (Res 1-2) resting place! No phone, no pool, no pets -- but we do have cigarettes.
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