Z3 -- Lomas Blvd: 1200-1300 East

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The run down intersection of Lomas with Eubank is one that smart drivers pass through quickly and smart pedestrians avoid entirely. The choking smells of burnt rubber and noxious exhaust fumes hang in the air, making breathing somewhat difficult. Shattered glass and spent shell casings in the street suggest that this intersection has seen its fair share of drive-by shootings.

Cracked and barren, the pavement sprouts the occasional dandelion amongst the scattered refuse that never seems to get picked up. Upturned trash cans lie on the street, the sidewalk half-buried in wrappings and spilled liquids from various fast food places. Picking through these crumpled, greasy offerings are numerous vermin such as sewer rats, not to mention human scavengers. The derelicts who pick off the cigarette-butts glued to the ground are surely particularly hardened specimens of the breed.

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