Z1 -- Central Avenue: 1200-1300 East

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Once highly commercialized, the section of Central Avenue around Eubank is now something of a ghost-town. The boarded-up windows and decaying signs of the many businesses that once lined this busy street have become a symbol of the wasteful nature of urban sprawl. Huge blocks of residential and commercial development that were once new and much sought after become, with the passage of time, spurned in favor of ever newer development even farther from the city's core.

The degradation of the common is evident along this streetscape. Decaying adobe apartment buildings and sun-faded row-houses can be seen throughout the area. At night, most of the street lamps are out and the blocks remain shrouded in darkness, the silence punctuated by the occasional screeching of tires, wailing of police sirens, or spates of gunfire from the "Warzone" to the north.

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