Z2 -- Eubank Blvd: 100 North

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Caught between Central Avenue to the south and Lomas Blvd. to the north, this section of Eubank lies in the heart of the urban slums known as the Warzone. Decaying adobe-style houses rest close to one another, while hive-like housing projects loom to the east. In general, people in this neighborhood avoid eye contact, trying to stay below the radar. The exception are the few bums who tend to talk to themselves, or to their bottles of cheap malt liquor.

One of the housing projects to the east casts a long unwelcoming shadow over the block, resembling nothing so much as a makeshift prison. The building's walls are covered with a tangle of graffiti, and the place looks like it hasn't been kept clean in decades. Nonetheless, for those who have nowhere else to look for even a modicum of shelter, this is home. The general atmosphere in this area is of hopeless, shabby desperation.

Places of Note
  • Alley
  • Housing Project
Notable Events

None of note.